How to Buy One of the Best Laser Distance Measurers


Walking around with a rolled up soft tape measure is pretty much like walking around with crutches – it makes you kind of helpless and old- ancient even. Enter the best laser distance measurer reviews that feature laser tape measuring devices that make you look really cool, Johnny-Bravo-cool, that is. Quick and accurate measurements can be carried out no matter what the setting, in virtually invisible levels.

A. Laser distance measurer

Accuracy and Other Elements

Most average-priced products included in the best laser distance measurer reviews offer accuracy up to about 50 meters. The high-end, state-of-the-art models, however, capably measure in excess of 200 meters, aside from being able to compute area and volume parameters by adding and averaging multiple distance values. This proves to be pretty useful when you need to do measurements in an irregularly-shaped area or location.

The best laser distance measurer reviews give high marks to devices that come with onboard memory, which enables you to store and retrieve measurements taken for future reference. Memory also proves to be useful when doing continuous measurements, which give you separate diverse readings as you move around. Tilt sensors provide the degree of incline as well, ensuring consistent measuring levels. Some models with tilt sensors also feature Pythagoras Functionality, which allows height measurements when standing at an angle to a focus point.


Convenience and Incomparable Functionality

The best laser distance measurer reviews offer a glimpse of how truly convenient using this kind of device is. By enabling the user to measure distances that a regular soft tape measure won’t let you accomplish so easily, the laser distance measurer wins hands down. A device that doesn’t respond rapidly enough will cause you to miss lightning-fast position changes.


Hardness and Suitability

The best laser distance measurer 2019 will vary in hardness from another model on the market. Suitability to your purpose is also variable. The larger and more solidly built units are able to carry out longer measurements, which is something that people who work outdoors prefer, especially those in the construction sector. The majority of laser distance finders are battery powered, and there are lithium-ion battery powered models that offer longer run times.

Many laser devices emit a beeping noise during operation, so you might want your measurer to have a mute feature to turn the noise off. This is a definite must-have when the unit is used mostly in quiet settings such as a theater or stage rehearsal.


Top Rated Laser Distance Measurers in 2019


You can’t go wrong with a quality laser distance measurer when you work in the construction industry or need to take marks during a stage performance. The number of models, brands and features can be frustrating, especially for a first time buyer. We have three products that should shorten your list of options easily.


Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer


1.Bosch GLM 50Stay productive and profitable on the jobsite with the Bosch GLM 50, undoubtedly the best laser distance measurer 2019. This handy device boasts Bosch laser technology, ensuring greater precision and accuracy every time. The laser distance measurer lets you measure intelligently, even up to 165 feet or 50 meters, with superb accuracy to within 1/16 inch. This is the most complete laser distance measurer in its specific category. The automatic backlit display enables easy and convenient viewing even in poorly lit conditions.

Making the job a lot easier, the Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer comes with five measurement modes. It provides volume, area, length and continuous measurement, along with indirect length measurements for a diverse range of applications. With its three measuring reference points, the Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer can be used from the back or the front of the unit, or the center when used with an optional tripod. Optimize precision laser measuring technology for the most demanding applications.

The laser distance measurer ships with its own belt pouch and carry loop, for problem-free portability and easy carrying. The user’s manual ensures problem-free use. The device also comes with two triple-A batteries, enabling out-of-the-box functionality. The solid build makes the device suitable for use in the construction industry.

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DeWalt DW03050 Laser Distance Measurer


2.DEWALT DW03050 165-FeetUndoubtedly one of the top rated laser distance measurers 2019, the DEWALT DW03050 is engineered with the ability to automatically execute volume and area calculations. This makes job estimates quick and easy using automatic calculations. The device carries out indirect height measurement using the Pythagoras method of calculation, measuring distances even when one of two points (Point A or Point B) is beyond visual access when performing linear measurements. The memory component remembers the last five measurements taken, for easy retrieval and future reference.

The two-line backlit display offers easy viewing of data even in poor lighting, resulting in better screen visibility. The laser distance measurer is geared with a durable design that features an over-molded housing, providing assurance that it can be used under the most demanding conditions and the most rugged applications. The laser distance measurer has been drop- or impact-tested up to 2 meters or 6 feet, providing you with peace of mind that it can do what it is designed to do while staying tough on the job. The device also boasts IP65 rating, denoting its water and debris resistance.

The operating range of 165 feet or 50 meters, with accuracy to +/- 1/16 inch, ensures precise delivery of constant values. The DEWALT DW03050 runs on 2 triple-A batteries, which are included in the package for out-of-the-box usability.

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Stanley STHT77138X TLM99Laser Distance Measurer


3.Stanley STHT77138X TLM99The Stanley STHT77138X TLM99 laser distance measurer proves to be an indispensable tool that makes any tradesman’s job much easier to do. The device calculates both volume and area, making it a useful tool on the jobsite. This laser distance measurer can be used by builders, inspectors, architects, painters, remodelers, masons, contractors, and electricians. It carries out easy, convenient and precise measurement of distance, an essential operation for commercial and residential design and construction projects. The Stanley STHT77138X TLM99 laser distance measurer measures the distance up to 100 feet.

The device is accurate to plus or minus 3/32-inch, or 2 millimeters, greatly decreasing the margin of error. With automatic calculations, making job estimates becomes quick and easy. The Stanley STHT77138X TLM99 laser distance measurer features continuous measurement tracking capability, providing effortless taking of distance parameters in a quick manner from a point of reference. The integrated addition/subtraction function eliminates the need for a calculator or doing manual math in the field, as it allows you to do quick calculations in either standard or metric units and fractional or decimal modes.

The continuous measurement functionality locates the target quickly and easily, enabling a single individual to accomplish measurement tasks on a perpetually busy job site. The battery-powered handheld device is easy to carry anywhere.