In the market for the best desk on the market but you lack the time to go over the information we have put together about this topic? We can help you out! To make things easier for you and to save you the trouble of wasting time, we have taken into considerations aspects such as sales figures, value for money ratio, users’ feedback, and overall brand quality and have reached the conclusion that the Sauder Harbor View is the desk you should consider. Among the features that recommend it are the fact that it is easy to assemble and that it offers a lot of work surface and plenty of storage space. If the Sauder Harbor View is unavailable, we suggest you give the Tribesigns Computer Desk a good look, as it is a great alternative.



Buying Guide


If you intend to buy the best office furniture but you don’t know what kind of desk you should buy due to the many options on the market, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Because we know how difficult it is to make such a decision, we have put together a short list that contains the top features to consider when in the market for such a product. So, keep on reading and see what you should base your decision on.

Size and shape

Before placing an order for an eye-catching desk model, we suggest you spend some time and ponder over what is the ideal size of such a product, in accordance with the space you have available. So, decide if you need an L shaped desk or if a normal shaped one is more appropriate for your needs. By doing so, you will be able to avoid purchasing a product that does not fit your office.

Also, take time and make up your mind about the shape that is prone to work well with the other furniture pieces in your office. Besides, keep in mind that you don’t want to end up with a room that is over furnished, as this will create a feeling of lack of space that is prone to make you underperform.



Of course, as any best office desk reviews should point out when it comes to purchasing such an item every prospective buyer should pay attention to the material the desk is made out of. Always keep in mind that you should settle for a model that does not scratch or stains easily. Also, adjustable leg pads are a plus because they keep the desk stable on uneven floors.

Therefore, our advice to you is that you settle for a model constructed from an easy to take care of material that is not very heavy. Moreover, keep your eyes open for those models that come equipped with protective edging. By doing so, you will be able to make sure that the flooring will not be damaged when moving this furniture piece around.



The desk is the place many of us end up spending a great deal of time during the day, therefore, finding a comfortable model is a must. To do so, we suggest you search for a product that provides plenty of space for legs, especially if you are tall so that you don’t feel trapped or any other inconvenience while using it.

Moreover, even if you are looking for the best small desk for computer, settle for a product that provides enough room for all office appliances. Make sure that the model you end up purchasing offers a large enough desk area for you to use while working.  In this regard, models that have drawers are a plus due to the fact that they can help you keep organized and allow you to not overcrowd your desk.



Top Rated Office Desks in 2019


The best office desks are showcased below. In the making of this short list of products, we had in mind the features discussed priorly but also aspects such as overall sales figures, current users’ reviews, and overall brand quality. So, because the final decision belongs to you, read ahead and choose the product that will best fit your needs.


Our Recommendations


Sauder Harbor View


Highly appreciated by users, the Sauder Harbor View is a product that is deemed to catch everybody’s eye. Designed in L shape, this model is a classy alternative for workspaces that aim for a more traditional look.

Among the most important features of the product is it’s the fact that it can be easily assembled in a short amount of time thanks to the clear instructions the model comes shipped with. Moreover, users have also appreciated the desk’s size. According to the online reviews, this large model is ideal for those looking for a desk to fit a sizable room.

Because it aims to satisfy all users’ needs, the product was constructed to include a slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf that has metal runners and a safety stop. Besides, the product aims to meet the needs of both right and left handed buyers due to the fact that the door and the additional drawers can be fastened on the left or right side, in accordance with everybody’s needs.

As a plus, the storage area behind the desk’s door can hold a CPU tower and hide it from sight for a more clean-cut design of your office.

Buy from Amazon for ($286.15)




Tribesigns Computer Desk


With a more edgy look, the Tribesigns Computer Desk is ideal for modernly designed office spaces that aim for a clean, minimalist look. Sturdy and stable, this model is made out of a steel frame and 0.98″ thick panel table top.

Moreover, the product comes equipped with adjustable leg pads so that the desk’s leg can be accommodated up to 1-2cm in length. As a result, the table keeps stable even on uneven floors. As a plus, the model is among the easiest to assemble. According to manufacturers, the process only takes up to 15 minutes. Thus, in no time you will be able to enjoy your new acquisition.

Another important feature of the product is the fact that it is large enough to accommodate people, no matter their height. Because it is 55”(L) x 23.6”(W) and the height from floor to desktop measures 29.2”(H), the model offers plenty of working area while still proving comfortable by allowing enough leg space.

Furthermore, the desk can be easily moved as it weighs only 63.8bs. So, if you are the type that enjoys redecorating, this model is definitely one you should check out.

Buy from Amazon for ($129.89)




Alera VA216630MY


Another favorite among current users, the Alera VA216630MY is a great alternative you should consider. So, if you are on the lookout for a sturdy, large, office-quality desk with no frills, this one should stir your interest. As a plus, the desk stands out due to its mahogany color.

Among the features that recommend it is the fact that the grade work surface and the side panels offer extreme durability. Therefore, the desk is fitting to those who need a model that they can count on for many years to come. Moreover, its durability is ensured by the protective edging that helps prevent damage from bumps.

To make desk work even more comfortable, the manufacturers came up with a cable and wire management system that uses grommets to put this issue to rest. Also, the user’s privacy is ensured by the fact that the product comes equipped with a full-length modesty panel.

Last but not least, although it is a quite large desk, the product can be easily put together if users simply follow the instructions manual. The average time two people can get the job done is, according to users’ comments, 50 minutes.

Buy from Amazon for ($164.82)