Top rated mountain skis in 2019


Some feelings can’t be described and going down a mountain with high speed through snow and having the wind ahead is simply exciting. More and more people are searching for the best ways to go down the mountain, to feel better the snow and enjoy every moment. Still, in order to get the maximum kick out of the ride you need to have a professional and cool mountain ski, able to offer greater control. Buying the right type of mountain ski can be difficult without the proper set of information. This is the reason why ski instructors and trainers recommend that you read some of the present top rated mountain skis reviews in order to find the one suited to your needs.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Adult/Junior Price Length Color Our Rating Where to buy

Head Rev 78

Adult $$$$$ 149-177 cm White/Black/Gray A+ AMAZON

Yuki New Lil Flake Snow Ski

Junior $$$ 80 cm Pink and White B+ AMAZON

Lucky Bums Beginner

Junior $$ 70 cm Green/Black A AMAZON

Rossignol Experience 75

Adult $$$$ 152-176 cm Black/Red/Gray B AMAZON

Fischer Big Stix 100

Adult $$$$$ 166-186 cm Orage/Yellow/Black and more C+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices


Head Rev 78 Skis


1.Head Rev 78 SkisPerfect for carving up the steep slopes as well as simply cruising the ski trails, the Head Rev 78 Ski system is one of the top rated skis on the market. This new 2019 model makes initiation of turns more effortless than before while delivering a degree of float in soft snow thanks to the tip outfitted with a bit of rocker. Get perfect control over your skis with the integrated PowerRail binding for precise and fast response every time. Superb impact absorption is delivered by the Heads Intellifibers that ensure a seamlessly clean ride. The onboard camber waist and tail provide a good grip along with carving ability, so you can manage the entire ski trail with great confidence.

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Yuki New Lil Flake Kids Jr. Shape Snow Ski


2.New Lil Flake Kids Jr. Shape Snow SkiConstructed with a wood core, the New Lil’ Flake Toddler Kid’s Shape Ski ensures a great ride every time. The wood core is the perfect material for these affordable skis because wood delivers a combination of properties that are hard to find in other materials. Wood has the ability to store energy, so the core loads up then releases the stored energy as the skier leaves the turn, ensuring dependable responsiveness. The material also features a different level of stiffness compared to plastic and fiberglass, ensuring superb dampening of vibrations on these new skis for reliable stability. The defined shape makes the skis great for making controlled carving turns.

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Lucky Bums Kid`s Beginner Snow Skis


 best mountain skisIf you want to teach you child to ski than you must choose for him the best beginner skis. One good way to go are the Lucky Bums Kid`s Beginner Skis. Just 70 cm long they are made from quality and durable plastic. Scales are on the bottom of the skis so your child has better traction in the snow. There are no metal edges, so for a novice who fells down a lot they don`t become a hazard. With their simplicity and safety these skis are great for those who are taking their first steps with skis on.

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Rossignol 2019 Experience 75 Skis


3.Rossignol 2019 Experience 75 SkisEnjoy a top rated ski system that offers a reliable combination of stability and forgiveness to help you develop your skills in the snow. The Rossignol Experience 75 Ski System boasts the renowned Air Tip that reduces chatter and also improves float in varying snow conditions. To keep you stable and confidently powerful on combed snow, these skis are engineered with 70 percent camber. The 30 percent rocker in the tip and tail enables you to confidently execute effortless turns. The wood core delivers amazing strength, stiffness, stability and responsiveness, so your Rossignol Experience 75 Ski System can be your perfect skiing companion for years to come.

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Fischer Big Stix 100 Skis


4.Fischer Big Stix 100 SkisThe Fischer Big Stix 100 Skis are another pair of top rated skis on the market thanks to their beech wood core that ensures impressive strength, stiffness, stability and responsiveness. Dominate the snow with the remarkable Air Carbon technology that helps improve handling and performance. Taking the place of the Big Stix 98, these skis are new for 2014 and come with updated features including two extra millimeters underfoot for greater material thickness, along with the revolutionary shovel geometry and rocker profile that prove to be pretty useful when the snow gets a bit deeper. The sandwich sidewall structure allows you to get a solid and lively ride while ensuring a light weight.

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Products which are no longer available



Summit Custom 110cm Skiboards Snowblades short skis release bindings


Finding the best mountain ski can be difficult given the impressive number of models currently available on the market but once you come across Summit custom 110cm Skiboards Snowblades short skis release bindings you will understand why the model is regarded as one of the best. With a great twin tip parabolic shape and a reliable wood core high end construction, Summit Custom Skiboards can enhance the personality of the rider and thus make the whole experience something special. This is the reason why most users consider this model as one of the best mountain skis 2019.



Summit Marauder 125cm Skiboards Snowblades Short skis release bindings


Summit Marauder 125cm Skiboards Snowblades Short skis release bindings 2013It comes as no surprise to see most of the top rated mountain skis reviews speak so highly of the Summit Marauder Skiboards Snowblades short skies release bindings, known for its solid structure and flexible mobility pattern. This model has a solid twin tip parabolic design with efficient step-in release ski bindings and a sturdy wood core that maintains a high level of stability during the slide. Furthermore Summit Marauder 125 cm Skiboards Snowblades has sintered bases and is recommended for the usage of adult intermediate riders.



Summit Freedom 99 cm Skiboards Snowblades Ski Blades


Considered one of the best mountain skis 2019, Summit Freedom 99cm Skiboards Snowblades come integrated with the highly appreciated Tyrolia LR9 Bindings. With a narrow design the user experiences higher ease in making edge to edge carving thus ensuring performance. This model has a strong wood core that maintains the energy levels high and also a strong durability irrespective of the conditions the user faces. The Skiboards are very stable at high speeds and very comfortable due to the narrower profile. The wood core is vertically laminated and can provide a precise response in terms of energy and terrain adaptability.



5th Element LK Pro Ski Boards 2019


Most of the current top rated mountain skis reviews underline the efficiency and professionalism embedded in the 5th Element LK Pro Ski model, known for its compact design and solid structure. The 5th Element LK Pro combines innovation and strength allowing the user to enhance his skill set and thus enjoys the whole experience in a whole new way. The mountain sky from 5th Element is manoeuvrable and able to control with much more ease. Furthermore this model is adjustable by up to 355 mm boot sole, easy clip on leash thus providing greater precision during the mountain slide.



Liberty Helix Skis


Searching for the best mountain skis 2019 can be difficult given the high number of products currently available on the market. Still, once you come across Liberty Helix Skis you will understand why a growing number of people buy it with confidence year after year. This model comes with the Stealth Rocker in the tip that provides greater control and speed without worrying about problems or restrictive factors. In addition Liberty Helix has a torsional rigidity with a unique shape and light bamboo laminate core will allow you to carve, pivot and float irrespective of the snow condition.