If you are here just to find the best moisture meter and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best moisture meters available for sale these days by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, and the overall brand quality of hundreds of options. Out of all the products we have considered during our research, the Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D is the best as it can measure moisture levels ranging from 6% and 45% and seems to be the top choice if you want to buy such a unit for wood. Although its capabilities with regard to other materials might be limited, the Lignomat does precisely what it has been designed to do; the neat thing about it is that it is built to last thanks to the high-quality materials involved in its construction. If the Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D is out of stock, you could consider the Stihl Wood Digital as it is the second best choice and performs almost just as well as the previously mentioned one.




Buying Guide


If you’ve reached this web page, you’re probably looking for the best moisture meter of 2019. Since we’re here to help you, we’ll make sure you get all the information you need to make a valid choice, one that you don’t regret later on. Just remember, some minutes spent reading best moisture meter reviews can help you make up your mind on a model that’s truly worth your pennies.

Exactly what type of moisture meter are you looking for?

You can hear about this line of products from various people. They can go from construction workers to hardcore gardeners. Whatever your reason, you have to know that you generally can’t use a concrete moisture meter for measuring the moistness level of the ground. Other types of meters are used in building inspection and even in measuring the dampness level of paper and wood.

All of these products are different, which is why you simply need to know what you’re looking for.


Can you measure anything aside from moisture, with a specialized meter?

In a nutshell, you can. For instance, devices that are traditionally used in gardening can be 3-in-1 items. Therefore, they can grant you with levels of pH, light and soil moisture. Most of these products come with rechargeable batteries. These ones come in two shapes – some meters might feature their own, internal rechargeable battery, whereas others will require the use of external batteries.


Moisture meters: indoor or outdoor use

Something other that makes the difference between one moisture meter and another is the environment they should be used in. It goes without saying that keeping the batteries inside an item that’s not frequently used can endanger its overall working capacity. However, indoor and outdoor meters have different requirements and it’s up to you to detailly check the best moisture meter reviews to understand which one’s which.


How accurate are moisture meters?

For gardeners, something useful to consider would be to joi the local agriculture group, so they learn which moisture meter best fits the type of soil they’ll be using it on. For individuals that want to use their meters on concrete or wood, it’s a pretty safe guess to presume that these devices are as accurate as they can get.


Top Rated Moisture Meters in 2019


Our recommendations


Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D


This Lignomat model is among the top rated moisture meters of 2019, and it’s really no wonder why that is. First of all, it comes at an amazingly friendly price and can frequently be found to cost less than $150. Next up, many customers claim it’s among the most accurate products of the line. Moreover, it comes with a moisture range that’s more or less wide.  The device is capable of measuring between moisture levels between 6 and 45%.

One thing’s worth mentioning. You should choose this moisture meter if you’re looking for the top quality variant in wood moisture meters. Don’t try to use it for anything else, because there’s a high probability it won’t work.

As for sturdiness, you don’t have to worry about anything with this one. It was developed using high-impact plastic and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Let’s now see what customers say about the product. According to more than 20 individuals, it’s a 5-star item. Various people praise its easiness of use, and some even claim it couldn’t get simpler than this. Some others insist that it must be used along a wood comparison chart, because it does provide accurate measurements, but wood moisture largely differs from one type to another.


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Stihl Wood Digital


Also a moisture meter typically employed for measuring wood, this one’s also among the top choices in best moisture meters of today’s market. Surprisingly enough, it’s even cheaper than the Lignomat we’ve mentioned above. With a price of less than $50, it would really be difficult to say no to this meter. The device can measure moisture levels between 6 and 42%.

The package it comes in includes a manual and some batteries.

Something that sets it aside from other models of products belonging to the same line is the fact that it’s equipped with an LCD, which allows you to rapidly visualize the accurate level of moisture.

The model is said to be perfect for measuring the dampness of firewood. Firewood is known to burn when its moisture level is below 20%.

The device has received some of the best moisture meter reviews. Some people were impressed by the speed of delivery offered by Stihl, what with the item coming all the way from Germany. Some other individuals speak highly of its price/quality ratio. According to them, they couldn’t be more satisfied of a different wood moisture meter. To quote from a yet another satisfied buyer, the meter’s the bee’s knees.


Buy from Amazon for ($28.61)




Wagner MMC220


1-wagner-mmc220The Wagner is one of the most critically acclaimed models we’ve found during our research but that should not come as a surprise given the fact that this product costs less than four hundred dollars. While this price point might be a little off-putting for people on a budget, we couldn’t help noticing that the applications for which the Wagner MMC220 can be utilized are close to infinite. Therefore, the model seems to be one of the top rated choices for home inspection as it makes for a great alternative for different kinds of wood.

Besides, it is worth noting that the Wagner is backed by a 7-year manufacturer’s guarantee, which makes it close to impossible for owners to run into some sort of problem before they have the option of replacing or returning the product and subsequently getting a refund. The people who have purchased the Wagner MMC220 speak highly of its capabilities and underline that this is one of the most user-friendly moisture meters out there as it does not require a high degree of technical expertise on the part of owners. In spite of the fact that it is less affordable compared to some of its competitors, it is worth every cent as it is accurate and capable of excellent performance.


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General Tools MMD4E


2-general-tools-mmd4eIt would have been nearly impossible to avoid including the MMD4E on the list because it is one of the most reasonably priced alternatives we’ve come across during our entire research. If you don’t have a big budget and can’t afford to spend more than fifty to one hundred dollars on a moisture meter, perhaps it is high time you check out the specs of the General Tools MMD4E. For one, it is considerably more versatile when compared to many other products in the line as it is capable of doing its job in subflooring, concrete drywall, as well as wood. Basically, you won’t have to get a different unit for various areas in your home. Secondly, the usefulness of this unit cannot be denied as it gives potential homeowners or people prospecting the market for a new home the opportunity to check the moisture content of the wood before buying it.

The product is capable of measuring the moisture of wood between 5 to 50% and any other materials between 1.5 and 33%. The instructions provided along with the product are straightforward and make it easy for users to learn the basics of utilizing the moisture meter.


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Amprobe MT-10


If you’re looking for the best moisture meter reviews, sooner or later you’re bound to read customers’ opinions on this device. Also coming with a generously friendly price, the item is different from the classic meter we’ve been accustomed to. Why do you think that is? It’s completely special, considering the fact that it can measure the moisture of various fabrics and materials, such as paper, concrete, lumber and even plaster.

This feature makes it one of the most versatile moisture meters on the market today. Its accuracy is exceptional and it’s capable of discovering levels between 8 and 60% moisture. It also comes with a preinstalled 9V battery. To protect the life of the battery, manufacturers have designed the device to automatically shut off after having been unused for more than one minute.

The Amprobe MT-10 comes with an intuitive LED backlit display, that’s more than easy to read even by older people.

Yet what are customers saying about the item? According to some, it’s a respectable moisture meter. Some others insist on claiming that its build isn’t exactly top-notch, but the same individuals admit it does a great job of measuring dampness of various materials.


Buy from Amazon for ($50.95)