If you’re here just  to find the best men cologne and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best men colognes on the market by looking at reviews from experts and buyers alike, sales figures, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Montblanc Legend came up as the absolute winner. Created to bring together the past and the future in a fragrance to define the modern man, this highly appreciate men cologne enjoys raving reviews from buyers. The name of a famous perfumer, Olivier Pescheux, is behind the stardom of the Montblanc Legend, and his skill in creating a harmony of contrasts by using sophisticated chemistry to combine hard notes with soft notes recommends this fragrance. Made in France, this men cologne comes from a manufacturer that has imposed as a trend setter for luxury items for men for nearly a century. If the Montblanc Legend is unavailable, you could also consider the Paco Rabanne 1 Million as the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Size Price Fragrance notes Recommended use Our Rating Where to buy

Mont Blanc Legend

3.3 oz $$$ Bergamot, Pineapple Leaf, Sandalwood And Tonka Bean Casual A+ AMAZON

Loris Azzaro Chrome

6.8 oz $$$$ Crisp, tangy citrus scent Casual A AMAZON

Nautica Voyage

3.4 oz $$ Amber, Apple, Drenched Mimosa and more Casual B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Picking a cologne is pretty much a personal choice, but one that you need to make with your head on your shoulders. While there are many interesting fragrances out there, you have to pick one brand and fragrance that truly recommends you. We collected the best men cologne reviews, so you can find one that truly fits your personality. Pay heed to our advice, to find out more about the things to keep in mind when you go shopping for men’s cologne.

Your personality

If you want your cologne to truly say something about you, it must, by all means, fit your personality. If you are the sporty type, your cologne should say something about this; in case you are the more the urban professional type of man, again, your choice in cologne should reflect this, as well. You may have to try plenty of fragrances until you will find the best men cologne 2019 that fits your taste and personality, but the search will be worth your while.


Cologne categories

While there are virtually hundreds of fragrances available to choose from, there are three main categories of cologne you should be aware of in your searches. There is the citrus category, used for fresh fragrances, a good choice for men who like being active. A second category is used for so called green fragrances, and these are a great option for men in favor of a sweeter smelling aroma. The last category is the spicy one; this is especially for fragrances considered classics, including the well known tobacco and leather ones.


Your lifestyle

Just like your personality, your cologne must reflect your lifestyle. Top rated men cologne reviews show classic fragrances always leading in consumers’ preferences, but this does not mean that you should just go with the flow when it comes to picking a cologne. Keep in mind that different situations may demand using a different cologne each time; for instance, you may want to try a different fragrance when you plan spending the night out. After all, you are not planning to project the same persona you do when at work, when you intend to have fun, right?



Top Rated Men Cologne in 2019


We want to help you pick the best cologne for your personality and lifestyle. The following colognes are the hottest right now and they are many men’s favorite. Most appreciated men cologne reviews indicate them as the most coveted at the moment, and men everywhere are opting for them as the best fragrances they can wear.


Our recommendations


Mont Blanc Legend


If the Gucci fragrance described above is a great fit for a man who bares all about his intentions to conquer the opposite sex, the Mont Blanc cologne veers more towards the classic charm of a gentleman. Considered by many to be the most popular men cologne 2019, it scores high in consumers’ preferences and it is a winning mix of fragrances that women love smelling on a man.

Fresh fern is used for the top notes, which are bright and lively, a great fit for a man who feels great in his own skin. Women love confidence in a man, and this fragrance spells exactly that. The woody floral tones used for the mid range are particularly magnetic, and the sandalwood creates an air of mystery around a man who knows how to play the seduction game.

This men cologne is also favored by many users because of its longevity. Many hours after applying it on your skin or clothes, it will still emit its luxurious, seductive fragrance that many women love. Mature men seem to prefer this fragrance over many others you can find in stores, because of its more classic undertones.


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Paco Rabanne 1 Million 



With a name that has the word “million” in it, it is hard not to imagine what exactly the designers of this glorious perfume had in mind upon its creation. The Paco Rabanne 1 Million talks the talk and walks the walk, as its striking appearance matches with a fragrance that last all day and makes any man feel confident in his seduction skills. Definitely a fragrance to wear while dating, and less likely to be a good choice when seeing your in-laws, the Paco Rabanne 1 Million is not afraid to show off. The bottle has one side that looks like solid gold, and what is hidden inside is the result of three important perfumers’ arduous work: Olivier Pescheux, Christophe Raynaud and Michel Girard.

When reading the description of the ingredients, you might expect a sweet smell, but this is far from being the truth. Less confident men would walk away from a fragrance that has rose in it, but not the targeted buyer for this men’s cologne from Paco Rabanne. Loved by women, the cologne spells luxury and confidence. Leather, caviar, vodka and passion fruit make this perfume stand out and along with it, the wearer. For casual use, there is hardly a better choice than this.


Buy from Amazon for ($59.12)




Nautica Voyage By Nautica



Among all the perfumes competing for the title of the best designer men’s cologne, the Nautica Voyage By Nautica earns a rightful place. Evoking images of sandy beaches, crystal blue skies and turquoise waves, this fragrance puts men exactly where they need to be: confronting nature and all its majestic powers. A great choice for men who love being active, without totally overlooking their romantic side, the Nautica Voyage By Nautica is the perfect opportunity for engaging in an adventure. Promoted by the TV host Caster Oosterhouse, well known for his passion for everything nautical, the fragrance invites all men to forget about the rules and regulations of a boring life.

The opening notes are apple and leaves, followed quickly by mimose at the center, combined with lotus and sailcloth accord. The base is woody, a blend of cedar, moss, musk and amber that defines the fragrance as solidly masculine. Launched in 2006, and created by Maurice Roucel, the Nautica Voyage By Nautica has already conquered many hearts all over the planet. A fragrance that is bold and sensitive, strong but breezy, at the same time, it is a great option to match with casual wear for summer days.


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Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani 



If you are looking for a strong fragrance suitable for older men, nothing is better than a classic. The Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani made quite a name for itself from the moment it was launched on the market. The famous designer house is well known for its classy, uncompromising creations and this fragrance is no exception to the rule. Rumor has it that Armani found his inspiration for this highly appreciated scent while visiting a quaint place called Pantellerie. His personal experience was at the foundation of a fragrance that later became iconic. Available in versions for men and women, it is among the most loved perfumes in the entire world.

The driving force behind the fragrance was Alberto Morillas who created it after Armani exposed his requirements of the new perfume that was going to shape up the famous Italian fashion house even more. The notes used are citrusy in nature, including orange, lime and mandarin. The sweetness of the fruits is toned down by the salty notes that recall pristine waters and sunny skies. Some say that this Giorgio Armani men’s cologne is like Mediterranean sun distilled and caught inside a bottle, and they just may be true, as so many people love this fragrance.


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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 



There are many ways in which one can test the fame of a men’s cologne, but when one receives official accolades, it is obviously worthy of being taken into consideration. The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is such an example, as in 2008, it earned the FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Men`s Luxe. Buyers, on the other hand, hurry to praise the fragrance, too. Among the many men’s colognes available for sale, it is clear that this creation from the famous Italian fashion house has earned its rightful place.

The peak notes of the perfume are based on mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot and juniper. For that reason, this is a great choice for casual wear. The mid notes consist of something spicy, to keep things interesting; pepper, rosemary and Brazilian rosewood, make the heart of this beloved fragrance. At the foundation, you will find the defining masculine scents of musk, incense and oak moss. Together, they make for a combination that is a winner in any perfumer’s book. Although fruity scents are used, the cologne does not fall into the trap of becoming too feminine and men absolutely love it.


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Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome


If you are looking for the best men cologne 2019, do not neglect taking this particular one into consideration. This is a fragrance intended mainly for an active man, ready for action and adventure, and not necessarily the sensual type. The citrusy smell is particularly favored by men who are into sports and like smelling fresh all the time. Mainly for casual use, rather than formal events, this is an everyday cologne that you will definitely like.

The quality of the fragrance is not to be underestimated either. Its longevity is more than adequate and the silage is subtle, enough to draw attention, but without being overwhelming. Unlike the fragrances described above, it is veered towards friendliness, rather than sensuality, and makes the man wearing it give signals that he is someone easy to talk to.

The sporty vibe it gives makes it successful with active men everywhere. If you are looking for a subtle fragrance, unassuming and unpretentious, while keep maintaining your image as a man who does not mind looking after himself, this fresh smelling Loris Azzaro men cologne described here is one of the best you can find right now.


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Products which are no longer available



Guilty By Gucci


An absolute favorite is, without a doubt, Guilty by Gucci. This men cologne is preferred by many consumers because its particular, exquisite fragrance, deemed by many best men cologne reviews as the most popular at the moment.

The fragrance is advertised as the best choice for the alpha male in you seeking to project his confidence and charisma on the outside by wearing a cologne that tells those around exactly what he wants them to know about his personality. Not exactly a classical combination, the mix of lemon, lavender and orange blossom is meant to be sensual and seductive. Ideal for the moments when you plan a night out and your main goal is to charm the ladies in your company, Guilty by Gucci is meant for the confident, powerful man who doesn’t hesitate to get what he wants.

The great looking bottle spells luxury and confidence, as well. Created with the male values in mind, the fragrance is favored by men worldwide, and it can be your best ally when you plan a sensual adventure.

You can never go wrong with Gucci as the Italian fashion house is an established trend setter not only in the world of fashion, but also for cologne and men fragrances.