Comparison Table


Product Magnification Price Objective lens Special feature Our Rating Where to buy

Leica 40390

8x $$$$$ 20mm Close up Lens allows macro effect A+ AMAZON

Night Owl iGen

3x $$$$ 30mm 3 modes of infrared intelligence B+ AMAZON

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

10x $$ 42mm 100% waterproof/fogproof construction A AMAZON

Bushnell Equinox

6x $$$ 50mm Switches between green-view and white-view modes C+ AMAZON

Night Owl Optics NOXM50

5x $$ 50mm High-quality generation-1 image intensifier tube B AMAZON



Top rated monoculars in 2019


Are you an aspiring astronomer? Or do you just love watching the night sky and all the stars during a clear night? Do you often go out for hunting or camping? Well, you definitely need a monocular in your duffel bags just in case. If you are interested in buying one, you should read these best monocular reviews I have compiled to help you decide which model suits your preference. I have based these reviews from the helpful ratings and comments coming from the customers.


Our recommendations


Leica 40390


Best Monocular ReviewsThe Leica’s eight fold magnification is basically what earned its spot in the top of the list for best monocular reviews. It is definitely a high-end monocular with elegant style and impressive function. For a monocular at its price point, it surely has superb quality. It has an excellent technology which makes it a very convenient tool for birdwatchers and hikers who are used to travelling light. It is also ideal for sports fans or concert-goers.



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Night Owl iGen


2This Night Owl Monocular has adjustable ambient light amplification feature which makes it a very versatile best monocular in 2019. Its frame rate varies from 2 fps to 30 fps. The Night Owl iGen is really advantageous over other models in its price point because it works both in day and night. Its infrared sensitivity has been enhanced and it has excellent programmable features. It has 2.6x magnification with a range of view of 16 inches to infinity.



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Bushnell Legend


3You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your imagery just to be able to travel light. With this best monocular in 2019, you don’t need a big and heavy equipment just to have excellent viewing. It has the qualities of the renowned Legend Ultra HD binoculars that are compacted into a very light package. It features ED prime glass and PC-3 Phase coated prisms. With this model, you can definitely save space in your traveller’s bag while still getting an excellent imagery for your sight-seeing.


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Bushnell Equinox


4If you need the ultimate monocular for nighttime sight-seeing, this is the perfect one for you. It delivers very clear image and illuminates a wide field of view even with no ambient light. It is a very efficient nighttime monocular, taking pride of its digital configuration that pierces into the night. The Bushnell Equinox has a compact housing and it is extremely lightweight which makes it excellent for travelling. It also has a long battery life. You will also find its water resistance very conventional in extreme conditions.


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Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50


5This top rated monocular in 2019 is made of all-glass optics with really high quality. It has a single solid focusing ring and it is convenient for single hand operation. It has an excellent 5x magnifying ability that is enclosed in a rugged casing. It has extended body features and a protective finish. This Night Owl Optics is designed for comfort and functionality as well as easy operation. Its long battery life is very convenient for travelling. The impact resistance is also great for extreme viewing conditions.


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