How to Select a Top Monitor Stand


Giving you a comfortable viewing height, the units highlighted in the best monitor stand reviews enable you to lower or raise the monitor to an ergonomically correct position. With a quality monitor stand, you won’t have to tilt your head or neck at uncomfortable angles, so you stay productive even for extended periods. To ensure you have a premium quality monitor stand, take note of what features to check out in your purchase.

Best monitor stand

Full and Easy Adjustability

What distinguishes the highly rated units in the best monitor stand reviews is their full and effortless adjustability. With a completely adjustable unit, your monitor can be easily placed at an ergonomic height so your line of sight is at or near the top of the screen.

Some models provide effortless rotation of the monitor around a pole to enable other people to view presentations and various multimedia from virtually any direction. They even provide support to two monitors at once, with the ability to move side to side, rotate, tilt and adjust the tension. Others have stacking columns that enable you to add or reduce height easily. Some models come with a hydraulic system for height adjustment.


Ease of Installation

The top rated monitor stands 2019 do not require the brain of an Einstein to be installed successfully. Some models are equipped with an easy-to-install desk clamp to hold the monitor stand securely in place on the work desk. They can be assembled in minutes. The necessary hardware for installation should come in the package. The monitor stand should require no drilling of holes into the countertop or desk.

Others carry a basic style with a bare base or shelf supported by stacking columns. Fixed height monitor stands are ideal standing desk accessories that simply elevate the monitor or even a laptop to a comfortable viewing position.

No matter what type or style of monitor stand you go for, make sure it serves its purpose and will not create more problems for you in the long run.


Quality Construction

The best monitor stand 2019 should boast quality construction. Most best selling models come with a durable metal construction and strong mounting hardware. Fixed height monitor stands can be made of strong plastic, powder-coated steel or really thick glass.

The feet should be non-skid to ensure stability on any surface. The platform should be wide and strong enough to support the monitor.

For models with stackable columns, it is essential that adding more columns will not affect the stability of the stand.



Some monitor stands can serve multiple purposes such as for laptops, TVs, printers, DVD players, stereos and gaming consoles. They should serve to support the full weight of the item placed on them and some other elements in excess. Some models come with storage trays where you can place work staples including pens, clips and a notepad.


Top Rated Monitor Stands in 2019


Buying a monitor stand can be as daunting as buying a monitor, since there are factors that need to be considered. To ensure a great buy, you should do some decent reading. If that isn’t for you, we suggest getting any one of these five products that should prove to be terrific buys.


Tyke Supply Dual Monitor Stand


1.Tyke Supply Monitor StandThe Tyke Supply Monitor Stand is capable of supporting two monitors at once. You can easily and fully adjust the space between the monitors to your preference. This easy-to-install, durable, metal monitor stand sets up in minutes, so you can be up and going in no time. The Double-Link Swing Arm provides an elevated and secure placement of two flat-screen monitors so you can free up your work or desk space to accommodate only the essentials. The settings for tension, height, side-to-side, tilt and rotation ensure that you can obtain a comfortable and genuinely productive viewing position to help reduce back and neck strain as well as eye fatigue.

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3M Monitor Stand


2.3M Monitor StandThis Adjustable Monitor Stand from 3M boasts a modern design using stacking columns that enable you to customize the height of your monitor according to your preference. There is ample clearance between the stackable columns, for lots of room to accommodate a small laptop or essential supplies underneath the platform. The non-skid column base offers table support for up to 80 pounds so you can position your monitor or other electronic device while you’re at work. Optimize your workspace with this adjustable monitor stand with a contemporary black design and cool silver columns.

Supporting printers, monitors and other work devices, the 3M monitor stand is a versatile piece of gear.

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Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand


3.Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor StandAble to support up to 40 pounds, the Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand is equipped with a clean, contemporary design that elevates your monitor 4 inches to an ergonomically correct and comfortable viewing height, effectively reducing neck and back strain and eye fatigue. The Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand works well not only for monitors but also for printers, laptops, gaming consoles, TVs, stereos and DVD players up to 18 kilograms. Its exceptional design is innovative enough to enable you to slide a keyboard underneath the platform, effectively keeping it out of the way.

The steel monitor stand has a powder-coated finish for resilience against corrosion and chipping.

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Monoprice 109434 Multi Media Desktop Stand


4.Monoprice 109434 Multi Media Desktop StandThe Monoprice 109434 Multi Media Desktop Stand gives you an extra lift by elevating your monitor to a comfortable viewing level so you won’t have to suffer from neck and back strain and eye fatigue from using your PC for extended periods. The stackable glass shelf serves as an added horizontal platform on which you can position you PC monitor, home audio equipment, laptop computer or any device that requires a flat and stable surface.

Made of tough 3/8-inch glass, the Monoprice 109434 Multi Media Desktop Stand is stabilized using 4 one-inch diameter aluminum legs that can be extended from their nominal 2.75-inch height to an extra 1-inch level at each corner to accommodate slightly uneven surfaces.

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Fellowes Designer Suites Monitor Riser


5.Designer Suites Monitor Riser by FellowesCapably supporting monitors up to 40 pounds heavy or 21 inches in size, the Fellowes Designer Suites Monitor Riser is equipped with three height adjustments to prevent neck and shoulder strain while working. The device elevates the monitor to an ergonomic viewing height while freeing up your workspace for more essential usage. This monitor stand comes with height adjustments up to 1 5/8 inches, placing your monitor between 4 3/8 inches to 6 inches for optimal viewing angles. The storage tray underneath the platform takes in essential work items including paper clips, pens or a notepad.

The non-skid rubber feet offer stability and non-marking support on any surface.

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