Tips for Buying a Top Notch Outdoor Bullet Security Camera


The best outdoor bullet security camera reviews feature ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted surveillance units that have a sleek and thin cylindrical shape. These security surveillance devices offer an effective first line of defense to protect those you hold dear: your family, your property, your pets, and your home. They also give you peace of mind.



You will need to know the amount of bandwidth that your security devices will consume in order to make correct choices on the switches. Bandwidth denotes how much information can be theoretically transmitted by the network. This will help determine if you need to utilize cables and switches of higher quality to move more information. The amount of bandwidth is influenced by the frame rate, complexity and type of image, resolution and compression method employed. The camera’s settings can be used to alter those parameters, as needed.

Make sure to choose a unit from those described in the best outdoor bullet security camera reviews that offers settings for easy bandwidth configuration.


Resolution Effectiveness

When it comes to detection, classification and identification, the top rated outdoor bullet security cameras 2019 prove themselves superior to others. The level of detail from first sight (detection) to closer view (classification) and on to sufficient detail to easily identify the subject (identification) should be enough to help the user utilize whatever footage is taken to give a positive ID when necessary. This is something that all security cameras, no matter what type they may be, are supposed to be designed for.


Vertical Television Lines

Sharper images are delivered by the best outdoor bullet security camera 2019 with a high VTL. This may be theoretical in a sense, but the ability of the camera to display clear images somehow rides on that factor as well. With a high VTL, the camera gives you greater ability to make out fine details.

VTL becomes more essential when motion is viewed. With less VTL, lines are thicker so jagged edges are more apparent, so making out details can become difficult to impossible in viewing fast motion.


Resolution Parameters

A model with a high pixel rating makes it to the best outdoor bullet security camera reviews due to the superior number of pixels that it has. This is better explained when you consider that each pixel is assigned to cover each point of the image. With fewer pixels, there are fewer elements to cover all points, which means each pixel gets stretched. Thus, the subject has to be really close in order to facilitate identification. A narrower field of view means there are more pixels to bring the subject into clear focus, unlike with a wide lens.


Top Rated Outdoor Bullet Security Cameras in 2019



When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your property, the surveillance technology offered by the best outdoor bullet security camera 2019 can be hard to beat. It is necessary that you make a sensible choice. To make things less tedious, we have described three products in the succeeding paragraphs.


Best Vision BV-IR140-HD Bullet Security Camera


Lauded in the best outdoor bullet security camera reviews, the Best Vision BV-IR140-HD model offers true high definition analog video due to the 1/3-inch image sensor, which boasts of 1000 TV lines for superior detail in captured images. You will find it easy to make out details as there are more lines in every image, which also enables facilitated viewing of fast motion. The night vision range is amazing. The day time brightness can be adjusted according to your preference to prevent wash-out due to light saturation.

The 2.8-12mm lens offers a larger viewing area so you can see more per shot and not miss what could be vital images in the periphery. The 164-foot infrared range offers exceptional quality of videos even when darkness is complete, as this feature detects motion. This special functionality also ensures that intruders are unable to carry out their evil schemes fully under cover of darkness.

The camera is built sturdily and is sure to be a great investment towards ensuring security for you and for your loved ones. The motion detection capability proves valuable to capture important action. The camera has IP66 outdoor housing that makes it capable of withstanding outdoor elements. This IP rating signifies that the camera is protected from dust as well as high pressure water jets coming from any direction.

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Dahua IPC-HFW4300S Network Security Camera


This 1/3-inch 3MP camera boasts of progressive scan Exmor CMOS that is designed to be very adept at image capture. The special sensor quickly converts electrons generated by photo diodes into voltage signal without undergoing a complicated process, thus the speed. The camera works seamlessly because of this. The static IPS also enables watching of footage anywhere you may be.

The Power over Ethernet set up simplifies installation by using just one cable to run the device through AC and to connect to the network.The PoE feature also enables effortless expansion. Get amazingly high definition streaming of images so you can see images clearly while being able to increase or decrease the level via web administration. Even snap shots can show high quality images. The camera offers superb motion detection thanks to the IR LEDs.

You can adjust the sensitivity and schedule of motion detection, as you prefer. The web software has been proven by users to be pretty stable and straightforward. The camera has great dynamic range, so it can balance between light and dark or offer contrasts well. The 3MP lets you zoom in on videos or live stream and still enjoy great image quality. The camera is the perfect solution for people who want an affordable Megapixel IP security surveillance device.

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VideoSecu CCTV Bullet Security Camera


The VideoSecu CCTV Bullet Security Camera comes with a color CCD image sensor that offers high uniformity in output, which results in images of higher quality and cleaner lines. The global shutters integrated into the CCD sensor process an entire image at a single time, so the sensor itself gathers an optimum quantity of illumination at once. This means freedom from image distortion during rapid motion or light flashes.

The NTSC signal system makes the device usable anywhere in the US. The 24 built-in infrared LEDs enable night vision through motion detection. This makes the camera usable for day to night security surveillance. The VideoSecu CCTV Bullet Security Camera captures color images during the day and switches to black and white images at night. The camera has concealed wiring inside its bracket to protect the device from getting vandalized.

The outdoor bullet security camera has IP55 rating which signifies complete protection from dust, as well as resilience against low pressure water jets from any direction. The device ships with 12-volt power supply, and a 3-inch by 2-inch warning decal that tells people your house has 24-hour security surveillance recording, which can deter criminal attacks. It also comes with a mounting bracket for problem-free installation, and a protective sun hood for added durability.

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