Are you short on time and you simply cannot do the research on how to select the best mulching lawn mower for the money? If so, we can help. After going through the reviews, we have concluded that the Greenworks PRO 21-Inch is the model that you should consider buying. This device is battery operated, and it can provide the user with up to 60 minutes of run time, which is more than enough when trimming your lawn. Also, the battery recharges at a fast pace. Furthermore, the item has a powerful motor that is said to extend the life of the tool. What is more, the device has versatile 3-in-1 discharge capabilities that allow mulching and rear and side discharge. If this product happens to be out of stock, be sure to take a good look at the Earthwise 50214, as this is a model that might suit you.


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How to Choose a New Mulching Lawn Mower


It goes without saying that you cannot keep your lawn looking spectacular without proper care. The only product capable of achieving that is a mulching lawn mower that includes several features to assist you not only with cutting the grass, but also to do it in a fast and efficient way. Not all of them can offer you the same advantages.

GreenWorks 25012


The cutting system

Most products in this category will be fitted out with 2 or 3 cutting blades, made out of steel  to secure not only fast clipping, but also mulching in fine pieces of grass that seem almost invisible. As a result, you won’t have to rake the grass after mowing, to obtain a smooth, clean surface.  However, if even those weeny pieces of grass produce a disturbing effect on you, you can choose between side discharge (that returns the small pieces of grass back into the soil) vs bag lawn models (that store the grass clippings in a bag). The dimension of the cutting deck is also an important factor indicating your mulching lawn mower’s capacity. A larger deck will cut a bigger swath of grass with one cutting movement.



One of the first aspects you should be paying attention to when looking for a mulching lawn mower is the maximum and the minimum hand lever height adjustment. Most products will offer a wide scale of heights in which you can lock the mower. This feature comes in handy for shorter people, but also if you want to change the position when using it yourself. Certain products offer you the possibility to modify the depth at which the blades cut, for shorter or longer strands of grass.


The fuel

As with many other garden tools, a mulch lawn mower functions on either gas or electricity. Some gas powered mowers feature an electric starter for an extra fast start. Models functioning on electricity come in two variants: corded (plugged in while working) and cordless, functioning on a rechargeable battery. A gas engine’s power is noted in cc (cubic centimeters), an electronic device’s power is given by the number of amperes (A), while the battery’s power is measured by its voltage (v). While gas mowers are more powerful than their electric counterparts (though fitted for smaller patches of grass), the electric ones are more silent. Even so, if you need a high mobility, while having a medium lawn, you can buy a cordless product to move around freely. Don’t worry about the cutting time, powerful batteries can run for 2 or 3 hours without needing recharging.


Because explaining the features is not always sufficient for you to make a good choice, we have showcased below, three top rated products that are mentioned in the best mulching lawn mowers reviews online and that are currently available for sale.



Top Rated Mulching Lawn Mowers in 2019



Greenworks PRO 21-Inch


If you want to get a sturdy device and you are not against spending some extra money, this is the item that you should consider buying. The product measures 21 inches, and it has an easy to maneuver cordless design that is perfect for cutting your lawn. Furthermore, the model is made from a sturdy material, and it is lightweight.

To make it easier to use, the manufacturer has fitted it with a single lever that you can utilize to adjust its height. Also, the model was designed to deliver when having to deal with heavy duty jobs. To do so efficiently, the company has equipped it with a brushless motor that is comparable with a 160cc gas engine.

This battery operated model works with both 2ah and 4ah batteries. A fast charger is also supplied to the buyer so that one does not have to wait for long for the battery to charge.


Buy from Amazon for ($499)




Earthwise 50214


If you are interested in a compact and lightweight model, check out the Earthwise 50214. This device is very powerful and reliable and it can efficiently collect the resulted grass and the debris just like a proper vacuum.

The item can deliver up to 3700 RPM, and it features a lever that you can utilize to adjust its height from 1.5 to 4 “. Furthermore, the 50214 has adaptable handles that have a unique V shape and that are padded for extra comfort.

To make the item easy to store in-between uses, this model has been designed to have a folding handle. Also, because it has sizeable wheels, the alternative is easy to operate. What is more, this option is fully electrical and very quiet. To start it, the user only has to push a button.

However, because this alternative comes fitted with a 14-inch blade, this item is only suitable to be used when cutting the lawn in small backyards.


Buy from Amazon for ($103)




Worx WG779


Another device that might also catch your attention is the Worx WG779. This model is very feasible as it uses two distinct 20V 4.0Ah batteries that make it have an extended runtime. Furthermore, with a single charge, the product can be used to cut no less than 5,000 square feet of grass.

The model also incorporates padded foam handles that are very comfortable, and that can supply the user with a convenient grip. As a result, you won’t have to deal with hand fatigue anymore. The design of the item also includes a lever that you can utilize when selecting between three cutting heights.

On top of that, the WG779 also has a dual-port charger with battery power indicators that you can use to keep tabs on the battery so that you never run out when you need it.. Most of those that have purchased the item were happy with its overall performance. Also, according to them, it is not that complicated to put together.


Buy from Amazon for ($229)





Products which are no longer available


GreenWorks 25012


1.GreenWorks 25012One of the best rated products in the electric corded mulching lawn mowers category, the GreenWorks model is an ergonomic tool that brings together quality technology and a design which makes mowing a less strenuous activity. The balk can be heightened or diminished, depending on your needs, in 7 positions. The body of the lawn mower has reduced sizes, letting you walk behind it without tripping, reducing the risk of accident. However small it may look, this product is fitted with a 12 amp electric engine that can cut through any type of grass without blocking. Fitted with 7 inches wheels, this little machine will fight its way through bumpy terrain with no difficulties, leaving behind a clean green grass due to its 18 inches steel deck, that will last even after a couple of years of use and will help you finish your job as quickly as possible.



Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ407E


2.Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ407EThis product delivers excellent performance, though it is a bit bulkier than the previous one, because it is fitted with a bag. Placed at the back of the mower, this bag can store up to 15.06 gallons of grass and it’s easily detachable. This electric corded model is suited for small yards, but that can change depending on the distance between the place where the item is plugged in and your lawn. You will appreciate the 7 height levels in which you can manually adjust the item, for they will make mowing so much more comfortable and effortless. Its steel blade is designed to cut through thick grass without any difficulty and won’t be inhibited by other obstacles either, due to its 20-inch wide cutting deck. Besides emptying the storage bag, this item will not require any other type of maintenance, but scraping the grass off its blades, which is a blessing if you mow your lawn often.



Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler


3.Lawn-Boy 10734If you want a truly powerful lawn mower, we recommend you chose this item. Coming with a bigger size that the other two models on this short list, this lawn mower comes with extra features as well. It is a self-propelled gas mower, fitted with a Kohler XT6 OHV 149cc engine. Due to its engine, you can use it on larger surfaces and for thicker grass. You do not have to worry about starting up the engine, as the product is equipped with an electric start that will roar your engine to life in no time. The Tri-Cutting system is designed by the Lawn-Boy engineers to improve efficiency, while the 2-point height of cut feature will enable you to adjust the level of the cuts. For an even better performance, the product has a 21 inches cutting deck that will help you make visible progresses with mowing quickly and easy.