How to Choose a Top Outdoor Security Camera System


Buying the best outdoor security camera system of 2019 is a difficult thing to do, as nowadays there are many models available on the market and customers can rapidly get confused. Manufacturers aren’t making it easy for buyers either, since they’re very keen on launching new and improved models every year. So, how can you find out which unit speaks to your needs and know which one will meet your requirements?

We’ve put together a short buying guide, to help you correlate your preferences to the features of the system you’re looking for. Check it out below.

Best Outdoor security camera system


This is typically one of the first details to consider. Your financial assessment is what needs to matter the most. Don’t get overly enthusiastic about a model and don’t order it before knowing everything about it. Moreover, don’t ever underestimate the importance of your budget.

Outdoor security camera systems vary in shapes, sizes and specs, and the price differences between models are quite substantial. While some units can cost as little as fifty bucks, others can go over three hundred.


Analog and network surveillance cameras

Most of the units that are now available on the market are analog security cameras. This means that they communicate with a DVR or a computer monitor via closed circuit television. The DVR is responsible for compressing the video and storing it onto the hard drive. These models are typically more affordable than network surveillance cameras, probably because they’re older and harder to work with.

On the other hand, network surveillance cameras are a tad more expensive than their analog counterparts. However, they’re way more advanced and are becoming more popular. They basically rely on an internet connection. In this case, the camera does anything from recording to compressing and even to converting the image into a digital format. From then on, the image is either stored on an SD card or sent to a network video recorder, a computer or a smart device.


Wired or wireless

The downfall of wired cameras is that they always need to be in the proximity of an outlet. In the long run, the wiring might be affected by the weather. Wired cameras provide high-quality images, but they’re somewhat more inconvenient compared to wireless models, which run on batteries and are easy to install.


Top Rated Outdoor Security Camera Systems in 2019


To make matters easier, we’ve selected three of the most popular units on the market today. Let’s see what makes them so special and why they have gathered the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers, as they’re thought of as being affordable, efficient and capable of an excellent performance.


Amcrest AMDV960H4-4B Video Security System


1.Amcrest 960H Video Security SystemThis is one of the top rated outdoor security camera system of 2019, and that comes as no surprise since this model has over time managed to gather some of the best outdoor security camera system reviews. It’s a bestseller on a large number of online marketplaces, including Amazon.

The system is composed of 4 high-resolution waterproof cameras, made with heavy-duty metal. These units are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, while providing excellent clarity and outstanding video quality.

The unit comes with a pre-installed 500GB hard drive that can be expanded up to 3TB.

The neat thing about this model is that it can be utilized with a wide array of smart devices, ranging from the iPhone to pretty much any type of Android device.

If you’re considering leaving your home and going on vacation, you needn’t worry about anything, since this system comes with a long recording time, which allows the device to store up to 30 days-worth of data, on lower resolution settings.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this item.

The kit includes a 4CH power supply, 4 60-ft cables and a DVR power supply.

The unique design and the intuitive system controls make it one of the most esteemed models on the market today.

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Uniden UDR444 Guardian Video Surveillance System


2.Uniden UDR444 GuardianCompared to the unit we’ve showcased above, this one is a tad more affordable. However, it consists of only 2 cameras and therefore speaks to the users who require a limited type of surveillance. Nevertheless, the system can be expanded with two extra cameras.

Clarity is an innate feature of this product, along with wide range and excellent wireless transmission range. These two cameras are waterproof and have been proven to withstand any type of weather.

The motion detection and night vision range of this particular model is 40-ft.

The package comes with a 4.3-inch color high-resolution monitor, which allows buyers to benefit from live images in the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to the ability to zoom in, anyone can get a clear picture of any unknown individual that might come near the house or office.

Fortunately for people who aren’t specifically keen on technical details, this model is easy and quick to set up. The cameras come paired to the monitor, so all one needs to do is decide where one feels like installing them.

Buyers state that they have been using these cameras for a decent amount of time and have yet to encounter an issue in what concerns their efficiency and/or functionality, which is why the model has gathered the best outdoor security camera system reviews.

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Zmodo PKD-DK4216 DVR Cameras


3.Zmodo PKD-DK4216 4-Channel DVRThis Zmodo model is somewhat comparable to the Amcrest unit we’ve showcased in the beginning. The system is composed of 4 outdoor security cameras. The neat thing about this product is that it comes with its own 500GB hard drive installed.

As is the case with many other systems in the line, this one can be accessed using an internet connection. This can be performed in two ways. Either the buyer uses an internet browser on a computer, or visualizes the recorded images using a 3G smartphone, including Blackberry, iPhone or any Android device. This gives a lot of freedom to people who are constantly on the road but still want to keep an eye on the surroundings of their homes.

The camera system is lightweight and easy to install and access.

The package includes the actual cameras, 4 60-ft all-in-one cables, a DVR power supply and a power supply for the security cameras. Thanks to the user manual provided by the manufacturers, the installation can happen in a timely fashion.

Buyers speak highly not only of the quality of the rendered images but also of the manufacturing company customer support. Issues that have been reported by customers have been resolved quickly and effectively.

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