In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best manual razors? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best manual razors on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, prices, and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Smoothere Double Edge Safety Razor is the best because it comes in an attractive, small travel case with a reserve of five blades and it has a rigid, anti-grip handle that ensures firm control over its movements. The handle can be unscrewed off the head of the razor, making it simple to replace the blade. Moreover, the user reviews are vouching for this razor’s top quality close wet shave and its ease of use even by those with little to no experience in shaving with a manual razor. The whole kit is one of the most affordable manual razor kits for sale, and the manufacturer ensures refunds or replacement. If the Smoothere Double Edge kit is out of stock, you could consider the Shaveology Double Edge Safety Razor kit as the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product No. of blades Price Safety razor Handle type Our Rating Where to buy

Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide

5 $$$$ No Ergonomic With Enhanced Grips A+ AMAZON

Feather Double Edge

2 $$$ No Polymer A AMAZON

Microtouch One

12 $$$ YES Chrome B AMAZON

Bombex Double Edge

10 $$$ YES Metal B+ AMAZON

Rosallini Silver Tone

1 $$ YES Metal C AMAZON



Buying Guide


Say after you’ve thoroughly analyzed the manual razor vs. electric razor pros and cons, you’ve ultimately decided to go with the classic manual shaving instrument. If you’re new to this practice, choosing a good razor might prove complicated, especially for men with sensitive skin, and you would spend hours researching on the internet or calling up older relatives or friends to ask around for advice. We’ve compiled a list of the main features that characterize manual razors, in hope of making your decision process faster and less stressful.

Best Double Edge Safety Razor Kit by Shaveology

Type of razor

Manual shaving can be done using three types of razors. What sets them apart is mainly the need of disposal for some of its parts. The most commonly used manual razor nowadays is the cartridge razor, which has a disposable head which usually houses multiple blades. This type of razor is cheap, easy to find in any store and is also very easy to use. It’s light and cleans fast, but has two major inconveniences. Firstly, you have to be prepared with a spare cartridge all the time and the lack of care when using a multi-blade can lead to cuts and rashes as the first blades lift the hair and the others cut it lower and lower, sometimes reaching the first layer of skin.

Safety razors are another type of manual shaving gear that are still in use today. They consist of a blade with one or both of its sides being exposed, hence the single and double safety razor alternatives. They have a safety comb placed underneath the blade, which protects the skin at every swipe by lifting the hair and keeping the blade at a chosen distance from the skin.

A less common type of razor is the straight one, which many of you probably only had the chance to see in movies or at the barbershop. They still exist, and you can purchase them if you like a challenge. This razor has one long, handle-attached blade that goes directly to your skin and is known for its remarkable close shave. Now, you can either go with the cut throat or the shavette options, the latter of which has a disposable blade.


Ease of use

The ease of use of a razor depends on two main factors, its weight and how easy it allows movement on the skin surface. Of course, handling a razor isn’t a form of heavy-lifting, but the heavier the instrument, the faster your hand will start to feel tired, so it will take more time and more effort to get a clean shave. On the contrary, a razor that is too light might force you to apply more pressure, enhancing the risk of hurting your skin. Cartridge razors usually have plastic handles, making them the lightest type of razor, while safety razors are a little heavier.

Because the cartridge razor is more predisposed to clogging, you will probably need to pass over the same area twice, which can lead to irritations. But cuts appear more often when using a safety razor, because its head is rigidly fixed on the handle, allowing no adjustment of the cutting angle.

Smoothere Double Edge Safety Razor Kit


Other considerations influence the cost of a razor aside from the name of the manufacturer and the quality of the materials used. Having a disposable, easy-clogging cartridge means you will have to replace it every 4-5 shavings, and this will add up in time to the initial cost of the razor. A safety razor, on the contrary, will last much, much more, with only the blade having to be replaced, which will mean a smaller added cost. A newly bought safety razor will have a higher price that a cartridge one, but when you sum up the additional replacement purchases, you might change your view on its cost-efficiency.



Top Rated Manual Razors in 2019


Taking all this into consideration, one must ask himself which are the characteristics he needs more from a shaving instrument. Is it low price, faster shaving or better skin protection? We have tried to find which models yield better to all of these requirements, and the best manual razors are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Smoothere Double Edge Safety


1.Smoothere Double Edge Safety Razor Kit

With a zinc alloy core coated with chrome, this safety razor’s handle is anti-grip secured, while the head is provided with micro-combs which reduce cut and irritation risk. This model is a 4-ounce weighted instrument that you can easily maneuver and carry around with the help of the small, stylish travel case. It also comes with five quality blades and amongst its other advantages are the lifetime warranty, rigid handle for a firm, fast pass and the more that affordable price. Not to mention this is one of the best rated manual razors in its category.


Buy from Amazon for ($17.99)




Shaveology Double Edge Safety


2.Best Double Edge Safety Razor Kit by Shaveology

This pricier but not less qualified safety razor kit brings you five additional blades, a leader edge protection, and a polishing cloth. The handle is made out of acrylic polymer, with chrome pieces in the essential points, which might be a downside as some people might find it too smooth for a steady grip. On the other hand, its 4-ounce weight and the non-rigid handle make it usable on many body areas, including for shaving your head or legs. This model too has a lifetime warranty, but the favorable reviews lead us to believe product replacement or refund will be a seldom request.


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Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide


The Gillette Fusion Pro-glide Manual Razor Blade Refills are the #1 dermatologist-recommended shaving tools in the best manual razor reviews. The enhanced Lubrastrip is ideal for men who have sensitive skin,as it is infused with skin-protecting mineral oil and lubricating polymers that help the razor glide smoothly over the skin, giving an advanced level of closeness while protecting from irritation. The manual razor blade fits handles with Flex Ball Technology, enhancing the power of the entire system to provide a truly consistent and nick-free shaving. The low-force cutting blades are outfitted with fine, thin edges plus a revolutionary, low-drag coating to cut through hair without effort.


Buy from Amazon for ($20.95)




Feather Double Edge


This is undoubtedly the best manual razor 2019 due to the two high stainless blades that provide unparalleled cutting performance to exceed any other similar product in this category. You can’t get a better shave than what the Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor offers. Loading the blade is easy and problem-free. Simply twist the knob on the handle of the throat to open the razor head, load the blade into the correct position, and twist close to lock. You are now ready to enjoy the smoothest and closest shave possible.


Buy from Amazon for ($14.25)




Microtouch One


Handcrafted of solid brass, the chrome-plated Microtouch One Safety Razor offers a most terrific shave every time. It is the modern version of a timeless classic, employing the design of an authentic razor. Get a perfect shaving experience each time from this product that offers easy loading and hassle-free cleaning. The device comes with 12 pieces of top-quality Dorco Precision Replacement Blades and a top-of-the-line pedestal to make storage and access easy. Groom facial hair easily using just a single blade. No fuss, no complications. Just a consistently good shave!


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Bombex Double Edge


Get an extra-close shave each time with this chrome-finished razor acknowledged as the best manual razor 2019 by satisfied users. Offering good value for money, the BombexTM Double Edge Safety Razor is built with a metal handle that ensures an easy and sure grip. It comes with 10 stainless blades and a travel case to help you enjoy a smooth shave even when you leave home. The razor is engineered with a twist-to-open butterfly style that makes loading and cleaning always problem-free. The double-edge razor blades save you a lot of money from repeated purchases.


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Rosallini Silver Tone


Rosallini Silver ToneDesigned to work with a double edge blade, the Rosallini Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver is a convenient tool that handles the facial grooming needs of today’s modern man. It has a non-slip metal handle that ensures a safe and easy grip when shaving. This convenient tool is designed for guys with heavier facial hair growth. Replacing the blade is also easy thanks to the simple unscrewing and screwing of the handle using a seamless turn. The silver tone color gives a feeling of high quality dependable shaving every time from a classic tool.


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