When it comes to energy drinks, things can get confusing. That’s why we researched these products, read all the organic energy drink reviews, so we can recommend you some of the best. We correlated the quality of the ingredients to the price, the amount of caffeine to how long the energy boost lasts and discovered which is the safest. One to fit the criteria of the best organic drink is Runa’s Clean Energy Drink that combines the beneficial influences of an Amazonian leaf and a natural source of caffeine, with black and green teas. The combo not only gives it a great taste but it also can provide a lot of energy for you. And with the 120mg of caffeine blend, this could be the perfect to help you out. This product is followed by GURU’s organic energy drink which is a good alternative, especially if you love a more classic taste.



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One thing an energy drink should do is keep you awake and give you a jolt of energy, so you can successfully finish your required tasks, no matter if we talk about studying, driving or running. It has to wake your body and mind.

But we need to remind ourselves that this energy source needs to be natural, healthy and not to make you feel empty after the rush is over. They need to have balanced amounts of sugar so that they won’t give you that dreadful hangover of the caffeine and sugar crush.


Natural ingredients

The ingredients need to be organic and from natural sources like fruits or spring water. This way we can make sure we have the proper intake of vitamins and that our body can metabolize the ingredients safely and in a non-toxic way. There’s no reason to put chemicals in your body if you can avoid it.

The sugar needs to be from organic crops too. Natural is the keyword when it comes to premium quality. Bioproducts are pesticide free, meaning they are safe to drink in any quantity. The better quality the ingredients are, the more vibrant it tastes. And that is very important since energy drinks don’t always taste the best; they all tend to have that bland chemical flavor.



Another thing you should for sure keep in mind when it comes to an energy drink is the amount of caffeine it has. Caffeine is the main active ingredient in this type of product that tricks the body into thinking you’re not tired, making you more alert and focused. But it comes with limitations of its own.

It needs to be taken in ideal dosages – so you don’t cross the border between efficient and nauseating. Too much and it can break your concentration since a high intake of caffeine can lead to tachycardia. But a low consumption can make the energy drink fail to do its purpose. The right amount is about 80-100mg per can. And it also matters what sources that caffeine is coming from. The word organic keeps coming to the front.


Other ingredients

And let’s not forget about the additional ingredients. Caffeine can’t do all the hard work of keeping you awake and focused on your job. So energy drinks usually come with something extra. Some of those ingredients are vitamins. They help strengthen your body, improve your circulation and they feed your nerve cells. So it’s essential to have a carefully selected palette of them, like vitamin B. Other elements these products should have are electrolytes like Magnesium, which help to relax your muscles and gives them strength.

One popular active ingredient manufacturers use, is polyphenol antioxidant, which is a synthetic chemical that helps detoxify your body and eliminate substances that make you tired. So it’s important to know these things to avoid a chemical rush and toxic additives. An excellent product needs to have only the best ingredients and to eliminate those of uncertain utility. But usually, if it’s for sale it means is safe.



Top Rated Energy Drinks in 2019


Adding up all of the factors that make these products good or weak, we chose the best organic energy drinks, which we will explain in detail below.


Our Recommandations


Runa Guayusa 


Runa’s product it’s one of the best. It has the highest caffeine quantity, around 120mg, making this product ideal for someone who has to do tasks for a long time. The secret weapon in its arsenal is Guayusa, a caffeine-rich leaf from the Amazon, which is only found there.

Add 650mg of polyphenol antioxidants, and you have a combination that actually works. Let’s not forget every ingredient is organic and pesticide-free. But one thing that will set it apart is the taste; that is the result of the bio-elements combination and the dedication to details – they carefully selected black and green teas and added exotic fruits to enhance the flavors.

It comes in many tastes including berry, blood orange or lime; therefore it suits any person. So if you need a lot of energy and for a long time, you can’t go wrong with this especially since it is healthy and natural. It really is the answer to intensive jobs, no matter if we’re talking physical or mental.

Another plus is the design of the can. It’s even looks good and will add to the enjoyment of this product, making sure you’ll use it for a long time because it offers both visual and physical pleasure.

Buy from Amazon for ($37.99)




GURU Clean Energy


Another excellent choice could be Guru’s product. It packs  95mg of caffeine, and it has only ingredients that are proven to have results in neurostimulation, so you’ll feel the result within minutes.

Guru’s refreshment has no preservatives and no artificial flavors that could give it a burnt out taste. And since the ingredients are organic and non-GMO, everything about this product will be smooth – from the flavor to the good energy it provides.

It comes in a high-quality can that has a fresh, modern design, which helps with the overall experience. It’s perfect for tasks that don’t require a lot of effort and that are short-term. It found the ideal balance between caffeine and taste and mixed it in a can that feels nice in the hands.

This product is directed towards someone who already has energy, but needs a little push. It can be used without many worries by someone that has a faster heart beating rate but just needs an extra source of energy so he or she can meet all the deadlines. It also comes in packs of 12 cans so that you can stock up for unforeseen events.

Buy from Amazon for ($32.99)




Scheckter Organic 


A healthy alternative is Scheckter’s organic energy drink. This product stands out with the spring water it uses as a base, that gives it a light feel and a boost of quality. This is bound to give it a great taste since spring water is full of minerals and is nitrate-free.

It has a lower dosage of caffeine, around 80mg, but it is balanced out by all the vitamins and all the natural ingredients in it. That is great since the caffeine will be metabolized fast and without side effects. This way you can protect your heart and nervous system from overworking. Caffeine is not efficient if other elements do not sustain it and this product is rich in minerals and oligo-elements.

Everything is organic, and the premium taste for which it won an award is ensured.  It’s perfect for deadlines, for writing papers the night before or even for playing sports. The design of this can is appealing, and the fact that it has such a wide range of flavors makes this product a great choice.

And since they seem to focus on the taste of the product, this might be ideal for someone who likes exotic flavors.

Buy from Amazon for ($34.42)