In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best led lantern? We have you covered. This paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best LED lanterns on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, value for money and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Streamlight The Siege 44931 is the best because it is a waterproof LED lantern, polycarbonate-built, and a reliable piece of gear, that features white and red LEDs for lighting versatility. It allows you to set the luminosity to three intensity levels, and an extra red light level that can be configured to an SOS flashing mode to help you find it in the dark. With a maximum light output of 340 lumens, The Siege can work for 295 hours on the low, 33 lumens level. If the Streamlight 44931 is unavailable, you could also consider the LE 500lm Outdoor as the best second option.



Comparison Table


Product Lumens  Price Battery Type Run Time Our Rating Where to buy

Rayovac SE3DLNCOM Sportsman

240 $$$ D-cell 40-90 hours A+ AMAZON

Cree 40450

185 $$$ Duracell 25-50 hours A AMAZON

Energizer Weather Ready

95 $$ D-cell 135 hours B+ AMAZON

Coleman 5319-700 MicroPacker

13 $$ AA 15 hours C+ AMAZON

Coleman 4D CPX6

190 $$$ D-cell 300 hours B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Whether you plan on going backpacking, camping with your family or just have a party in your backyard on a summer night, having an LED lantern to shed its bright light upon your surroundings is essential. Picking an LED lantern can be a bit tricky if you don’t usually have to deal with illuminating gear. You will find below some of the most important features you should look for in a lamp.

LE® 500lm Outdoor LED Lantern,


Most LED lanterns function with the use of alkaline batteries, but another common and far more appreciated type are the lithium battery, which ensures a longer run-time and more brightness. Lithium batteries also behave better in cold weather, whereas alkaline might discharge faster in chilly conditions, but you can prevent that by thermally protecting the lamp with a cover when it’s off. If you plan to go away and have a lithium battery powered lantern, it is best if you consider rechargeable batteries, rather than carrying spares. But if your torch uses alkaline batteries, be them D or C, you should have a couple of spare ones to prevent any discharge problems.


Light output

You will observe how different models have a different number of lumens specificated. What the lumen number actually represents is the amount of light that the bulb produces. More lumens mean a brighter light, but you have to consider the fact that a stronger light will drain batteries faster. So, if you want to have light for a longer period, you should choose a lamp with more that one intensity level.


Light duration

If calculating the implications of battery type and the light output is difficult, or you lack some of this information, you can check for the light run-time the manufacturer states for the lamp. This will give you an idea of how long the lamp will work for on a set of batteries with a certain light intensity. You should find a minimum and a maximum duration, but there are models with specifications for all the in-between levels. Also, be careful not to mistake the maximum duration of the light with the time the light will work at maximum intensity. These parameters are usually inversely proportional.


Case and projection window material

If you wish to carry the lamp along, you should make sure it is light enough and at the same time resistant. Lanterns are made either out of metal, such as aluminum or titanium or out of rubber or plastic. While metal cases are light and durable, especially titanium-built ones, plastic has the advantage of a smaller price and is usually very light as well. If you chose to go with the plastic case option, you should look for some anti-shock features since the main fault of plastic is its frailty. As for the transparent window, most of the times it is made out of glass or plastic. In this case, the plastic is more desirable, as it has a higher endurance to impact.

Streamlight 44931

Ease of use and safety features

You are certainly aware that using the lamp means you have to place it in a stable position or you have to be able to carry it in a comfortable manner. Most lanterns give you the possibility of hanging them somewhere above, using a hook or something similar. You should make sure the hook is broad and curved enough to fit on thicker objects. Another thing you should consider is if the lamp has handles attached to the top or on both extremities for easy transportation. Also, you should keep in mind that a nature experience will seldom provide you with a flat surface to place your lantern on, so it is best if the lamp has a rather elastic or adherent bottom to make it resist slides off irregular or damp surfaces.




Top rated Led lanterns in 2019


As LED lanterns become the preferred gear for most outdoor lovers, the market grows richer in exciting features and perks, so one might feel tempted to spend a handful of money on the biggest, smartest, most powerful light he can find. We encourage you to act wisely and assess your needs and the actual use you are going to give to the lantern. There is no point in investing in a high-power lantern that can last for hundreds of hours if you’re only going to use it for power outages. You can find a lot of models for sale, but we are showcasing the best LED lanterns below.


Our recommendations


Streamlight 44931 The Siege


1.Streamlight 44931

This alkaline battery powered equipment promises to accompany you under the roughest of times. Water-resistance and floating capacity make it a true asset when caught in a rainy outdoor walk. A 340-lumen output makes it perfect for camping, and the red LED lets you endure the change to night vision without the usual discomfort. The Siege has three levels of luminosity you can choose from, based on your own needs, and you can quickly turn it from a table lamp to a large area covering light bulb, simply by reversing it and removing the external globe.


Buy from Amazon for ($35.99)




LE 500lm Outdoor 


2.LE 500lm Outdoor LED Lantern

This incredibly lightweight, highly luminous LED lantern will light your way with a powerful, 500lm light which you can also choose to use at half of its brightness capacity. The skid protection will make it usable even in damp conditions, while the hooks let you hang it in upright or inverted position, depending on your needs. The Outdoor model seems to be fit for a lot of activities, but we think it is best suited for backpacking or short camping trips, given its weight and its 40 hours run-time. We have to say the price is quite good, but it doesn’t come with batteries, so this advantage will disappear when adding the battery price.


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Divine LED’s Ultra Bright 


3.Ultra Bright LED Lantern

Two things catch the eye when reading this lantern’s description. Firstly, it is collapsible, which means you will be able to reduce its height by half when you’re packing a small backpack. Secondly, it has a very long battery life, as many buyer reviews confirm. Divine LED’s advertise it as the brightest LED lantern on the market, but after some research we found that it has a 60-lumen output coming from 30 LEDs, so we are still wondering whether the buyers awe was mostly determined by the value for money, which is indeed admirable.


Buy from Amazon for ($55)




Rayovac SE3DLNCOM Sportsman


Rayovac SE3DLNCOM SportsmanConsidered by thousands of people as one of the best Led lantern in 2019, the Rayovac sportsman has the capacity to precisely light up everything you want without any problems at all. This 4-watt Led lantern can last up to 100.000 hours and doesn’t require to be replaced. The Rayovac Sportsman is both durable and useful, coming with 240 lumens and three precise modes high, low and also strobe. The model runs on three D batteries that can last up to 40 hours in high mode and up to 90 hours in low mode, which is quite impressive.


Buy from Amazon for ($26.99)




CREE 40450


Everyone knows that CREE creates high quality products that work fine and don’t present problems. To this extent, the 40450 Lumens multi-functional Led lantern makes no exception providing a precise source of light every time the user needs one. This multi-functional water-resistant LED lantern comes with 185 lumens that can light up any location with ease. You also have the possibility to switch between area light and focused directional light, thus adapting the lantern to the environment, making this model one of the best Led lantern in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($9.94)




Energizer Weather Ready


Considered by thousands of satisfied users as the best Led lantern in 2019, the Weather Ready Folding Area from Energizer represents a reliable method to light up any surrounding you might be in whenever no sources of light are near. This portable and folding 360-degree LED area lantern produces up to 96 lumens of light that never fail. Furthermore, this model from Energizer can fold in order to create a 360-degree area light, with a three mode slide: high, low and also amber nightlight.


Buy from Amazon for ($17.99)




Coleman 5319-700 MicroPacker


The majority of the latest top rated Led lantern reviews emphasize on the efficiency and functionality of the Coleman MicroPacker model, a product designed to shine with ease in any surrounding. This compact and space-saving lantern runs up to 15 hours using three regular AA batteries. Coleman MicroPacker comes with two bright and long-lasting 0.5 –millimeter LEDs that provide a stunning amount of light without any restrictions at all. Furthermore, this 7.5-inch tall lantern weighs in only seven ounces which makes it very easy to carry around from one location to another.


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Coleman 4D CPX6


The majority of the current top rated Led lantern reviews gave high marks and a solid positive feedback to the Coleman 4D CPX6 high-tech model that allows the user to fully light up any area without any problems at all. This model from Coleman can last up to 300 hours of continuous run time on the low mode. Furthermore, the CPX6 Led lantern from Coleman runs on 4 D batteries and you can also use a interchangeable 6V CPX6 rechargeable battery pack.


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