How to Buy One of the Best Mountain Bike Lights


Even the best mountain bikes need a light if you plan on riding in the dark. While street lamps can provide some illumination, it still won’t be enough to safely navigate wooded trails in the dark. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will help you find the right light so you can safely ride your mountain bike at night.



One of the first aspects to consider is the construction, and you want the light to be durable and long lasting. Since you will be using it outdoors the light should be waterproof and weather resistant, and durable enough to handle going over hard bumps on the trail. You also want it to be lightweight, and some of the best mountain bike lights can even be mounted on your helmet.


Type of Beam

While the amount of power is important, if the beam doesn’t illuminate the area it can’t prevent you from riding off the trail. Mountain bike lights with narrower beams are ideal for flying down straight trails, and can often be easily mounted to your helmet. Wider beams are ideal for twisting or unfamiliar trails, and there are also mountain bike lights that use both types of beams.


Battery Life

The amount of time the battery can hold a charge is important to consider, especially if you are planning on long distance night rides. Rechargeable batteries are generally more convenient and affordable, and you also want to make sure that it includes an indicator light that warns you when the battery is running low. It should be noted that colder temperatures can drain your battery faster, and a larger size might be best suited for nighttime rides in the winter.


What Are the Most Reliable Mountain Bike Lights?


While we can’t choose the right product for you, we can show you some of the best mountain bike lights. Affordably priced and designed to illuminate the trail in front of you, maybe one of these lights will be perfect for your next nighttime bike ride.


Divine LEDs Mountain Bike Light


Best Mountain Bike LightsOften referred to as the “brightest bike light available on Amazon”, it features a durable and versatile design. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum that meets military standards, and the waterproof design lets you safely bike in any weather. You will love how easy this light is to install without any tools or wiring, and it can also be mounted on a child’s bike or on your helmet.

The aluminum construction gives the light a sleek style that looks great on your mountain bike, and it only requires 3 AAA batteries to brightly light your way in the dark. The LED lights are bright enough for you to safely follow unfamiliar trails, and you can easily replace the batteries when you are on longer bike rides. With the ability to zoom and focus the light on specific places, along with the “blinking” mode for added safety it is easy to see why this model is often preferred by nighttime mountain bike riders.

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Bright Eyes Rechargeable Mountain Bike Light


2. Bright Eyes Rechargeable Mountain Bike LightThere are plenty of reasons why many mountain bikers depend on this light for safety at night, including its affordable price. The LED lights feature 1200 lumens which are perfect for navigating twisting trails in the dark, and you also have the advantage of the power conserving modes which are always appreciated on longer nighttime rides.

The rechargeable battery is waterproof and includes a one year warranty. This mountain bike light is easy to install, and can also be mounted on your helmet. With its strobe feature that is designed to help keep you safe when you are riding in the daytime, this might be the perfect mountain bike light for your next outdoor adventure.

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Xtreme Bright Mountain Bike Light


3. Xtreme Bright Mountain Bike LightStay safe when you are biking or hiking with this versatile mountain bike light that can also double as a flashlight. The bright LED lights ensure that you can clearly see the path in front of you, and that others always know where you are. It is easy to mount on a bike or scooter, and its waterproof design lets you use it in almost any type of weather.

The 3 AAA batteries are inexpensive and easy to replace, and also helps to ensure that you never have to worry about the light dying while you are on longer rides. You have the advantage of being able to choose from three different settings for the level of brightness, and this mountain bike light also makes the perfect addition to your outdoor emergency kit. Use it as a flashlight or a light for your bike, and always be able to see exactly what lies ahead on the trail.

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