What to Consider When Buying a Nail Dryer


A perfect manicure is essential when you want to look and feel good, and this is why it can be quite frustrating to notice a chipped nail right after you get all dressed up and ready to face the world. If you have used professional services, you are probably familiar with nail dryers, devices specially designed to help your nail polish dry faster. Here is some good news: you can benefit of the same advantages at home, using a nail dryer. Reading best nail dryer reviews online will help you choose a good unit with ease, as will the following buying guide.

A. Nail Dryer

Natural vs fake nails



Depending on their purpose, nail dryers come in several varieties. Just like hair dryers, they can use cold or warm hair to help you get the perfect polish and nails you want, without having to wait for too long. Many of the best nail dryer reviews out there point out that cold air nail dryers are quite enough for speeding up drying time for normal polish. Warm air dryers are a better fit for acrylic nails, because the substance used for fixing the fake nails must be dried under warm air the first time when they are applied. Last, but not least, gel nails require an UV nail dryer, because it is the only way they become bonded to your nails.



Having the convenience of a nail dryer in the comfort of your own home is great, but do not forget about checking the price tag. If your needs are limited, do not overspend on a complex model. It is best to settle for one that just gets the job done.


Top Rated Nail Dryers in 2019


Since picking the right nail dryer can be a bit tricky, we decided to come to your help, by selecting the most popular and efficient models on the market at the moment. See the following top rated nail dryers 2019, and your choice may just become much easier.



Thermal Spa Professional 49170 Nail Dryer


2.Thermal Spa Professional AutomaticAnother great nail dryer for women who want to dry their nails fast and easy at home, is the Thermal Spa Professional Automatic Black Light Nail Dryer, a device created by professionals. Its adjustable height makes it ideal for manicure and pedicure, so you always look your best from head to toes.

The outward appearance of this nail dryer says something about the work put by the manufacturers into creating a good and reliable product. The steel case is durable and scratch resistant, which means that you will get to use it for a long time, and the unit will not show signs of wear and tear.

Many consumers believe this model to be the best nail dryer 2019, for its performance, ease of maintenance and durability. Using two black lights, the Thermal Spa Professional Automatic Black Light Nail Dryer ensures the best and most even curing for your nails, so you can enjoy the best quality service without having to leave your home.

Mentioned by many of the best nail dryer reviews you can find around the web, this model uses two enclosed motors that are maintained debris free. All in all, the nail dryer presented here is the of quality.

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USpicy® MACARON USND-3603 Nail Dryer


3.USpicy® MACARON USND-3603Getting your nails in top notch condition is a breeze when using this nail dryer. Working with UV lights, the USpicy® MACARON USND-3603 Professional UV Gel Nail Dryer helps you get the best results, no matter of the type of nails you are drying. You can simply use the dryer for standard polish, but you can also apply your own fake nails, gel or acrylic. The UV lights will make sure that your nails will look just as if they received the royal treatment at a professional spa.

Ideal for both manicure and pedicure, this nail dryer is an all in one solution that you will absolutely love. Many of the best nail dryer reviews from both users and critics praise the ability of this dryer to deliver perfect results, regardless of the materials used.

The sliding tray makes the nail dryer easy to clean and maintain. The great thing about using a dryer with UV light is that it also successfully disinfects your nails, so you do not have to worry about the health of your nails, which is not the case when going to a beauty salon. In order to keep your nails healthy and beautiful, getting such a device for home is highly recommended.

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Royal Nails Professional UV Light Gel and Acrylic Nail Dryer


1.Royal Nails ProfessionalThis is, hands down, the best nail dryer 2019 money can buy at the moment. The Royal Nails Professional UV Light Gel and Acrylic Nail Dryer is a top of the line nail dryer that you can use both for your hands and feet. And this is not all. Because it is a larger model than you can usually see in salones, it can accommodate both your hands or feet at the same time, so you will enjoy professional drying within a very short time range.

Since it comes equipped with UV light, the nail dryer reviewed here is great for drying gel nails without a problem. In case you are already very handy with applying your own fake nails, you may want to skip a visit to the salon, and enjoy top notch treatment at home. With the help of the Royal Nails Professional UV Light Gel and Acrylic Nail Dryer, doing so becomes a breeze.

The performance of this nail dryer is truly something to write home about. Distribution of UV light bulbs is carefully designed to ensure even nail polish curing, so you will have no trouble with chipping or nails that look anything less than perfect, once you are done with using the machine.