Tips for Buying the Best Office Chairs Under 200


Office chairs are important, and the reason they are so important is that you’re going to be spending quite a bit of your time sitting on them. The last thing you want is to have to do it on an incredibly uncomfortable chair, because this might just lead to you having back problems, or other sort of aches.

In order to avoid this, and the always existing risk of purchasing a chair that will break under the weight of the individual sitting on it, you have to take the time and do your research.

This way, you’ll get to understand what sort of features to look for in a chair. Now, if you’re also hoping to save some money, there’s great news for you: there are absolutely amazing models, which cost less than 200 dollars. However, in order to find the best office chair under 200, you have to invest even more time in researching and looking at reviews, so that you’ll see what users had to say.

A.Best Office Chair Under 200


When we think of an office chair, we all think of a chair whose height can be adjusted by a little mechanism underneath. However, not all office chairs come with this feature, despite the fact that  it’s incredibly useful. This is why we recommend you pay extra attention to this feature, and make sure that the model you’re thinking of getting comes with it.

Adjustability doesn’t just refer to the level of the seat; it also has to do with the angle of the back of the seat. If you have back problems, then you can look for an office chair that allows you to adjust this as well, so that you’ll be feeling more comfortable.



We spoke of comfort earlier, because it’s a very important thing, especially when it comes to a chair you’ll be spending a lot of time on. With this in mind, you should look for a model that’s very well padded, so that you’ll like spending time sitting on it.

Padding, however, isn’t the only thing you should be looking for when it comes to your comfort, because it might not reveal the whole truth. In fact, we recommend you have a look at what users had to say about the upholstery of the chair you’re thinking of getting; if they were satisfied with it, then you can get it.



This isn’t a crucial thing, but it is certainly worthy of consideration. The most used color when it comes to office chairs is black, and if that works for you, then go ahead and get one that’s black. However, if you need one that’s in a different color, then you have to spend a bit more time looking.


Highest Rated Office Chairs Under 200


It can be quite hard to spot the best office chairs, especially when you’re looking online for them, because you can’t try them out. However, because we wanted to make this process easier for you, we did all the legwork by looking through the highest rated products until we found the ones that cost less than 200 dollars. Now all you have to do is pick the best office chair under 200 for you.


Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair


1.Boss Black LeatherPlusThis chair is perfect for those with back problems, because it offers amazing lumbar support. In addition, it’s amazingly comfortable, thanks to the remarkable upholstery it comes with. Thanks to this, you’ll sink in this chair, and feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.

Moreover, it has a waterfall design, which was implemented especially to eliminate leg fatigue.

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Alera Elusion Series Multifunctional Chair


2.Alera Elusion SeriesWith this model, you’re getting the freedom to adjust your seat as much as possible. Not only can you adjust the actual height, but you can also adjust the back angle both forward and backwards, until it’s just as you want it.

Moreover, its back is made with mesh, making it cooler and more comfortable, especially on those hot summer days. Finally, its fabric upholstery was designed to offer you the best comfort out there.

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Flash Furniture High Back Ribbed Executive Office Chair


3.Flash Furniture High Back WhiteAs we mentioned earlier, most office chairs come in black, which makes the ones in other colors rare. Now, the ones in white are even rarer, but this one is exactly that.

It’s also great because it’s padded with a foam material, making it very comfortable, but also keeping its modern look. Another amazing benefit to this chair is that it comes with built in lumbar support, so if you have back problems, this is ideal for you.

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