How to Choose a New Monopod for Cameras


These days, monopods are not just for professional photographers, but for anybody who wants to take better pictures. One of the main difficulties in taking good pictures is keeping the camera stable while you’re shooting. A monopod solves this problem by providing your camera with a stable platform, so that you can take pictures using longer exposure times. In addition, since a monopod is telescoping, you can take longer shots since you can lift the camera above your head. It is made up of sections that you lock together to make a single column.

Buying a monopod is deceptively easy since it seems like such a simple device, but the range of choices may make choosing the one that best suits your needs challenging. Here are some of the features you should consider:

Best Monopod for cameras

What is its height when fully extended?

The top of the monopod, when at its full height, should raise the camera on top of it a few inches above your eye level; thus, when you brace it, the camera will be exactly at your eye level.


How small it is when collapsed?

Since portability is an important consideration with monopods, you have to look at its size when fully collapsed. The smaller it is when collapsed, the easier it will be to carry around. In addition you also have to consider where you will typically use the monopod. If you usually take photographs in the outdoors, then you might want a monopod that collapses to a smaller size than usual so it will take up less space in your backpack or bag.


What mounting head does the monopod come with?

The head is where you will place your camera. Monopods generally have a head that fits into a standard tripod socket. However, you can also buy separate heads for the monopod that will fit different types of cameras as well as being good for different types of images.


What material is it made of?

Aluminum monopods are the most common, but they are heavier. If weight is a consideration, consider a much lighter carbon fiber monopod, although it will cost you more.


Top Rated Monopods for Cameras in 2019


Now that you know what features the best monopods have, you can start shopping for the one that best meets your needs confidently. However, if you need more assistance, you can look through our recommendations since one of them might meet your requirements. They all have high ratings from Amazon users.


Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod


1.Dolica WT-1003The Dolica WT-1003 is one of the top rated monopods for cameras 2019 on Amazon, where over 90% of customer-reviewers have given it five-star and four-star ratings. It is a great monopod for photographers of all skill levels. It telescopes to as long as sixty seven inches so you can easily capture all the action, whether it is a wedding reception or a sports event. It features ultra-lightweight aluminum construction that is light to carry but still strong enough to support as much as 6.7-lbs. The ¼-inch camera mount works with a wide variety of cameras ranging from 35mm cameras to small Point-and-Shoot ones. To further increase the comfort level of the user, the top features NPR foam grips that allow the monopod to be held for longer with less user fatigue.

In order to make the height of the monopod easy to adjust, the leg is constructed in four sections that are attached together with quick flip locks. The feet have rubber spikes that are retractable to provide stability when the monopod is being used as a tripod to support the camera and allows it to stand upright on all types of terrain, from rough ground to smooth floors.

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Manfrotto MMC3-01 Monopod


2.Manfrotto MMC3-01The Manfrotto MMC3-01 is one of the best monopod for cameras 2019 with 88% of customer reviews on Amazon giving it five-star and four-star ratings. It is a basic monopod that extends to as long as just over 57 inches long and can support up to three pounds. It is made of lightweight aluminum which means the monopod weighs less than one pound.

The monopod works with both still and video cameras with a universal tripod adaptor which screws into the tripod thread of all camera types. The Manfrotto MMC3-01 has earned some of the best monopod for cameras reviews from users since it lets you perform some basic video camera moves such as zooming and panning simply by moving the monopod around.

The leg is made with five sections which are connected with lever leg locks that are ergonomically designed to be easy to close and open quickly, with little hand fatigue. You can now use the monopod for longer periods without getting tired. In addition, it has a small footprint so that you can use it in crowded situations. It is also easy to carry around since it collapses to just over fifteen inches and has a wrist strap.

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Koolehaoda Professional Monopod


3.Koolehaoda Professional MonopodThe Koolehaoda is a basic model that has earned some of the best monopod for cameras reviews for providing great value at an affordable cost. The five-section monopod telescopes to as long as sixty five inches and can accommodate up to eighteen pounds, then collapses to a compact eighteen inches for easy transport and storage. It also comes with a wrist strap so that it can easily be carried around as well as a handy carrying case.

The sections are connected with a silicon twist lock that is easy to close and open and securely lock to ensure the stability of the monopod. It features a foam grip that makes the monopod more comfortable to carry around as well as a monopod knob that you can use instead of the video foot for stability. Reviewers have noted that it is comparable to more expensive monopods in terms of features, but at a fraction of the price. The Koolehaoda is stable enough to stand without shaking on a variety of surfaces ranging from hard floors to soft carpeting. Although it lacks the premium feel of high-end monopods made with titanium, if your needs are basic, then this monopod is a satisfying choice.

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