Things to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw Stand


If you’re here, you’re probably looking for the best miter saw stand in 2019. We’re glad you’ve decided to purchase one. Since we know that customers can get confused because of the large variety of models that now exist on the market, we’ve taken the time to put together a short yet informative buying guide. The following details will help you to understand just what you need to look for in a miter saw stand. Whenever you have the chance, read as much info as time allows you to.

A.Best miter saw stand

Consider the weight and size

Weight and size are important because you’ll need to use the stand in a certain space. Measure your space and look at the ones of the product you want to buy. The size and weight of the machinery you’ll be using is also crucial.


Supportive capacity

Most units nowadays are more than capable of holding a couple hundred pounds. Just to be on the safe side, though, we recommend having a look at this detail as well. With better construction comes better capacity. For example, a stand of which the construction is made with steel will be considerably more durable and sturdy than any other of its counterparts.


Price and warranty

These things don’t come cheap. Better safe than sorry, which in this case means you’re best spending a couple more bucks on a dependable stand manufactured by a reputable brand instead of choosing cheap and needing to buy another unit only a year after. Respectable manufacturers, such as Dewalt and Bosch, generally offer warranties of at least 3 years, and some companies go as far as ensuring the servicing aside from replacing faulty parts or units at no cost for the consumer.



All things considered, the opinion of other people who have bought a certain model before you actually matters a lot. Furthermore, the individuals who have run into some kind of a problem will express their dissatisfaction bluntly, thus letting you know exactly what you might experience if you choose a specific unit. Other buyers periodically update their reviews and post updates related to the life of the product and this is yet another aspect that’s worth knowing.


Top Rated Miter Saw Stands in 2019


To make matters easier and to turn your buying journey into a breeze, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed units on the market. The following have gathered the best miter saw stand reviews we’ve come across and are generally thought of as being the top rated miter saw stands of 2019.


Dewalt DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand


1.Dewalt DWX726Dewalt has been in the business of manufacturing home improvement units for a very long time. The company’s known for its high-quality products and for treating customers with respect.

This stand isn’t an exception when it comes to product quality. It can be adjusted easily on account of the mounting rails it comes with. This particular feature makes it a perfect fit for any miter saw. The maximum capacity of this unit is 300 pounds and this is mostly due to the tubular steel construction of the stand.

This Dewalt saw and planer stand provides versatility and mobility, as it has wide rubber wheels and can be conveniently folded. For instance, the width of the tool while extended is 98 inches, and while folded is 59.5 inches. In the same way, the height of the tool while extended is 32.5 inches, and the folded one is only 17 inches. If you’re not doing well in matters of storage space, you’re probably looking for this model. The entire weight of the Dewalt DWX726 is 25 pounds.

The manufacturers are offering a 3-year warranty on this item.

Considering its flexibility and practicality, it comes as no surprise that this stand has managed to gather some of the best miter saw stand reviews out there.

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Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand


2.Bosch T4BCompared to the aforementioned Dewalt model, the Bosch T4B is a tad more expensive. Quality is pricey, but it’s worth it. The unit has a patented gravity rise system which gives a helping hand to users who always struggle with setting up and breaking down any saw stand. This model is so easy to handle that all one has to do is turn the release lever and the stand will lock the saw into working position.

As is the case with the previously described unit, this one is made with heavy duty powder coated tubular steel. It has 8-inch pneumatic wheels that perform well on any kind of terrain. The rapid-release tool mounts work both with Bosch miter saws and with the ones of the competitors of the brand and they are the ones that are responsible with quickly attaching and detaching the saw from the stand.

The leveling feet along with the repetitive stops turn the Bosch T4B into a quite convenient alternative that can be utilized for a large number of application and with a wide array of miter saws.

The unit has gathered a whopping 82% in positive reviews, with more than 150 people claiming that it is a 5-star product.

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Folding Miter Saw Stand PM-4000 Portamate


3.Folding Miter Saw StandThis HTC stand is among the most affordable ones we’ve stumbled upon during our research. Considering its price, it is amazing that it has received the wide appreciation of so many American customers. This is a heavy duty 36-inch stand that has been coated with a steel finish. The folding legs can be adjusted and conveniently stored according to the user’s needs. Although they’re so versatile, they provide enough stability while the stand is being utilized.

In the eyes of some customers, this might look like a pretty basic alternative, and the low price might give them the wrong idea about the product quality. The bottom line is that this is a hassle-free stand that speaks to the needs of amateurs and professional contractors. People are advised that this is a stand that has a supporting capacity of 500 pounds. With the two material supports it comes with, the stand can support up to 116-inch of material.

The whole weight of the item is 30.2 pounds.

Unlike its predecessors, this HTC unit comes with a warranty of only 1 year.

More than 170 people were impressed with the quality of this stand and provided positive reviews, where they stated that the stand exceeded their expectations.

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