If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best motorcycle helmet money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information on this type of sport gear by looking into what the best motorcycle helmet reviews and various owner feedback say about different products on the market. Out of all the products we have looked at, the LS2 Stream Anti-Hero is undoubtedly the best because of its impressive features that offer safety and ease of use. You’ll love wearing this headgear as it comes with a drop-down sunshield that ensures reliable sun protection for your eyes while being easy to engage even with gloves on. The chin strap is equipped with a quick release system so putting the helmet on and taking it off is always a breeze. The face shield is also easily swappable. If the LS2 Stream Anti-Hero, you won’t regret getting the second best option, the Power Gear Motorsports 1Storm Modular.



How to Choose a New Motorcycle Helmet


There may be thousand of hours to ride and endless miles of road to cover in your motorbike, but that one and only head of yours deserves one of the best motorcycle helmets of 2019 to protect it from the elements. There may be an endless selection of products to choose from, but with enough information in your hands, you should be able to get a truly exceptional product worthy of protecting your noggin. These are the elements to look at.

best Motorcycle helmet reviews

Safety rating you can definitely ride on

There are many types of motorcycle helmets but you have to consider the safety rating of various brands and models as a principal consideration at all times. After all, you are getting a motorcycle helmet to protect your head, and it is best to remember that saying about what happens when the head is cut off. Anyway, we’re digressing here so let’s just get right to the point.

The US Department of Transportation has a minimum standard level of protection for this type of gear, and compliance to that standard is signified by a sticker on the back, serving as your assurance of quality and performance. The helmet should be able to absorb a substantial amount of crash force, aside from preventing most forms of penetration. This is thanks to the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner inside. The fastening system should be resilient against coming loose even with a large amount of force.

The Snell Foundation, a non-profit organization in the US, also has its own standards for helmet safety. A helmet that carries both DOT and Snell indicates a great effort by the manufacturer to ensure user safety. Remember to be wary of fake DOT and Snell stickers. The UN Economic Commission for Europe is responsible for maintaining helmet standards in Europe.


Retentive fit

Once fastened snugly, the helmet strap should prevent the headgear from being removed even with application of substantial force to lift and roll it forward off the head. Most models feature a strap that fastens by passing through two D-rings. A lot of easy-fasten systems have cropped up, but make sure your helmet caries this fastening type. Aside from a snug fit, the helmet should remain stable even when you shake your head up and down, front to back or side to side.

Your cheek and jaws should be gripped by a full face helmet, along with the sides and top of your head. Your skin should move with the helmet when you try to move the headgear on your head. Another thing worth noting is though different brands use the same sizing scheme (S, M, L, XL, etc.), it may not follow that one brand’s medium is also another’s medium. This is especially important when buying motorcycle helmets for women.


Creature comforts, convenient features

Venting is a primary issue if you don’t want the helmet shields to fog up easily. That being said, protruding scoops or vents tend to create wind noise and are also vulnerable to damage when the headgear is scraped against something or dropped. Padded straps and interchangeable padding helps the helmet fit the shape of your head.

A quick-change faceshield mechanism and an extra shield are convenient. Carrying a spare helmet is hassle-free with a storage pouch or bag. Riding in a state that requires a reflective patch on the helmet entails ensuring your purchase has that as well. A breath guard also prevents fogging. A scratch-resistant finish adds durability.



Top Rated Motorcycle Helmets in 2019


There are literally hundreds of motorcycle helmets to choose from, making the buying decision not an easy one to make. Hopefully, the buying guide above will help you choose intelligently. We have also showcased the best products below for an even smoother buying experience.



LS2 Stream Anti-Hero


1.LS2 Stream Anti-Hero Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With SunshieldFeaturing top notch helmet technology coupled with superb comfort, the LS2 Stream Anti-Hero is the genuine motorcycle hero’s headgear. Equipped with a DOT-approved quick Release system Chin Strap, the Stream is easy to wear and remove. You can easily drop the sun shield down to protect your eyes from the sun, even while wearing gloves. The face shield also has a quick release mechanism that won’t need tools of any kind when you want to swap it with another.

This helmet is made by one of the best selling brands in Europe, and it comes to you straight from the factory in Barcelona, Spain, ensuring genuine value for money. The padding can be removed and washed so it can stay fresh as new every time. The technical fabric used for the liner material is both breathable and hypoallergenic, for total comfort. This full face ECE/DOT approved motorcycle helmet is equipped with high-tech, multi-density energy-absorbing EPS in its safety liner, ensuring protection for your head.


Buy from Amazon for ($129.98)




Power Gear Motorsport 1Storm Modular


2.1Storm Motorcycle Street BikeThe 1Storm Modular motorcycle helmet has earned DOT approval, ensuring your riding safety. The modular design features a flip front that you can flip upwards to get an open face system and flip downwards to get a full-face configuration. This ensures greater flexibility compared to other helmet styles. Just flip the front section up when you’re not riding, so you can eat, drink or have a conversation. In addition, it allows you to wear glasses comfortably while riding. All this while still ensuring maximum protection on the road, with the neck, eyes and ears covered as well. The wrap around design keeps out bugs, wind, rain, rocks and dust.

Equipped with an outer clear shield and an inner smoked lens, this motorcycle helmet’s dual lens design cuts down on noise when engaged, and also eliminates the need to wear sunglasses. The alloy shell is made of lightweight, aerodynamic thermoplastic that is comfortable as it is durable, ensuring full functionality. Great looking with its glossy UV-protective finish, the helmet comes with a removable and washable padding for perennial freshness.


Buy from Amazon for ($119.95)




Outlaw Skull Cap


3.DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half HelmetBoasting a lightweight polycarbonate composite shell, the Outlaw Skull Cap ensures riding safety for the biker. It features an impact absorbent comfort liner that effectively soaks up energy during emergencies, ensuring sufficient protection. The adjustable nylon chin strap with D-ring closure remains one of the safest fastening systems in the industry, ensuring that the helmet stays on no matter what happens. You can try to flip it backwards, side to side or forward when it has been fastened snugly, and it won’t come off. How’s that for stability? This helmet can be used with goggles, so you won’t have to feel the brunt of the wind blowing against your face.

This half helmet offers superior protection while ensuring style and comfort. The style is less bulky than what standard models have, so you can have unrestricted view of the road ahead or the bike trail. Designed to adhere to DOT safety standards, this headgear enhances your riding experience consistently.


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