Key Features of Top Manual Juicers


A manual juicer is an excellent way to ensure that you and your family are getting enough essential nutrients in your diets. Busy lives and hectic schedules, along with a dislike of certain food items, can make it difficult to eat well balanced and nutritious meals. Being able to quickly and easily make great tasting nutritious drinks is one of the benefits of owning a manual juicer. With so many different models to choose from, we created this informative buying guide to help you find the top rated juicers of 2019.

Ease of Use

According to the best manual juicer reviews one of the most important aspects is finding a model that is easy to use. Since you do not have the benefit of electrical power, you want to make sure that you can easily squeeze, mash, and pulp your favorite fruits and vegetables. You also want to make sure that the manual juicier you choose is easy to clean.


Stable and Durable

You want the manual juicer to have a stable base, along with a durable construction. The best manual juicer in 2019 features a reinforced body with a chrome, aluminum, or stainless steel finish, which helps to protect the juicer from rust and corrosion. The finishes also help to improve the appearance of the juicer so you don’t always have to hide it in your kitchen cabinets. A strong and stable base will prevent the manual juicer from tipping over during use, and can also prevent messy accidents.


Additional Features

Some of the additional features to consider on a manual juicer include suction cups for extra stability, and a convenient rack and pinion system that lets you apply more pressure to your produce. You might also want to consider purchasing a manual juicer that features a curved body or longer handle to make it even easier to use. Some of the best manual juicer reviews recommend finding a model that can be used with all fruits and vegetables to give you even more delicious and healthy options.


Top Rated Manual Juicers in 2019


Making sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals is easy when you have the best manual juicer of 2019. Quiet, efficient, and quick and easy to use, a juicer can help you improve your health and quality of life. To help you find an affordable and high quality manual juicer, we have included brief reviews of three of the top rated models.


Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press


This professional looking juicer is designed to look great sitting on your countertop, and features a cast iron and stainless steel construction. The durable body is resistant to rust, and easy to wipe clean after you’ve finished using it. This juicer also has a heavy base for exceptional stability, and you get the added benefit of the four suction cup feet. It will stick firmly to your counter while you are juicing, and easily pull off without marring the surfaces.

According to the best manual juicer reviews you can use this small kitchen tool with almost any type of fruit. Easily squeeze delicious and nutritious juice from oranges, lemons, and limes, and enjoy the advantage of using the juicer’s longer handle that is also ergonomically designed to withstand higher amounts of pressure than other models. This makes it possible for you to squeeze juice from larger fruits like grapefruits and pomegranates.

This model also includes a convenient funnel for guiding the juice into your glass, along with the necessary juicing cone. Both pieces are easy to remove and can be quickly washed, along with the rest of the juicer. You’ll love its modern and professional design, along with how easy it is to stay healthy with this manual juicer.

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Tribest Z-Star Z-510 Manual Juicer


As stated in the best manual juicer reviews, this model is perfect for use at home or when you are traveling. Its affordable price makes it ideal for any budget, and you’ll love its lightweight and portable design. You can use the juicer at home or take it with you when you are traveling to a friend’s or relative’s house. It’s lightweight and durable construction make it easy to pack so you can enjoy fresh and nutritious juice anywhere.

You’ll love how easy and quiet the juicer is to use, along with its versatile design. This manual juicer is designed similar to a single auger that makes it possible for you to extract more juice from your produce. You can get more of the delicious fiber, along with essential vitamins and minerals with its unique and highly functional design. This also lets you make juice from a wider variety of produce including wheat grass, vegetables, and other iron rich leafy greens.

Cleaning the juicer is easy, and the bright finish protects the device from rust and corrosion. The bright green funnel and handle are cheery and stylish, but best of all you can take this juicer with whenever you travel.

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Best Choice Products Manual Juicer


The compact design makes this juicer ideal for a kitchen without a lot of countertop space, and it features a stable and durable design. The cast iron base provides the balance and stability you need for pressing larger fruits, without accidentally tipping it over. The stainless steel strainer easily catches all of the fiber rich pulp, and the included juice cup is easy to remove.

You’ll appreciate the strong iron handle when you are squeezing harder skin fruits, and you’ll also like that this juicer is easy to clean. Squeeze fresh juice to mix with different liquors at your bar, and increase business by offering daily health drink specials. Its smaller size makes it easy to fit underneath the counter with the rest of the business’s supplies. The juicer’s professionally inspired design also looks great in your home.

With a height of 4.75 inches, this manual juicer can handle almost any size fruit, giving you a wide range of juicing options. Its unique design lets you efficiently squeeze all of the juice out of the fruit, and you’ll also appreciate the ability to easily remove all of the pulp and seeds. Priced to fit any budget, it is easy to get all of your recommended daily minerals and vitamins with this manual juicer.

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