Tips for Buying One of the Best Lawn Mowers under 200


If you have grass then you probably need a lawn mower, unless you are lucky enough to have a yard crew. While lawn mowers can be extremely expensive, it is possible to find one that will fit in your budget. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you find the best lawn mower under 200.



One of the first aspects to consider when you are looking for an affordable lawn mower is power, since you do want it to be able to effectively cut your grass. 12 amp corded models are perfect for small yards, and still feature plenty of power to cut through thick grass. Larger areas generally work best with a battery powered motor, and you can find affordable lawn mowers with 24 volts.


Easy to Use

You also want the lawn mower to be easy to push around your yard, along with starting on the first try. Push buttons are generally easier to start than pull cords, and lighter weight models are easier to maneuver around trees and other obstacles. Included grass catchers are also convenient, and are easy to empty when you are finished.



It is possible to find an affordable lawn mower that also includes all of the features you need, without going over your budget. Adjustable handles help you stay comfortable when mowing, and lawn mowers that also mulch and bag are always more convenient.


Highest Rated Lawn Mower under 200


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you some of the best lawn mowers. Affordably priced and still capable of easily cutting through thick, tough grass, maybe one of these lawn mowers will be just what you need to keep your yard neat and well maintained.


GreenWorks 25022 Lawn Mower


Best Lawn Mower under 200It is easy to see why this is often considered the best lawn mower under 200, with its powerful motor and ability to cut through thick grass. The 20 inch wide cutting deck makes it easy to finish faster, and you will also appreciate the powerful 12 amp motor. The long electrical cord gives you the freedom to easily move around your yard, and also ensures that you never have to worry about running out of power.

You will also appreciate being able to adjust the handle, and the cutting height can also be easily raised or lowered depending on the type of grass. With large 10 inch rear wheels and 7 inch front ones this electric lawn mower is also easy to maneuver, and you will love the convenient 3 in 1 design. Mulch and bag the clippings for disposal later, or choose to have it discharged from the side as you are mowing.

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Sun Joe MJ401E Lawn Mower


2. Sun Joe MJ401EOne of the first aspects that you will notice is its lightweight construction and easy start button, which takes most of the hassle out of using a lawn mower. The 12 amp motor is easy to start on the first try, and is powerful enough to effectively cut through thicker grass. You will also appreciate the 14 inch wide cutting deck that makes it easier to finish mowing faster.

This electric lawn mower is perfect for smaller yards, and you will also love being able to adjust the cutting height for specific types of grass. It also features a compact and durable construction that is designed to last, and be easy to store. The compact size is makes it easier to mow in tighter places, and you also have the advantage of the convenient grass catcher. Easy to operate and powerful enough to cut through thick St. Augustine grass, this might be the perfect lawn mower for your yard.

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Worx WG775 Lil’ Mo Lawn Mower


3. WORX WG775 Lil'Mo Cordless Lawn MowerFeaturing a powerful 24 volt battery that is capable of cutting up to 6000 sq. ft. per charge, there is very little not to like about this lawn mower. It features a durable construction that is designed to last, and since it only weighs 33 pounds it is incredibly easy to maneuver around your yard. You also have the advantage of the quick start push button, and the battery is also removable for easy charging.

With the ability to cut a 14 inch wide path through thick grass you can easily finish your yard work on one charge. The cutting height can also be adjusted for different types of grass, and you also have the advantage of its convenient 3 in 1 design. This battery powered lawn mower will bag and mulch as you go or you can even choose to have the clippings discharged from the back. It should be mentioned that the 24 volt battery can start to lose its charge overtime, but with the included two year warranty it can easily be replaced.

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