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Today the technology advances at an incredible speed, and keeping up with all its progress may feel at times to be a lost cause. With so many brands, models and variants made available each year, choosing the right computer monitor can be quite a challenge. This article will inform you about the most important aspects to look for whenever you are shopping for a new monitor, saving you a lot of money and time.


Monitor size

Today, computer monitors sizes can vary a lot, and not always bigger is better. For small desks or crowded offices, a smaller monitor is the perfect choice. Taking a bit more space, medium models are easier to use and read on and they can accommodate more information on the screen. Whenever the office space allows it, choosing a larger monitor may be a good decision. Until recently used mostly by graphic and video professionals, these larger models are becoming increasingly popular for home and office use.


Display quality

Having a good size monitor means a lot, but the image quality must be also crystal clear. Depending on the brand and model, various technologies may help increasing image quality. Before any purchase, check for all the technologies used and read the users’ reviews. Always remember that the best monitors reviews rate higher the models that boast an excellent image quality.


Image resolution

A high image resolution is extremely important. Providing an increase in image quality, especially when watching movies, the resolution is also important during office work. The best monitors 2019 have the biggest image resolutions on the market. Allowing more information and data on the screen in the same time, the resolution is another deciding factor whenever buying a new computer monitor. As a general rule, the bigger the image resolution, the better.



Checking the connectivity is a good way to make sure that your new monitor can be used by your computer and video card. Today, most monitors must come with at least a DVI-D, VGA or HDMI port. Always remember that it is a good practice to choose the model with the best connectivity available.


Top Rated Monitors in 2019


Knowing the difficulties experienced by many consumers when choosing a new good monitor we decided to read all the best monitors reviews and find the top best choices of the year. Scoring top ranks and praised by all their users, these monitors are the best models money can buy today.



Asus VS247H-P LCD Monitor


1.Asus VS247H-P 23.6-Inch LCD MonitorOne of the most stylish and elegant models that anyone can purchase today, this computer monitor is the perfect choice for any possible situation. Used during work hours or at home, the Asus VS247H-P is by far one of the best monitors 2019.

Using its new Smart View Technology, Asus managed to create one of the best monitors money can buy today. Featuring an excellent design, this monitor comes with super quality display, capable of delivering full 1080p resolution with ease. Boasting an excellent 50.000.000 to 1 contrast ratio, this monitor is perfect for any possible task: office work, internet browsing, movie watching or gaming.

Its great wide view angles make this monitor an excellent choice as a side monitor for multi-monitor workstations. Built to last, the Asus VS247H-P comes with a full Asus warranty that ensures the user of the quality and endurance of this product.

Loved by all its users and having one of the most impressive positive review ratings of all the current monitors available, this model is the most versatile and functional model you can find right now on the market. Regardless of the intended usage, the Asus VS247H-P will be up to the task, delivering excellent image quality at a reasonable price.

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Acer G226HQL Bbd


2.Acer G226HQL Bbd 21.5-inchThis monitor is by far the best choice whenever desk space is a bit of a problem and the need for a more compact monitor arises. Because of its smaller size, the Acer G226HQL can be used everywhere you like. Keeping the highest quality standards possible, this monitor is the best choice for anyone who wants top quality and functionality.

Created to be placed in small places, this monitor offers the same level of quality as any other bigger models. With its 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, the Acer G226HQL can compete with ease with any other brand. Boasting an excellent 5 millisecond response time, its display is capable of satisfying all requirements.

Called by many the best monitor 2019 for its image quality and high resolution, this monitor is also extremely versatile. Featuring all the most common connectivity ports, this monitor can be used in any situation. From home and entertainment use to office work, the Acer G226HQL is the best choice.

Used whenever the need for a compact monitor is present, this model can deliver incredible image quality and resolution. Praised by all the top rated monitor reviews, the Acer G226HQL is one of the most wanted models right now.

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Dell E2414Hr LED Monitor


3.Dell E2414Hr 24-Inch LED MonitorCreated by the renowned Dell Company, this monitor helps anyone get the most out of their computers. Whether at the office, where a large monitor will provide the best possible productivity, or at home, where it can help deliver HD quality movies on screen in total comfort, this monitor is the right choice for everyone.

With its excellent 24 inch size and full HD resolution, the Dell E2414Hr can be used with excellent results in any possible environment. Delivering immersive video experiences at home or providing the best data readability at the office, this monitor can deliver it all, and more.

Easy to install and adjust, this monitor comes with a full set of digital controls that enable the user to select, predefine and use a large number of settings. Having the option to set and select the optimal contrast or color strength during a family movie or the best light intensity during the long work hours, makes this monitor the best monitor 2019.

Designed to deliver the best quality possible regardless of the environment, this monitor comes with one of the most extensive digital control panels in use today. Praised by all reviewers for its versatility and image clarity, the Dell E2414Hr is another great choice worth mentioning.

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