If you’re here just to find the best magnetic sweepers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. To collect as much information as possible about the best product in this category, we have gone over numerous ratings in different garage equipment reviews as well as actual owner feedback. This led us to what we believe is the best one in this class, the AJC 070-MS, which boasts an easy spring-loaded quick release mechanism that works well to supplement the powerful magnets on the device. The stainless steel box retains the picked-up nails safely to keep the user or garage worker out of harm’s way. Engineered with 140 pounds of pulling power, this tool offers a working length of 10 inches to get more nails in at a fast rate. It even picks up nails in the grass or on the pavement, ensuring safety. If the AJC 070-MS is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider Master Magnetics 07263 as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


Geared to provide a fast and easy means of gathering large quantities of nails, paper clips, screws and other ferrous metal items, a magnetic sweeper is indeed an ingenious device to have for do-it-yourselfers and hardware business owners. That said, not all magnetic sweepers are created equal so how do you know you have the top-rated one in the best magnetic sweepers for sale reviews?

As an industrial magnetic sweeper, your machine should boast genuinely impressive pickup power

You buy a magnetic sweeper for a primary application: to pick up wayward items such as screws, nails, paper clips and more. Unless those items are picked up thoroughly, so you get a cleanly swept floor, there’s no way for you to ensure safety in your workspace.

Check out the magnetic pulling power to gauge a unit’s capability for picking up loose items on the floor, even those that roll out of sight under large cabinets and equipment, if possible. You want a really strong and dense magnet that provides more-than-enough pulling power.

Some magnetic sweeper manufacturers specify how many nails their units can handle in one go before the need to release the picked up items and move into another sweep. Superior-quality, industrial-grade magnetic sweepers, offer a maximum lifting height using a two ½-inch nail, for dependable pulling performance during bench tests.

Manual or push-type machines may not be as powerful but should still hold picked up items securely before the user decides to release them safely. You want double-strength devices that pick up wayward items without losing them easily at the slightest bump. Check how many pounds of pulling power the machine comes with to ensure you have the best one on the market.


The best magnetic sweeper for grass should come with a dependable sweeping width

It wouldn’t do to have to make multiple passes over a certain area just to ensure a clean sweep. Non-industrial magnetic sweepers come with sweeping widths varying between 10 and 36 inches all around. This should not mean compromising on pulling power in favor of sweeping width.

You want the magnetic sweeper to work on a variety of surfaces ranging from floors to pavement to grass. Pick-up power should remain consistent regardless of the swept surface.


Despite not being as powerful as a towable magnetic sweeper, your unit should still be flexible and easy to use

High-quality magnetic sweepers for workshop use come with easy-rolling rubber wheels to facilitate movement. They can drop collected scrap metal fast once the load release lever is pulled, despite their incredibly strong pulling power and solid construction.

Aside from permanent magnetism, the magnetic sweeper should also provide an adjustable sweeping height according to the items to be swept clean off the surface.

Some models offer wheel-hole settings that enable fine tuning to suit normal applications. Most importantly, the unit should be lightweight despite a robust and strong build.



Top Rated Magnetic Sweepers for Sale in 2019


There are plenty of brands and models of magnetic sweepers on the market, and while this may unduly complicate the entire decision-making process, the above buying guide will hopefully make you a more informed consumer. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping guidance.


Our recommendations


AJC 070-MS


The AJC 070-MS comes with a handheld or push-type design to make the picking up of loose nails, screws, paper clips and other items made of ferrous metal easy and fuss-free. Having to pick up such items one by one can put a strain on the back, and this is aside from the difficulty of taking them from the floor one piece at a time.

This simple machine takes the tediousness out, so it won’t matter if you have to get an entire box of nails off the floor or you just need to make sure you have left no nails on the floor after working on a project. This model comes with a spring-loaded quick release mechanism to handle stuck items on the powerful magnet for safekeeping.

Powerful magnets on the stainless steel box hold on to picked up nails til you are ready to release them for storage or disposal. Delivering 140 pounds of pulling power, this tool has a pulling length of 10 inches to handle a wider swath in less time.

This handy device picks up loose ferrous metal items in the grass or on the pavement as well, ensuring a clean sweep. Cleaning up the job site has never been easier or more convenient.

By using this tool in your driveway, you keep your car safe from fat tires.

Buy from Amazon for ($61.5)




Master Magnetics 07263


Providing a broad sweeping width of 14.5 inches, the Master Magnetics 07263 can pick up around 1.6 pounds of 8-penny nails for approximately 225 pieces of objects to ensure your safety and cost savings on materials. It simplifies the pick-up of screws, nails, paper clips and many other types of ferrous metal items that could be dangerous to a workshop owner or do-it-yourselfer.

The frame of the unit is 1 inch high and 1-inch deep, giving you plenty of clearance space to ensure more items are picked up with every pass. This enables you to pick up a greater quantity of wayward items that could pose a threat to your safety and that of your fellow workers.

Suitable for garage shop owners, hardware store business people and other individuals who work with plenty of scrap metal and other metal items, this product protects users from injury caused by scattered nails, screws and more.

The wheels on the unit roll easily with their 3-inch diameter plus robust rubber tread, steel bushings, and hard plastic rims. All the elements speak of high-quality and premium workmanship to suit any modern business or workshop.

The handle is 41 inches from the top of the magnet assembly to the top of the component, which effectively prevents back and hip pain that comes from pushing an extremely low tool on the grass, floor or pavement. This model features permanent magnetism.–guaranteed!

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Designed for safe pick up of metal shavings, loose nails, screws and paper clips, among others, the XtremepowerUS magnetic sweeper simplifies clean-up of your job site for consistent safety and greater productivity.

Because you won’t have to manually pick up scattered ferrous metal items on the for, this facilitates more efficient use of manpower on the job site for the essential tasks. This magnetic sweeper this model picks up ferrous objects in a jiffy, handling up to 30 pounds without breaking a sweat.

You’ll love how this tool offers an adjustable sweep height from 31 inches to 45 inches the Quick-Release handle makes it easy to release stuck-on items on the powerful magnet, ensuring safety in the workplace.

Get extra flexibility thanks to the adjustable handle that enables you to pick up more items with less likelihood of joint and back pain this model is designed to work on rugs, carpets, grass and more. Simply loosen the quick release lever to get the items into a bucket or receptacle for storage or hassle-free disposal.

This is a useful tool to have in the garage workshop, storage shed or on the job site. It facilitates easier cleanups after working on projects or in the case of accidental spills of small ferrous items on the floor.



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