Top rated magna tiles in 2019


Children simply love to play with magna tiles. Coming in bright colours and their unique magnet lock that allows the child to build for hours with excitement, magna tiles are a sure win toy. The tiles come in translucent colours and opaque ones that help the child to build houses, pyramids, schools, bridges and many more, having only imagination as the restrictive factor. Magna tiles are ideal for children over the age of three and there are many versions available on the market today. Finding the one suited to your child creativity pattern can be done once you manage to read some of the current top rated magna tile reviews.


Magna Tiles Clear Colors 100 piece set


best magna tiles 2019Ideal for children over the age of three, Magna Tiles Clear colours received high marks from the present top rated magna tiles reviews. The characteristics of this building block allow the child to learn spatial relations, logic, and mathematics and develop its inner creativity in a progressive and fun manner. Furthermore choosing and linking the 100 pieces of the Magna Tiles, the kid can also step from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations thus adding something special to the play time. The package contains 50 small squares, 15 isosceles triangles, 4 large squares, 20 equilateral triangles and 11 right triangles.



Valtech Co., Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 piece set


top rated magna tiles reviews Considered the best magna tiles 2019 by satisfied parents, Magna Tiles Clear Colors from Valtech Co. comes with 32 unique pieces that attract the child from all sides and possible combinations. The particularities of the Magna-Tiles represent a valuable teaching fun tool for the child as he learns about solving spatial problems, develops progressive logical thinking and also strengthens the primary math reasoning. Furthermore some studies have showed that Magna-Tiles can provide a great stimulus for the brain to become more active while also having fun.



Magna Tiles Solid Colors 32 piece set


Well, there are so many magna tiles on the market today which makes it very difficult to find the ones that suit the child needs. Still, you will see, after purchasing Magna Tiles Solid Colors in 32 pieces set just how nice the kid begins to play with excitement. Including squares and triangles of all shapes and sizes, the 32 tiles can help release the inner creativity of the child while also strengthening its neurological activity. The toy through its endless seemingly endless permutations and linkages teaches the user about math, logics, problem solving in a fun way. This is the reason why it comes as no surprise to see the model among the current best magna tiles 2019.




Magna Tiles Solid Colors 48 piece DX set


Most of the current top rated magna tiles reviews place the Magna Tiles Solid Colors DX set among the very best toys available on the market today. Known for their unique design these tiles impress on all sides and possible combinations that can take the form of churches, banks, bridges or virtually anything that the child can muster with its mind. The toy provides and maintains a solid stimulus for the brain activity through a fun and interactive manner: playing with the tiles. Furthermore the Magna Tiles Solid Colors 48 piece DX set can lead from the two dimensional creation patterns to the 3-D one which is quite impressive.



Magna Tiles Solid Colors 100 Piece Set


One of the best magna tiles 2019 is Magna Tiles Solid Colors 100 piece set, known for its unique design and capacity to stimulate the child to play with his imagination. This toy is ideal for children over the age of three, capable of enhancing their special recognition patterns. Furthermore besides letting free their creativity in building anything they want, Magna Tiles Solid Colors comes with 100 pieces that teaches the children about math, logics, various problem solving issues in a progressive and healthy manner.