What to Consider When Buying a Leather Briefcase


A good quality leather briefcase is indispensable for carrying documents, tablets, laptops and anything in between in perfect comfort and safety. Men have used leather briefcases for more than two centuries now, but the purpose of this item has not changed tremendously. Whether you are a student, a businessman or a worker, you will find a leather briefcase to be the one essential accessory that will help you in your work. We selected the most important information from the best leather briefcase reviews and created this helpful buying guide for your use.

A.Leather Briefcase


We cannot enforce this enough; if you intend to purchase a leather briefcase and spend a few hundreds of dollars on it, you need to know that that money is well spent. Always check the quality of the entire product, before making a purchase. Check details such as warranty, the quality of stitching, as well as the best leather briefcase reviews including the respective product. This way, you will know that your briefcase will serve you for a long time.


What is your style?

Although highly practical, a leather briefcase is also part of a man’s style. Before reaching for your wallet, see if the model that caught your eye will serve you well, both in purpose and style. Do you intend to take the briefcase to work and your attire must always be formal? Pick a professional looking style. However, if you want to use it to carry around your laptop when you are hitting the local café, a casual model will fit better. Trendy models are now much loved by hipsters, too, and you can find some cool vintage models that are quite versatile in purpose, while still maintaining their exquisite flair.



Men are highly practical beings, and just the looks of a leather briefcase is not enough to convince them. What a leather briefcase must have in order to be considered the best leather briefcase 2019 is solid storage capacity. Will your laptop fit in there with ease? Is the compartmentalization intuitive and practical? Such questions and, of course, their correct answers, can make the difference between a decent leather briefcase and a really great one.


Top Rated Leather Briefcases in 2019


We know how challenging is to pick the right leather briefcase. Men do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on an item that may not be what they want. We compiled the best leather briefcase reviews around and created the following list containing the most reliable and popular models at the moment.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business


1.Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show BusinessIf you are looking for a versatile model, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business is, without a doubt, a great choice. The design is not very formal, but not too trendy, either, so it is ideal for both work and free time.

The leather used is cowhide and it is processed to the point that it feels smooth and soft to the touch. The quality of leather is always essential for the overall quality of the bag, and it is obvious that the manufacturer went the extra mile to create this beautiful briefcase.

The interior is fully lines and the stitching is of good quality. Fake leather bags often use poor quality stitching, which is one of the important things that sets authentic models aside from knock-ups.

Considered by many as the best leather briefcase 2019, this Kenneth Cole Reaction model is definitely a bag with character. Attention to detail makes it stand out, and all the accessories, down to the last hook, are made of bronzed metal.

As a businessman or as a student, you will find that this bag has almost everything you need. The smart compartmentalization allows you to have all your important items, such as your phone, business cards and laptop, stored in easy to access places.

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Kattee Real Leather Durable Briefcase


2.Kattee Real Leather Durable BriefcaseLarger models are often preferred for leather briefcases, with laptops becoming larger and larger on a constant basis. The Kattee Real Leather Durable Briefcase can accommodate a 16” laptop, which means that it is slightly bigger than other models you can find right now.

What gives this bag personality is the Crazy-Horse cow leather it is made of. Each part of the bag is manually crafted, so some changes in color may appear, although barely visible. This trendy bag is easy to recognize by the light scratches on the surface. The scratches can be wiped to become less visible, but they are part of the charm; if you want a bag that spells wilderness, you cannot simply go wrong with this one.

One of the top rated leather briefcases 2019, this model impresses through quality, as well. According to users, the more the briefcase is used, the better it looks, and it is capable of withstanding rain and snow without a problem.

Shopping around can help you find this gorgeous model sold at a great price, too. Many reviewers praise the Kattee Real Leather Durable Briefcase for its rich color and durability that recommend it for prolonged usage.

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Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Case


3.Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover CaseA more conservative looking briefcase, this model from Samsonite is preferred by those who do not want to make any compromises when it comes to making a style statement. This is the type of valuable item you will feel confident investing in, because its classic design will not grow old with time, and its superior quality will help you use it for a long time.

It is often said that a leather briefcase should last a lifetime, and Samsonite has a great reputation for making long lasting items that consumers everywhere love and appreciate. This flap-over case is not only good looking, but also functional. Because it is 16” wide, you can fit your laptop inside with great ease.

If you are the fan of a more traditional look for your briefcase, we suggest you to try this one. Quality, ease of maintenance and style recommend it, and you will not regret your choice. Often mentioned by the best leather briefcase reviews you can read online, this Samsonite briefcase is a winner in our book. The zippered inside compartments help you protect your items from prying eyes when you need to open your briefcase in crowded areas.

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