Top 10 Lawn Edgers Compared


Clearly marking off the lawn from other surfaces of your property will require the best lawn edger you can get for the money. Lawn edgers come in a wide variety of designs, cutting mechanisms, features, power sources, mode of locomotion and accessories. With a lawn edger, the lawn area easily gets delineated from the other parts of the property, giving you a neat and organized-looking landscape without overgrown grass or weeds scattered in disarray. To keep your lawn looking immaculate and well kept, you need a good performing machine like the lawn edger that eliminates the need for an inefficient pair of scissors.


Black & Decker LE750 Landscape Edger


1.Black & Decker LE750 Edge Hog 2-1 4 HP Electric Landscape EdgerYou need a Hog in your yard. No, not the type that makes ugly grunting noises and leaves your lawn in total chaos, along with its own brand of “souvenirs” for you to clean up, but the Black & Decker LE750 Edge Hog Electric Landscape Edger. Helping transform your yard and increase its curb appeal, the Hog is outfitted with a strong 11-amp 2.25-horsepower motor that supplies 150 inches per pound of torque. This mean machine features a three-position blade depth adjustment that ensures superb control, so you can effortlessly achieve that manicured look that adds aesthetic value to your property.

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Black & Decker MTE912 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower


2.Black & Decker MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer-Edger and MowerVersatility. Control. Maximum Comfort. We’re not talking about a sofa-bed here folks, but the awe-inspiring Black & Decker MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower. Anybody who’s ever had to buy three different landscaping tools will appreciate the benefits of this three-in-one machine, one of the top 10 lawn edgers this side of the planet, perhaps even throughout the world. The Black & Decker 3-N-1 trimmer/edger and mower is equipped with three types of landscaping functionality in just one sleek device. Deigned with a small footprint, this amazing piece of landscaping equipment is perfect as a string trimmer, mower and edger.

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Black and Decker LST420 High Performance Trimmer and Edger


3.Black and Decker LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and EdgerThanks to its PowerDrive Transmission that delivers more power from the motor, the Black and Decker LST420 has a strong-performing cutting string that gets the job done faster. The onboard Runtime Extension Technology has a dual mode accelerator switch, helping the component run longer and ensuring superb performance. The two included 2.0-amp hour lithium battery packs each deliver 33 percent more power compared to the older LBXR20 battery pack. The trimmer/edger maintains consistent speed in a range of grass conditions, helping the machine use battery life more efficiently. In high-power mode, the tool powers through heavy weeds and grass.

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Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger


5.Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn EdgerYes, you can find strength and durability in just a lawn edger like the Truper 32100. This lawn edger has a 48-inch lacquered handle made of North American Ash, ensuring long-lasting usability and solid build. Keeping sidewalks free of weeds and grass, the Truper 32100 has clear-coated gray-steel finished heads that provide the cutting performance you need to keep your lawn looking perpetually neat and tidy. The heads are easy to maintain, as well. Just spray them clean with a garden hose and coat with silicone spray to keep them running smoothly every time.

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GreenWorks 27032 Corded Edger


6.GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded EdgerWith Zero Carbon Footprint plus a four-year warranty, the GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger is a high-quality product that can perform at a superb level. The tool has an integrated cord lock feature that keeps the plug securely connected at all times. The 12-amp motor powers the machine to fulfill its powerful edging capabilities. The 7.5-inch double-edged blade ensures a robust edging performance while guaranteeing longer wear. Variable blade depth is provided by the quality spring-assist front wheel. The adjustable auxiliary handle provides comfort and control. Because it runs on electricity, the edger needs no tune ups or maintenance.

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Earthwise ED70012 Corded Lawn Edger


7.Earthwise Corded Lawn EdgerThe Earthwise 11-amp Corded Lawn Edger is outfitted with a 4,200 RPM motor that makes it powerful enough to handle stubborn grass and weeds on your lawn. It has an adjustable telescoping handle that provides greater control and comfort. The blade cut line indicator ensures straight and uniform cutting heights, so you won’t have to use a pair of scissors just to make the lawn neat-looking and well-maintained. This tool provides perfect edge cutting for sidewalks and driveways. Since it runs on electricity, the lawn edger guarantees sustained cutting power. You can choose from ½-inch, 1-inch and 1.5-inch cutting depths, for a customized appearance.

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Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn Edger


8.Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn EdgerFaster and cleaner than using a shovel, the Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn Edger carries a special configuration that centers the operator’s weight over the blade. This enables the machine to perform cutting at a perfect angle all the time. The heavy duty tag ensures a smooth perfect edge in half the time, so you can walk along the sideways while pushing the lawn edger along. By cutting at a perfect angle, the machine effectively prevents grass root damage. This lawn edger is perfect for installing plastic edgings. If you don’t want to have an unsightly-looking lawn, get the Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn Edger now.

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Seymour Mfg. WE-52 Double Wheel Lawn Edger


9.Seymour Mfg. WE-52 Double Wheel Lawn EdgerThis US-made product is genuinely reliable and self-sufficient, and the high quality materials used in its construction is evident in the solid build. The lawn edger is outfitted with a heat-treated star blade with double spring assembly, so if the tool rotates into an embedded obstacle, the blade edge simply flexes and goes back to the proper alignment. The premium quality zinc die cast wheels with great rubber tires ensure smooth operation every time. The hardwood handle is also top quality, offering a comfortable grip so you won’t have to worry about getting hand blisters even after extended use.

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Troy-Bilt TB516 EC Wheeled Edger


10.Troy-Bilt TB516 EC 29cc 4-Cycle NO MIX OIL AND GAS Wheeled EdgerLightweight yet powerful, this machine does its job most efficiently with a strong no-mix oil-and-gas engine. It is built with a JumpStart-capable engine that eliminates the need to pull a cord just to get the motor started. The engine is mounted on a robust steel frame, which means no more use for a trimmer and no extra weight to carry while in operation. The lawn edger is built with a 9-inch dual-tip steel blade that cuts up to a depth of 2 ½ inches, with a poly-debris shield that protects the operator from possible injury due to debris that can fly upwards during operation.

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McLane 801 5.50GT Gas Powered Lawn Edger


4.McLane 801 5.50GT Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton 9-Inch Gas Powered Lawn EdgerOutfitted with a powerful Briggs and Stratton 5.50 Gross Torque 3.3-horsepower motor, the McLane 801 Gas-Powered Lawn Edger delivers smooth cutting performance. The heavy-duty steel frame keeps the entire lawn mower body solid and strong, while the dual cutter-head bearings ensure a streamlined and flawless cutting performance. The tool is built with smooth live rubber replaceable tires that glide over grass faultlessly, making it one of the top rated lawn edgers on the market. This machine has chip-resilient baked-on powder-coated paint that keeps the machine smooth-looking and protected from corrosion.