If you’re here just  to find the best large breed dog food and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best large breed dog foods on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Wellness Complete Health is the best because of its great qualities. Providing well balanced nutrition for large dogs, it is based on a scientifically created recipe. Your dog will surely appreciate the large sized kibbles that it will manage to chew with much delight. Containing only natural ingredients, it is the type of food you should feed your dog with every day. If Wellness Complete Health is unavailable, you could also consider NUTRO Adult as the second best option.



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Large breeds of dogs are different from little ones, and not only because of the obvious aspect. Large breed dogs grow much faster, while they remain puppies for a long time, which means that there are a lot of things going on with their development that does not match what happens with the smaller breeds. In order to offer your large breed dog the best nutrition possible, you need to find out the best dog food for large dogs on the market. We want to offer you assistance in finding this type of food through this comprehensive buying guide.

Complete and balanced

One thing you should know about large dog breeds is that they need a complete and balanced diet in order to develop in a healthy manner. Especially their bones go through so many transformations as they turn from puppies into adults, that you must keep an eye on the formula you are feeding them. The pedigree large breed dog food reviews are very clear in this respect, since caring for a pet involves so much responsibility. By a complete and balanced diet, it is understood that you need to feed your pet with all that is needed for healthy development, which are protein, vitamins and minerals.


Too much can be damaging

Even if your dog is large and it looks like it needs a lot of food, it is never a good idea to overfeed your pet. Too many calories can be damaging for the dog’s health, and large breeds have a tendency of becoming obese when they are fed too much, even if you keep them active all the time. Too much calcium is also a problem, even if you may feel tempted to give your dog a lot of this mineral for bone formation. Hip dysplasia is a common problem for large dog breeds, and this is exactly what you need to prevent this condition from occurring.


Don’t feed puppies adult dog food

Since large dog breeds are so particular in their development, it is very important to pay extra attention if you have such a dog in your care. Never feed puppies food that is intended for adult dogs of the same breed, as this will cause them to overeat and eat too much calcium at the same time. Buy specific food for life stages, and go for scheduled measured meals instead of free eating.

The best large breed dog foods currently available are showcased below.



Top Rated  Large Breed Dog Foods in 2019


Our recommendations


Wellness Complete Health 


If you are looking for the best dry dog food for large breed dogs, it is worth trying the Wellness Complete Health. This kibble formula respects all the nutrition basics for having a healthy dog. The kibble size is also large, so your dog will chew on it with mucho gusto.

The source of protein is represented by deboned chicken, so it is a lean source, low in calories, just as it is needed for large breeds. The formula has added chondroitin and glucosamine, which are two important ingredients for the development of healthy joints, and healthy hips.

Since large dog breeds can suffer from hip dysplasia, this is the indicated type of formula to try. All the ingredients used are from natural sources, and there are no fillers, like gluten, included.

Backed by a special guarantee and made in the US, this is a type of large dog breed food that is highly recommended for pet owners.

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NUTRO Adult 


This dog food is a fine choice if you need to care for large dogs. Made with premium ingredients, it is a balanced formula that offers everything that is needed for a healthy diet. The protein source is represented by lamb, which is a leaner meat than others, and it helps maintaining your dog to a healthy weight.

Only genuine lamb meat from Australia and New Zealand is used in this formula, so you can rest assured that only the best is provided for your dog. It is important to know that this formula is rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, two essential elements for combating hip dysplasia.

A source of fiber is included in the form of brown rice and oatmeal; the role of these ingredients is to let food absorb gradually, therefore helping the dog feel fuller and also in less risk of developing diabetes later in life.

The best large breed dog food reviews praise this formula for taking care of all the important aspects in feeding right this type of pets.

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Hill’s Science Diet 


Food for large dog breeds should contain sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for feeding joints and keeping them mobile. While dogs with arthritis can greatly benefit from such formulas, it is large dogs that are most in need of such a dog food recipe, since they are prone to developing skeletal problems, even as puppies.

Praised as the best affordable large breed dog food by many buyers, the Hill’s Science Diet brings all these benefits and some extra ones, as well. A great source of vitamins and minerals, it is also rich in the much necessary amino acids for the good development of large dogs.

You do not have to worry about artificial flavors or colors being included in the package, and there are no preservatives used in making this dog food.

For pet owners with large dogs, this is a great solution for feeding their dogs right. It is available in both puppy and adult versions.

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