How to Choose the Best Minimalist Running Shoes


If you love feeling the ground underneath your feet but are not quite ready to run barefoot, a pair of minimalist running shoes might be just what you need. These lightweight shoes provide a little protection from bumps and rocks, while still giving you the feeling of running barefoot. Before you buy a pair of minimalist running shoes there are a few factors to consider, and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the right footwear for your feet.

Best Minimalist Running Shoes


The best minimalist running shoes reviews state that you want to find a pair that is constructed from lightweight and breathable materials. Mesh uppers help to promote cooling air flow, and can prevent feet from becoming hot and sweaty during the run. Synthetic materials are generally considered more durable, and are often designed to flex and move with your foot. You also want the sole to be constructed from thin rubber to provide  minimal protection and traction. You also want the material to be comfortable since most minimalist shoes are designed to be worn without socks.


Heel Drop

Since these are minimalist running shoes there should be a zero to 4mm heel drop. This allows you to feel the ground while you are running, and prevents the shoes from interfering with the natural placement of your feet. While the best minimalist running shoes in 2019 do not have a stacked heel, some athletes may need the slight height difference to prevent foot and ankle injuries.



Some of the best minimalist running shoe reviews state that a little cushioning can prevent painful injuries, but you do not want enough that it weighs you down. You also don’t want the cushioning to interfere with the natural feel of the road. Gel or foam padding can give you the shock absorbing protection you need, along with providing minimal support. This can also help prevent painful injuries since the foot bed features a flat design.


Top Rated Minimalist Running Shoes in 2019


While we can’t choose the right footwear for you, we can show you the top rated minimalist running shoes for 2019. These athletic shoes are designed to let you feel the ground when you are running, while still providing you with enough protection and comfort to prevent painful injuries.


Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe


1.Merrell Men's Vapor MinimalistThere is very little not to like about this pair of minimalist running shoes, including its sleek and stylish design. These shoes are designed to let you feel the trail beneath your feet as you are running, while still providing support and comfort. The lightweight construction won’t cause leg fatigue and can even help improve your running stance and foot placement.

The lightweight shoes are constructed from synthetic materials that form to the contours of your feet. This provides you with a comfortable fit that even feels great when you are running without socks. The breathable material also helps to prevent sweat and odors from forming, which can be a problem with barefoot runners. The shoes also feature a mesh and polyurethane upper to help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

You will appreciate the flexible rubber sole that moves with your feet, and won’t restrict your natural movements. There is also a Vibram outsole to give you the traction you need on hills and slick terrain. The front lacing closure helps to ensure a comfortable fit, and will also provide additional support. Perfect for runners who want to feel the trail but still protect their feet, it is easy to see why these minimalist running shoes are a favorite with barefoot enthusiasts.

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New Balance Men’s MR00 Minimus Road Running Shoe


2.New Balance Men's MR00 Minimalist Running ShoesFeaturing a bright and stylish design, these minimalist running shoes will catch your attention. The shoes are designed for barefoot runners who want to feel the ground, but still need a little support and comfort. The synthetic material will form to the contours of your feet to provide light injury preventing support, and the shoes also feature a lightweight construction that can help you improve your running times.

These minimalist shoes are perfect for running off road and on the track, and every aspect of the footwear is designed to help you improve your performance. The lightweight and durable construction won’t cause leg fatigue or slow you down when you are on a timed run, and the synthetic material will help promote cooling air flow.

Along with helping to keep feet cool and comfortable, the shoes also feature lightweight foam cushioning. The foam won’t interfere with the feel of the road, but it will help to absorb some impact shock. You will also appreciate the synthetic sole that provides just enough traction on and off the track. Featuring a zero heel to toe differential and an affordable price, these minimalist running shoes might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Tesla Men’s BareTrek 30 Minimalist Shoe


3.Tesla Men's BareTrek 30With a zero heel to toe differential you can experience all of the benefits of barefoot running, without having to leave your shoes at home. These minimalist shoes are designed for runners who aren’t ready to jog without footwear, and feature just enough support and cushioning to prevent painful injuries.

The flat design helps to keep pressure off of your feet, and the lightweight construction prevents foot and leg fatigue. You will also appreciate the mesh upper that provides plenty of cooling air flow, and can prevent embarrassing foot odors. The synthetic material will form to the contours of your feet, and these shoes are comfortable enough to easily wear without socks.

You will appreciate the thin midsole that is capable of providing comfortable support, along with helping to absorb painful impact shock that can cause painful injuries. The shoes also feature a front lacing closure for added support, and the rubber sole gives you the right amount of traction on slick surfaces. Enjoy feeling the ground beneath your feet while you are running, and still get the comfortable support you need. You will also love how easy these minimalist shoes are to keep clean.

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