How to Buy a Top Manual Pencil Sharpener


Although today there are so many digital means for writing and creating art, pencils still remain the tool of choice for many, in a classroom or at home. Pencils, however, need to have well sharpened tips in order for you to be able to draw clear lines or write in a legible manner. If you want to keep your pencils sharp and useful, what you need most is a reliable pencil sharpener. Manual models are still very popular today, and there are many manufacturers dedicated to making improved pencil sharpeners you can use every day. The following guide is intended to help you save time and money when searching for a manual pencil sharpener.

Best Manual Pencil Sharpener

Sturdy construction

First things first, many of the best manual pencil sharpener reviews today praise units that are made of sturdy materials and are put together to last. The most loved models are those made of metal, because they offer the required durability for sharpening pencils for years to come. A sturdy construction, however, depends on more than just the material. A good and reliable base must be provided so that the pencil sharpener doesn’t move from the table during the operation.



The quality of the blade is, without a doubt, essential for a good quality pencil sharpener. Without very sharp blades, any manual pencil sharpener quickly becomes difficult to use and the results will be less than satisfactory. Check the model you intend to purchase for the quality of the blade and the possibility to remove it in order to clean it and to replace it. This aspect will definitely prolong the lifespan of your manual pencil sharpener.


Number of uses

It is good to know that your pencil sharpener will serve you for years to come. Although not an important investment, since even the top rated manual pencil sharpeners 2019 are sold for very reasonable prices, a good model will offer you the certainty that your pencils will stay well sharpened all the time. Having to change your pencil sharpener can be frustrating, so pick one that offers at least a few thousands of uses guaranteed.



Last, but not least, it is important for a pencil sharpener to be able to handle all kinds of pencil diameters and shapes. With so many different pencils sold on the market today, it could be a letdown for many to find that their pencil sharpeners cannot handle round or hexagonal pencils. Also, a model capable of being mounted both horizontally and vertically can prove very useful depending on the setup of your office or classroom. Models with adjustable hole guides are the most appreciated at the moment.


Top Rated Manual Pencil Sharpeners in 2019


If you are searching for a manual pencil sharpener, it will serve you to know that there are several models on the market that are highly appreciated by users. They are all highly reliable, they can handle various types of pencils and they offer you the best results so your pencils never remain dull and unusable.


X-Acto Model KS Pencil Sharpener


1.X-Acto Model KS Pencil SharpenerOne of the most appreciated manual pencil sharpeners on the market is the X-Acto Model KS Pencil Sharpener. Made entirely of steel, it is equipped with a strong construction that will not let you down when your pencils are in need of some serious sharpening. Its blades are made of hardened steel, and the model can be mounted on a desk or on a wall; the manufacturer provides the necessary screws for the operation, so you don’t have to worry about that. With a 10 year warranty attached, the X-Acto Model KS Pencil Sharpener can be easily considered the best manual pencil sharpener 2019.

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Carl A-5 Angel Classic Manual Pencil Sharpener


2.Carl A-5 Angel Classic Manual Pencil SharpenerMany people prefer a manual pencil sharpener that is very quiet, because they do not want to disturb the peace of an office or a classroom, whenever they need to sharpen their pencils. The Carl A-5 Angel Classic Manual Pencil Sharpener is everything they need, packed in a stylish design. Besides its quiet operation, this unit also has a few features that are worth mentioning. The model will automatically stop its operation, when the pencil will be sharpened to perfection, so you don’t have to worry about over-sharpening. Usable for 5,000 uses, the cutter on this model can be removed and replaced when the need arises.

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Bostitch MPS1-BLK Metal Manual Pencil Sharpener


3.Bostitch Metal Manual Pencil SharpenerIn case you are looking for a pencil sharpener that is going to be used by many people, going for the Bostitch Metal Manual Pencil Sharpener is a very good choice. Antimicrobial protected, the unit will not allow microbes and bacteria to develop on its surface, even when used by a lot of people. Its dual cutter technology ensures a long lifespan for this pencil sharpener, and even when the blades become dull, they can be replaced with ease. Equipped with the Tip Saver technology, it does not allow your pencils to over sharpen and break.

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Sanford 51131CX Giant Pencil Sharpener


4.Sanford 51131CX Pencil SharpenerAnother model often mentioned by the best manual pencil sharpener reviews is the Sanford 51131CX. A great looking pencil sharpener for the classroom, it offers all the necessary features desired in a heavy duty unit. With the help of the six position guide you will be able to sharpen all kinds of pencils, regardless of their size, and if you have a lot of pencils to sharpen, the wide receptacle will come in handy, since it will hold more shavings than an average model. Any pencil you decide to sharpen with this tool will come out great, since the unit does not allow over-sharpening.

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Desert Song Manual Pencil Sharpener


5.Desert Song Manual Pencil SharpenerAre you looking for a manual pencil sharpener that always delivers perfection? You should look no further than the Desert Song Manual Pencil Sharpener that comes equipped with a sturdy construction and all the features you need in such a tool. The good news is that the sharpener operates quietly, so no one will be disturbed when someone else is using it. This portable unit is a good choice for both offices and classrooms and its cutting blade resists up to 5,000 uses; you can replace it afterwards, in order to prolong the lifespan of this simple to use device.

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