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In order to get device that they will surely appreciate, people look to the top rated mp3 player reviews to compare models available on the market. Nowadays, one can find more MP3 players with advanced capabilities including built-in support for optional wireless Bluetooth headphones, plus Wi-Fi functionality for downloading and streaming music and a variety of other content from online sources. This makes it important that you have enough information on hand before the purchase of such gear.

A.MP3 Player 2019

MP3 Types

Featured in the best mp3 player reviews are different types of units from the smallest music player to large satellite radios.

The lightest types of MP3 players are music players, which are no bigger than a pack of gum. Weighing no more than 3 ounces, music players are engineered primarily for playing music. They have a variety of controls to enhance sound delivery and adjust playback options. Their tiny screens are perfect for viewing menus, playlists and album art. Many of the music players out there have voice recorders and built-in FM radios. Other models come with unique features including heart monitors, pedometers, plus support for wireless Bluetooth headsets. Their storage capacity varies between 512MB to 64GB.

Media players have large screens that enable video and photo viewing, and also interacting with web-based content and playing games. A lot of media players have Wi-Fi connections that allow you to stream and download online content. Storage capacity varies between 8GB to 64GB.

Plenty of smartphones and cell phones offer controls plus onboard storage capacity that can go head-to-head against standalone MP3 players. Cellular and smartphones also have the advantage of WiFi and cellular data connections, which enable them to download a variety of media from different ad-supported and for-pay services such as Rhapsody, Amazon, iTunes, Google, and a lot of others, with subscription fees on top of content subscriptions and download charges. Sadly, those setups can make patronization of services unpopular for even the best mp3 players 2019 in cellular communication devices.

Satellite radios, available by subscription, offer consumers more stations plus a wide range of programming options compared to land-based radio.



Generally, the best mp3 players 2019 are capable of playing video and music, and also enable viewing of photographs. You can use some models to check e-mail, surf the internet and play games. Audio playback format conversion of CDs is offered by most MP3 players that come with software. Most models have upgradeable firmware to prevent the unit from becoming obsolete.

A built-in volume limiter enables problem-free and safe listening. A preset safety level in some models can be activated from the on/off switch and the player’s menu. Most MP3 models feature displays that show the track number, song title and the remaining amount of memory. The display can be monochrome or color. Video playback and storage is possible in a lot of MP3 players.



A typical MP3 player has some type of equalizer that lets you adjust the tone to your preference. Adjustable equalizers or separate treble and bass controls provide greater tone control. Standard are track play/pause, volume and forward/reverse controls. A lot of MP3 player have a shuffle mode, which allows repeating of music tracks or playing them in random order.


Top Rated Mp3 Players in 2019


The best mp3 player 2019 is not an easy item to find. You will have read plenty of reviews and literature about this type of equipment and not even come close to finding what you’re looking for. So to help you in your search, we have three products that are worth the money.


Sony NWZE385 Walkman MP3 Video Player


1.Sony NWZE385With a digital storage capacity of 16 GB, the Sony NWZE385 enables you to store photos for viewing, along with an entire library of your favorite digital music and video. The FM radio is another feature that lets you enjoy plenty more music or even your favorite talk show. Its amazingly smart design enables problem-free portability, so you can take the Sony NWZE385 anywhere you need something to perk up your lifestyle. Engineered with drag-and-drop simplicity, the Sony NWZE385 lets you load songs and playlists hassle-free from Windows Media Player or iTunes.

Users who are constantly on the go will surely appreciate the Sony NWZE385’s built-in battery, which provides up to 30 hours of uninterrupted audio playback. With this feature, your music can accompany you throughout the day and night, and even beyond if you need to be out for as long as that. You’ll also love that this best mp3 player 2019 has a comprehensive EQ manager so you can tweak the sound quality to the level you find most likable. No guesswork, only enhanced sound just the way you like it.

The automatic mood radio functionality lets you listen to your preferred music tempo or style when you want.

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Sony Walkman NWZW273S Waterproof Sports MP3 Player


2.Sony Walkman NWZW273SOften featured in the best mp3 player reviews, the Sony Walkman NWZW273S lets you enjoy an active lifestyle while listening to the tracks of your everyday activities. Run, workout and swim with a revolutionary music player that you can wear without worrying about waterproof capabilities. The Sony Walkman NWZW273S 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player is engineered with a waterproof design that keeps the moisture out while delivering deep bass in realistic audio.

This model offers up to an hour of playback on just one quick three-minute charge. Lightweight and wire-free, the Sony Walkman NWZW273S 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player has an exceptional total battery life of up to 8 hours when fully charged. It does not tie you to just a single music service. You can drag and drop MP3s from Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer or iTunes. With multi-format playback, you can play AAC, L-PCM or WMA music files, giving you the freedom of choice.

The multi-function playback buttons simplify your music search, with song changes carried out with a quick tap, plus folder changes facilitated with a tap and hold, in all play mode. Get the music that matches your pace by using the unique ZAPPIN search feature, which lets you navigate through your song library by playing back main melodies.

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SanDisk SDMX24-004G-G46K Clip Sport MP3 Player


3.SanDisk Clip SportDesigned for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player is a lightweight model that provides the soundtrack to your life. You can simply clip this MP3 player to your clothing, so you can move freely during your workouts. The large color LCD screen enables problem-free navigation while you’re in the middle of your exercise routine. Thanks to the onboard FM tuner, you can enjoy listening to the radio. The SanDisk Clip Sport can also interface with health club TVs, for greater versatility.

Aside from supporting the popular AAC and MP3 audio file formats, the SanDisk Clip Sport also lets you enjoy Audible (DRM only), WAV, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and DRM-less WMA. The unit has a 1.44-inch LCD screen that lets you view photos, album art and videos. The SanDisk Clip Sport provides up to 25 hours of battery life on just a single charge. The unit can be recharged using a micro-USB 2.0 connector.

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