Top rated License Plate Capture Cameras in 2019


Reading the best license plate security camera reviews gives you helpful information on this specialized form of CCTV device. With built-in software that assists in identifying license plates on moving or still vehicles, a license plate capture camera features intelligent traffic modes that allow the device to compensate for headlight, weather and speed issues to give usable videos for capture of license plates.


Reconyx SM750 HyperFire License Plate Capture Camera


Best License Plate Capture Camera reviewsProviding you with license plate photo capture of vehicles moving up to 50 miles per hour, the Reconyx SM750 HyperFire Camera offers monochrome images night and day, with night images showing license plates only for less clutter on images. The No-glow high-output night vision enables covert infrared detection up to 50 feet, so errant drivers and traffic violators cannot get off the hook easily. This best license plate security camera 2019 is compatible with cellular-enabled upgrade, to enable you to view captured images conveniently. The onboard Dual Scheduling helps operate the camera by time and day of the week of your choice.

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Q1C1 A-B700-LPHQ-Cam Professional License Plate Camera


When it comes to basic close-range capture, the Q1C1 A-B700-LP HQ-Cam is the best license plate security camera 2019. The device monitors surrounding areas and delivers them in impressive resolution of 700 TV lines, for exceptional delivery of details. Designed to read a variety of vehicle plates even in the most demanding conditions, the Q1C1 A-B700-LP HQ-Cam Professional License Plate Camera is an outdoor surveillance tool designed to give you supreme quality in any weather. The durable outdoor housing offers a solution to all-weather security surveillance. The integrated 6~ 22mm Vari-Focal lens allows you to view long-distance details vividly.

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Speco License Plate Capture Bullet Camera


Praised in many best license plate security camera reviews, this model from Speco has a varifocal IR-corrected lens that compensates for weather, vehicular speed and light so images of license plates are clear and sharp. The 80 pieces of IR LEDs work outstandingly even in pitch blackness so you can make out the necessary details of the license plate with ease. The device captures license plates of vehicles moving up to24 miles per hour, so no one gets away that easily. The camera captures details even in zero illumination, to deliver high-contrast imaging performance.

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DSP Security Surveillance IR Camera


Built with a 1/3-inch Sony CCD High-resolution lens, the DSP Security Surveillance IR Camera offers 560 TV lines for outstanding license plate capture. The Slow Shutter adjusts itself to effectively capture details that really matter even when the vehicle whizzes by. The Sense Speed is set at 32X for extremely reliable capture of images. The Automatic Light Compensation measures the average light level according to the whole area of the frame so normally unspecific, dark images can be converted into easy-to-interpret clear ones. The 20X Optical Zoom is enabled by the revolutionary Manual Focus 5~100mm Lens.

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Cop Security 10-SU34HE Varifocal Lens License Plate Capture Camera


Considered one of the top license plate security cameras 2019, this product has a robust 1/2.8 2.3 Megapixel CMOS image sensor that enables full high-definition delivery of images in both 1080p and 720p. The 9~22mm Megapixel Auto Iris Varifocal Lens adjusts to give users clear details in license plates even in harsh weather and poor lighting and with vehicles moving up to 24 mph. The 4 High Power LEDs offer impressive 50-foot Night Vision Illumination to enable capture of important license plate data. Assuring you of all-weather image delivery, the Cop Security 10-SU34HE is IP66-rated, proof that it is both dust- and weather-resistant.

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