In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best multibit screwdrivers? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best multibit screwdrivers on the market by looking at sales figures, price and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Stanley 69-189 proved to be the absolute best. Its 3 ratcheting positions available make it very convenient and the magnetic bit holder lets you change bits as you see fit. Storage for the bits is readily available and the textured handle allows for higher torque in order to enjoy superior performance. If the Stanley 69-189 is out of stock or no longer available, a solid second choice is the Craftsman 9-41796, a model similar in durability and performance.



How to Choose a New Multibit Screwdriver


When you are searching for a good quality multibit screwdriver, you will need to check certain aspects that are more important than others. In order to help you get a great model, we read through all the best multibit screwdriver reviews and found what makes certain models stand out above the others. By reading through our concise buying guide, you will be able to choose a good set, knowing very well what you need and what you should look for in such a product.

A.1 Best multibit screwdriver reviews


The materials used for making screwdrivers and the bits to go with them are very important, because they are a sign of durability. For bits, the materials used must be strong enough to deal with a large variety of tasks. Chrome-vanadium and vanadium-steel are two of the most important combinations that are used for making strong bits. Always search the description offered by the manufacturer to see what materials are used for the bits. The handle must also be sturdy, and preferably made of rubber or something with good grip.


Number of bits

Since you are looking for a multi bit screwdriver set, it is important to learn more about how many bits and what kind of bits are included with your purchase. Of course, your choice depends on what kind of DIY projects you want to undertake. If only a few bit shapes are needed, there is no point in getting a set with multiple bits that you will never use. The number of bits available in a set can vary greatly, and so does the pricing, so it serves to shop around a little before making a decision.



The handle for a multibit screwdriver is very important, because it will provide you with the needed amount of torque for all the operations you will use the screwdriver for. It is preferable that the handle can provide proper grip, so that it does not slip from your hands, something that may lead to unwanted accidents. Most times, the shape of the handle is hexagonal, as this provides the best grip and the highest amount of torque, but you may find models that have the handled shaped differently.



Top Rated Multibit Screwdrivers in 2019


Are you ready to read more about the best multibit screwdrivers of 2019? They are showcased below and they offer everything you need in a multibit screwdriver. By choosing any of the following models, you will not go wrong and you will be able to use the set you pick for a long time.



Stanley 69-189


1.Stanley 69-189The number one on our list is the Stanley 69-189, for multiple reasons. First of all, this screwdriver is very versatile, because of the 3 position ratcheting system that lets you pick between clockwise, counter clockwise and locked, depending on what kind of task you intend to perform. This is a highly compact model, because you basically store the bits inside the handle. In case you are looking for a highly portable model, the Stanley 69-189 is exactly what you need. The 6 included bits are made of superior quality chrome vanadium and they are very durable. The magnetic bit holder makes it really easy for you to change bits fast. So, when you are involved with projects that require you to change bits quite frequently, you can hardly do any better than this specific model. The handle is made of a mix of two materials that provide it with higher torque.


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Craftsman 9-41796 


2.Craftsman 9-41796Another sturdy option that you will surely enjoy is the Craftsman 9-41796. Its magnetic tip is very strong and it manages to hold the screw in place while you are working, so you do not have to hold it with your hand. Especially if you want to be extra careful to avoid minor accidents, this is a nice touch. Plus, it makes inserting the bit a secure operation and you do not have to worry about anything. The handle allows for easy grip, so you can use all your power when you are performing various tasks with the screwdriver. 14 bits are included, for your convenience. Different sizes and shapes are featured, so there will hardly be a DIY project involving the need for a screwdriver that you will not be capable to undertake. The revolving bit cartridge allows for easy storage for the bits and protects them against loss and damage.


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Deko GHT25S


3.Deko GHT25SThe Deko GHT25S is a good option for something looking for an affordable set of screwdriver and bits. The bits included are made of vanadium steel and they are very resistant. The design of the handle makes this model very popular. The T-shape of the handle allows you to turn the screwdriver with ease; the handle is also non-slip, so you will not have to work harder to get your screws in place. This is a model recommended for people with arthritis, since they will not have to strain their hands when they are using the screwdriver. 25 bits are included, and popular shapes can be found, such as Philips, Torx, Slotted and Hex, for maximum convenience. A durable plastic case serves as storage for all the bits when they are not in use. An extra feature is represented by the interchangeable shaft that allows you to switch between smaller and larger bits, as the need arises.


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