What to Consider When Buying a Luggage Scale


It is well known that airline companies are charging quite a hefty sum for luggage that exceeds a certain weight. You can avoid such unpleasant situations by purchasing a luggage scale and making some calculations at home, before you board your flight. Reading about different products, as well as best luggage scale reviews, can help you a great deal in choosing a product that is reliable and helps you determine, with high accuracy, how much your luggage weighs, and avoid additional costs when you are traveling.

A. Luggage Scale


One aspect you definitely want to see in a luggage scale is high capacity. Since you may want to pack quite a lot of things when you are traveling to distant locations, and airline companies usually charge extra for luggage over 50 pounds, this is the minimum capacity you want to see in a luggage scale. If you purchase one that has a low maximum capacity, you will never know for sure how much your luggage really weighs, if it easily exceeds the said capacity. Avoid extra costs by purchasing a scale capable to reflect the weight of your luggage.



Since your luggage will definitely be weighed again when you reach the airport, you need to know that your calculations are correct. You will notice that there are many best luggage scale reviews out there commending various models especially for their ability to show the weight with maximum accuracy. Especially if you are reaching the maximum capacity that is not overcharged by the airline company, you need to know that you are not going over it, just because your luggage scale didn’t manage to show you the exact value.



Without a doubt, you do not want a luggage scale that crumbles after just a few uses. For this reason, good brands are often recommended, as their models are made from durable materials, and can withstand more frequent use. You can also read plenty of best luggage scale reviews online to see which brands are the most appreciated by consumers and are also made from good quality materials.


Top Rated Luggage Scales in 2019


We know that choosing the very best product can be a difficult process. For this reason, we gathered the top rated luggage scales 2019, based on consumers’ preferences, to help you decide for a model that truly delivers as promised, as helps you determine the weight of your luggage with great accuracy.


Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger


1. Digital Luggage ScaleEnjoying an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users, the Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger has everything you need in a luggage scale.

One thing to notice about this model, right from the get go is that it is able to display the total weight of the luggage in both pounds and kilos. This simple feature can really come in handy when you are traveling overseas and different scale measures are used by the airline companies you are using.

In terms of capacity, this scale does not disappoint at all. With a maximum capacity of 110 lbs, it can easily determine if you are exceeding the admitted weight for your luggage, or how much you are expected to pay extra. Knowing such details in advance can really come in handy when you are traveling.

Named by many consumers as the best luggage scale 2019, this particular model impresses through design and durability, as well. You will surely appreciate the backlit display and the easy to read numbers, as well as the speed at which it readily shows the readings.

The scale is built to last, another aspect that has conquered consumers’ hearts. You will have this scale for many years without breaking, and you will pleased with making a very good investment.

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Orbsgo LS201 Luggage Scale


2. Luggage Scale By OrbsgoIf durability is what you are after, you will surely love the Luggage Scale By Orbsgo. This specific model comes with a lifetime warranty, which pretty much says everything about how much trust this company has in their product. It is safe to say that this is the best luggage scale 2019, if you are looking for a compact, sturdy and reliable scale that will serve you throughout the years, without a glitch.

There are also some nice bells and whistles this model comes equipped with. The auto-lock display and the auto shutoff system are particularly worth mentioning. The model operates on a lithium battery, so another great upside of this scale is that you will not have to replace batteries too often.

The capacity is worth considering, as well. With a maximum capacity of 110 lbs/50 kilos, you will not have to worry about exceeding the accepted weight capacity at the airport. You will be able to know exactly how much your luggage weighs and avoid extra fees.

For domestic and international flights, the Luggage Scale By Orbsgo is an ideal choice. Its compact design allows you to carry it around, without a problem. The stainless steel design is also greatly appreciated.

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Travelon Micro Scale


3. Travelon Micro ScaleIn case you are looking for a budget version of a luggage scale, the Travelon Micro Scale is a good choice. As you will learn from various best luggage scale reviews, this is a reliable option when you want a luggage scale that does exactly what it promises to do, without any extra bells and whistles.

Made from plastic and metal, it does sport somewhat unassuming looks. However, since this is a budget model, looks may not be a top priority in your book. The Travelon Micro Scale is accurate and its maximum capacity is 110 lbs/50 kilos, so it is a good choice in case you travel overseas.

You will never have to worry again about paying extra fees for your luggage, as long as you will know when to drop some things and leave them behind, if they are not absolutely necessary.

A good feature that you will appreciate having in this luggage scale is the red light that allows you to see the display even when you are in an area with little light. Also, for those with not so great vision, this can come in handy, as well.

Lightweight, accurate and fast, the Travelon Micro Scale is an all around good choice for all your traveling needs.

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