What to Consider When Buying a Top Microwave Oven


A microwave oven can be used for everything from reheating cold leftovers, to thawing and cooking entire meals. The small kitchen appliance is often more convenient and faster than a conventional oven, and can dramatically reduce the amount of dishes you have to wash after eating. With so many different models to choose from finding the best microwave oven in 2019 can be confusing, which is why we included the following helpful tips in this informative buying guide.

A. Microwave oven


According to the best microwave oven reviews you first need to decide what type of appliance will work best in your kitchen. Solo microwave ovens can reheat, cook, and thaw all of your food items, along with performing the other basic functions. These microwave ovens are usually affordably priced, and feature a compact size that is perfect for smaller kitchens. Convection microwave ovens also include a function for baking, and are generally priced higher than the other models. Some microwave ovens also include a function for grilling, but it won’t give your food the same robust, smoky flavor as a standard backyard grill.


Necessary Features

The best microwave oven reviews recommend choosing a model with an automatic sensor, which can prevent food from overcooking. Microwave ovens with a higher wattage typically have faster cooking times, but this will also affect its size. The controls should be durable and easy to read, and many of the best microwave ovens in 2019 also include preprogrammed keys for convenience. Multi stage cooking functions are ideal if you are planning on heating entire meals in the microwave, and you also want to find one that features automatic defrost.


Extra Functions

Some of the best microwave oven reviews suggest choosing an appliance that also includes a child lock. Usually provided in the form of a digital code, this can prevent dangerous accidents. Some microwave ovens also include functions that will combine different modes of heating for an even faster heating time, and some of the larger models include extra racks for cooking food on two levels.


Top Rated Microwave Ovens in 2019


While we can’t pick the best appliance for your kitchen, we can show you the top rated microwave ovens for 2019. Each of these models will cook or heat your food thoroughly and evenly, and are convenient and easy to use. Perhaps one of these microwave ovens is exactly what you need in your kitchen.


Panasonic NN-SN933B Microwave Oven


This compact kitchen appliance might make you forget that you own a conventional oven, with its fast and powerful cooking ability. The sleek black finish blends in beautifully with your other kitchen appliances, and it features a large interior that is perfect for cooking full meals. The one push button smoothly opens the door, and the control panel is easy to read.

You have the advantage of the inverter technology that will quickly defrost and evenly cook food, and it also helps to prevent meat from drying out. With 1250 watts of power you can easily cook entire meals, and the rotating plate helps to ensure that everything is evenly heated. There are keys that can be preprogrammed for simply and convenient use, and you also have the advantage of the preset buttons for popcorn and quick 60 second heating.

With 10 power levels to choose from there is very little that you can’t cook in this microwave. The automatic sensor helps to prevent food from overcooking, and it can be set according to what you are heating. This larger microwave oven is design to be easy to use, and includes all of the functions you need to cook complete meals for you and your family.

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Westinghouse WCM660W Counter Top Microwave Oven


2. Westinghouse WCM660WThis compact microwave is designed for smaller kitchens, and fits beautifully on most counter tops. The white color is clean and modern, and blends in with most kitchen appliances. The door handle is easy to pull open and it shuts with an audible click, so you know that it is tightly closed even when you are not using it. The microwave can be quickly wiped down, and the rotating plate can be removed for easy cleaning. Large enough to hold most dinner plates, the microwave is perfect for heating up leftovers and thawing frozen food items.

You have the advantage of 6 power levels which gives you plenty of options for heating up various dishes, and the two control knobs are durable and easy to turn. Choose the level heat and cooking time, and you also have the advantage of the warning noise at the end of the cycle. This prevents food from growing cold and forgotten in the microwave, and ensures that everything tastes hot and delicious.

Easy to use and durable, this microwave oven is perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments. It includes all of the basic functions you need to heat and thaw almost anything, and its affordable price means that this microwave oven can fit any budget.

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Sharp Carousel R-331ZS Countertop Microwave Oven


3. Sharp Carousel R-331ZSIf you love the professional and elegant look of stainless steel appliances this might be the perfect microwave oven for your kitchen. The stainless steel construction is elegant and durable, and this model is designed to fit easily on your kitchen countertop. The control panel is easy to use and navigate, and you also have the advantage of the brightly lit LED clock and timer.

There are 11 power levels to choose from, and several timed programs for cooking various food items. There are several different automatic and one touch functions for to choose from, and the rotating table ensures that everything is cooked evenly. There is also a timer for defrosting according to weight, and the microwave is also designed to be safe around small children.

This convenient appliance includes a safety lock that will prevent curious children from accidents and injuries, and the microwave is also easy to clean. Perfect for heating up leftovers or warming milk for infants, this powerful 1,000 watt microwave will make it easy to cook nutritious and delicious meals for your family.

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