Top Rated Megapixel IP Security Cameras in 2019


People tend to be watchful of their actions when they know they are being monitored, which makes the products highlighted in the best megapixel IP security camera reviews quite effective in crime deterrence. For residential and business owners, it is important to know the options they have to achieve optimum security for property.


Dahua Dome Network Security Surveillance CCTV Camera


Best Megapixel IP Security Camera ReviewsThe Dahua Dome Network Security Surveillance CCTV Camera is an impressive product rightfully belonging among the top choices in the best megapixel IP security camera reviews. The small size makes it a nimble security device that offers great image quality, terrific low light performance and well-organized menus. You can position it at an angle and it still maintains level shots.

The 2.8mm lens is wide enough to cover the entire front of a standard home. The camera offers 1080p high resolution images at a maximum of 15 frames per second up to three meters.

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Dahua IPC-HDW100s Dome Network Security Surveillance CCTV Camera


With clean and responsive menus, the Dahua IPC-HDW100s is a terrific model that definitely deserves to be the best megapixel IP security camera 2019. The noise reduction is ideal with minimal loss of detail. It is a solidly-built device that offers built-in illumination to enable clear perception of images even at night time. The Aptina CMOS sensor offers good performance in low light as well as excellent daytime quality.

Since everyone nowadays wants to have access to their security cameras from their Smart phones, the Dahua IPC-HDW100s comes with multiple network monitoring via web viewer, DMSS and CMS (DSS/PSS).

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Security Camera King IPOD-EL1MPIR50 Indoor/Outdoor Dome Network Security Camera


The IPOD-EL1MPIR50 Indoor/Outdoor model is a great choice as the best megapixel IP security camera 2019 due to its IP66 rating, which gives it weatherproof quality to enable both indoor and outdoor usage. The 1/3-inch progressive scan CMOS sensor is supplemented by the 3.6mm lens to enable

delivery of good quality images plus impressive performance even in low light.

Thanks to dual stream encoding and ample IR LEDs, the security camera can detect motion even in complete darkness, at a range of up to 60 feet away. It offers versatile power options via 12-volt DC or through Power over Ethernet.

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KaiCong Sip1501 CCTV+Network Dual Mode Camera


The KaiCong Sip1501 CCTV+Network Dual Mode Camera is built tough and weatherproof thanks to the double layers of glass that enable anti-dazzle and anti-fog properties. This means delivery of quality images remains consistent even when fog is present or when light strikes the glass. This two-in-one camera offers high-definition quality with impressive 1280 x 720 resolution.

The remarkable H.264 compression format ensures smaller streams with clearer images aside from a space-saving design and easy network transmission. Connection with DVR is possible so you can set up your preferred monitoring environment.

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GW Security Network Security Surveillance CCTV IP Camera


Employing advanced 1080p high resolution, this IP Camera from GW Security provides the best quality image for day and night surveillance. It is built with the latest 5 megapixel 1/2.5-inch CMOS image sensor to deliver resolution up to 2592 x 1920. The built-in 3.6mm HD lens is supplemented by the IR-CUT feature to provide wide-angle views.

Thanks to revolutionary infrared LD illumination, the camera enables recording of video at night. This camera has complete Power over Ethernet (PoE) set up so installation is clean and simple via just one cable.

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