What to Consider When Buying an Oil Diffuser


If you are a fan of aromatherapy and its many great benefits, you may well know that it is much better to use essential oils than scented candles. In order to make the best out of the essential oils you can use for aromatherapy, what you need is a good quality oil diffuser. This simple device will release the aromatic oils into the room, purifying the air and helping you relieve the symptoms of various conditions, from nasal congestion to dry skin. Also, the pleasant fragrances lift your mood and help you relieve the stress experienced and accumulated throughout each day. Reading the best oil diffuser reviews can show you how to pick a good quality product, and this is exactly what this following guide is aimed at, as well.

Best oil diffuser


First things first, you need to decide what kind of oil diffuser you should buy. There are several types you should know about. There are nebulizer diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers (that can double as humidifiers with great success), heat diffusers and evaporative diffusers. Many people prefer ultrasonic diffusers because they do not have to invest in a separate humidifier if they experience dry air problems in their homes. Basically, they hit two birds with one stone, since they make just one investment and get two products in the same package.


Water capacity

While you are reading the specifications offered by the manufacturer, see the water capacity that the oil diffuser can hold. Depending on how many hours you want the diffuser to work, you may find a larger model to be more accommodating for your needs. Especially if you plan on using the diffuser as a humidifier, you should go for a model with larger capacity, to ensure long operating hours.


Auto shut-off

As far as extra features are concerned, there is one that sits on top of all the others. The auto shut-off function is quite a must, since you will leave the oil diffuser working for hours. Such a device is meant to enhance your overall well being and reduce stress levels, and knowing that you do not have to check on its water level helps in this regard.


Top Rated Oil Diffusers in 2019


The following list contains three of the models competing for the title of the best oil diffuser 2019. Loved by consumers everywhere, these models are highly popular, and they offer great enhancements for people’s lives. One of them could be exactly what you are looking for in a good quality oil diffuser.


Greenair SpaVapor+ Instant Wellness Oil Diffuser


1.Greenair Spa Vapor Mist TherapyA lot of people are happy with the Greenair Spa Vapor Mist Therapy. The air in our homes tends to become polluted due to dust or simply other compounds that are brought inside when we leave the windows open. The quality of the air you are breathing is very important for your health, and enjoying good air that is purified of bacteria and germs is essential for your entire family’s well being.

The Greenair Spa Vapor Mist Therapy is capable of operating for 6-7 hours without interruptions, which means that you will be able to leave it to purify the air in your bedroom. The healthy mist released by the oil diffuser also doubles as a humidifier and you will no longer have to worry about having dry skin, and respiratory problems. Of course, an oil diffuser, even as reliable as this one, cannot replace medical advice and treatment, but it can surely help you breathe with ease.

As an inexpensive model, this one really gets the job done. Thousands of satisfied users have written reviews, showing their appreciation for the great quality of this unit. The best oil diffuser reviews include it all the time, because of its high efficiency, durability and reliability.

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InnoGear® MT-039 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


2.InnoGear® Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserWith a capacity of 100ml, this oil diffuser offers the advantages of having your air refreshed and enhanced with pleasant smells, no matter where you are. Because it is highly portable, this ultrasonic model can be taken with you to the office, if you feel like you could benefit from its advantages while working.

For home or office, this is an ideal choice. It also acts as a humidifier, while it fills the air with pleasant fragrances. The model works as chromatic therapeutic help, as its LED lights change in order to create a symphony of colors.

The auto shut-off function helps ease your mind, because you will not have to watch the unit to see if there is any water left. The oil diffuser manages to fight off the most unpleasant odors, and you will be able to sleep well if you choose to use it overnight. The air you and your family are breathing will become free of germs and bacteria, which means that all the occupants of the household will lead a better, healthier life.

With three different working modes, you can enjoy this unit as you see fit, and you can even use only its lights, when you do not need it to release vapors.

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Pure Enrichment PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser


3.PureSpa Essential Oil DiffuserProviding great aroma coverage, the PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser is a welcome addition for any home. Able of refreshing the air in a room measuring up to 250 square feet, this oil diffuser is quite a handful, and its aroma coverage can last up to 7 hours.

If the air in your home is stuffy and unpleasant, you should consider getting an oil diffuser like this one. Because essential oils are capable of killing germs and bacteria, the air in your home will become much breathable, and you will see your general health improving. Good quality air contributes to alleviating symptoms of cold, allergies, asthma and other respiratory related conditions. By making sure that the air you are breathing is of good quality, you and your family will enjoy better overall health.

The PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser is among the top rated oil diffusers 2019 that consumers absolutely love right now. Besides killing germs and bacteria, it is very helpful in removing strong odors like pet smells, tobacco and others.

Its quiet operation recommends it for bedroom use, so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. The model also comes with an ionizer feature that contributes to stress relief.

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