If you’re here just to find the best manual downrigger and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital data. We have gathered a lot of information about the best downrigger of 2019 available on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Cannon Uni Troll STX is the best, because its solid built makes it a long-lasting product, it comes equipped with a telescopic boom that collapses from 53-inch to 24, that will enable you to store it with ease and it includes a 200 feet stainless steel cable that will not break when under pressure and will resist water damage. If this product is unavailable, you can consider the Scotty Depthmaster as a second best option.



How to choose the best manual downrigger?


Fishing is one of those activities in which you cannot afford to use low quality instruments or unfitted ones. A new downrigger will turn the odds in your favor. This magical tool for fishing will allow you to do the impossible. If you don’t catch any fish using a downrigger, maybe you should consider switching jobs/hobbies. However, to give you the maximum possible assistance, we have assembled this little, but focused buying guide, for you to purchase the best downrigger of 2019.

Cannon Uni-Troll 10 STX



While there are many brands fabricating downriggers alongside the most various and useful (or not as useful) fishing equipment, not all of them are able to deliver excellent gear. Our advice is that you use consecrated brands, particularly if you are new to fishing. By doing so, you will at least have the security of picking a quality item, if not the best for your needs. For example, choosing a Cannon downrigger for your first fishing experience is a better idea than choosing an item from an unknown brand, even if it comes with many accessories and features incorporated.


The major components

A good downrigger will provide you with three most necessary characteristics when you go fishing: resistance, mobility and ease of use. That implies a strong, lasting build, ergonomic mounting system for effortless positioning, good retrieval speed so that the fish doesn’t escape and quality materials (stainless steel) and technologies. The arm of the downrigger, the cable or the reel are all important parts when choosing the perfect item. Besides, you need to fit the downrigger with your own boat type, as it may be difficult to place it in a good position if the two don’t match.


The mounting system

Mainly, you can choose between permanent or mobile mounting. Quite obvious, the first can be easily removed, as it uses clamps to be attached to the boat, while the second is screwed on the boat’s surface through a mounting plate. The advantage of the first is that it can be easily taken off and moved and it is also easy to install. However, the risk exists that it detaches when submitted to increased pressure. The second one eliminates that risk (that is if you’re not trying to fish whales with it), but it is harder to separate it from the boat when you need to do so.


After studying the market for the best manual downriggers, we have narrowed the list to the following three products available for sale, mentioned in many best manual downrigger reviews, and that have impressed us with their outstanding features, combined with good brand quality and price.



Top rated Manual Downriggers in 2019



Cannon Uni-Troll 10 STX


1.Cannon Uni-Troll 10 STX Manual DownriggerThe Cannon Uni-Troll 10 STX is a product that binds together sturdiness and ease-of-use, two qualities that you definitely need in a manual downrigger. It is mounted on a low-profile swivel pedestal that enables you to position it in a variety of angles until you find the perfect one for you. It is equipped with a heavy-duty rod with dimensions that can be shrunk from 53 inches to 24, a feature that makes it a handy product, easy to pack and store. With a 2:1 retrieval speed, this downrigger will facilitate a fast and easy lift. To position your bait perfectly in water, the item has a one hand clutch deploy, controlling the depth at which the weight descends. With a total weight of ten pounds, you won’t find the operation of transporting it mighty difficult, in case you want to move it or take it with you in a trip. It includes a 200 feet stainless steel cable to manage heavy weight, coiled on a plastic spool.


Buy from Amazon for ($276.4)




Scotty Depthmaster


2.Scotty Depthmaster Display PackedYou can always trust Scotty downriggers to perform well in any situation. This manual downrigger is equipped with a 23-inch stainless steel rod, with a ¾-inch diameter that will resist heavy impacts and water’s damaging effects. The automatic brake will make sure that your gear stays untouched and in perfect state, even in the case of unfortunate events. It can deploy the stainless steel cable at 5 feet per minute or at 300 feet per minute, depending on your wishes and needs. The wire is coiled on the spool with a 1 foot per minute rate. Even if the downrigger suffers damages in time, all Scotty products come with the lifetime limited warranty showing that the outstanding quality of their products will make sure they are fitted for use many years. This item weighs an insignificant 2. 29 kg, being perfect to take with you whenever you feel like relaxing in a fishing trip on your boat.


Buy from Amazon for ($155.98)




Cannon Mini-Troll


3.Cannon Mini-Troll Manual DownriggerIf you didn’t manage to find the perfect downrigger for your boat, the Cannon Mini-Troll is ideal for the smallest craft. Weighing no more than 1 pound and with dimensions of 20 x 11 x 3 inches, this downrigger is small and mobile, easily transferred in any place or in any position. It has a horizontal reel and brake that can be maneuvered with one hand. It includes a built-in C-clamp base of 2-1/2-inch that can be mounted on any side of the boat or on the stern. The swivel head measures the depth reached by the wire, thus you can approximate which region is populated by fish. The pre-installed 100 feet stainless steel test cable of 120 pounds is perfectly suited for smaller depths, but it is enduring, and you can replace it with a longer wire. The Cannon downrigger comes with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring you get all the assistance you need.


Buy from Amazon for ($72.95)