Things to Consider When Buying a Top OLED TV


If you’re here, you’re probably looking for one of the top rated OLED TVs in 2019. If you are still feeling a little puzzled about what you should be looking for in the unit of your choice, we are here to help. We have put together a short yet informative buying guide, to help you understand how to correlate your needs and preferences to the features of the product you intend on purchasing.

Never underestimate the power of a well-done homework. Invest some time in reading customer reviews and specs provided by the manufacturers, as time spent on performing a thorough research is never time wasted. This way, you’ll be sure that the TV you’ll be going for is the absolute right one for your requirements.


Screen resolution

Considering the high demand for HD television sets, most OLED TVs now come with screen resolutions of either 1080i or 1080p. Nevertheless, others are still available and customers can choose between the 480p, destined for regular TV screens and the 720p, which somewhat resembles the screen format of 1080i and 1080p, but is considerably more affordable.


Computer inputs

While plasma technology does not work well with computer inputs, OLED TVs are a natural when it comes to handling them. They’re so good at doing their job that they can even produce zero burn-in on the screen. In this case, our advice is to go for an OLED TV if you plan on utilizing the set as a computer monitor.


Screen size and power usage

Compared to its plasma counterpart and even to its LED counterpart, an OLED TV is designed with economy in mind. This means that it requires just a tiny amount of electricity to work, regardless of screen size. In the case of plasma TVs, the larger they get, the more juice they need.



Before finalizing your purchase, it might be a good idea to check for the best OLED TV reviews. Think of it this way: if a buyer comes face to face with an issue, he or she is likely to express his or her opinion as directly as possible, and will probably do so in an online review.


Top Rated OLED TVs in 2019


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most popular models on the market today. All of the following have managed to gather the appreciation of customers in the US and worldwide market, and have been characterized as being dependable, affordable and capable of an excellent performance.


LG Electronics 55EC9300 3D OLED TV


1.LG Electronics 55EC9300 1080p 3DThis is one of the most cutting edge models we’ve come across, and that doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that it has been launched this year. It features the latest technology developed by LG engineers and is considerably faster compared to an LCD or a plasma TV. In fact, the refresh rate of this particular model is 0.1 microseconds.

The model’s thin and downright beautiful and comes with a variety of inputs which will inevitably satisfy even the pickiest customers. It has 4 inputs for HDMI, 3 USB ones, 1 component, 1 composite, 1 digital audio out and 1 LAN.

The size of the display is 55 inches and the image aspect ratio is 16:9.

Yet another noteworthy detail of this model is that it has Smart TV, therefore allowing buyers to enjoy movies from a plethora of online providers including Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

The remote control of this system has the LG advanced Voice Mate feature, which is capable of recognizing the natural speech of the user.

Judging by the best OLED TV reviews, this model is probably the best OLED TV in 2019. Close to 80% of the people who bought it ended up providing 5-star ratings.

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LG Electronics 65EG9600 3D Curved Smart OLED TV


2.LG Electronics 65EG9600 4K Ultra HDCompared to the previously described model, this one is considerably less affordable. This is a 65-inch OLED TV that can be purchased in three main styles: as a TV, as a TV with an integrated Blu-ray player and as a TV with a soundbar.

As is the case with the LG Electronics 55EC9300, this one features the widely popular low refresh rate of around 0.1 microseconds.

In matters of picture quality, this model’s a winner. It has infinite contrast, incredible color and an ideal curve, as its wide viewing angle makes sure that customers can enjoy the displayed pictures from any corner of the room. Vivid color and ultra clarity are two innate characteristics of this model, as the device is capable of rendering colors as realistically as possible. Creating amazing clarity on account of the 8.3 million pixels comes natural to this TV.

WebOS 2.0 allows buyers to utilize anything from apps to VoD services and does so while giving users recommendations.

This model has 3 HDMI inputs.

Although it might be a little out of the budget of some people, this TV has gathered quite a lot of appreciation, coming from US residents. It’s been called anything from phenomenal to the best TV ever.

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LG Electronics 55EA9800 Cinema 3D OLED TV


3.LG Electronics 55EA9800 Cinema 3D 1080pConsidering the fact that this model is a tad older compared to the previously described TVs, it’s considerably more affordable. It won’t ruin the budget of anyone prepared to invest in a good OLED TV, which comes with pretty much all the features one might ever require. Let’s take it one by one.

First, this TV is only 4.3mm thick, making it one of the thinnest out there. Infinite contrast and 4 Color Pixel makes sure that users enjoy images as vivid as can be. Pictures are bright, colors are vibrant and accuracy is a part of the deal.

A lower price and an older launch date have nothing in common with the product quality. For example, this one comes with the same Magic Remote feature of the formerly mentioned units. This is a smart TV that gives a helping hand to users struggling with the functionalities of modern devices.

It’s easy to use and highly intuitive and allows you to sit back and relax, while it is doing its thing.

Furthermore, it’s even more lightweight than other products in the line, weighing less than 40 pounds.

Buyers have nothing but good things to say about this 2013 LG Electronics model.

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