If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best paintball gun money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information on different products for sale by looking into claims in expert review sites and comparing ratings and reviews with actual owner feedbacks. Thankfully, that in-depth product evaluation and comparison have led us to what is undoubtedly the number one product for sale in this category, the Tippmann Cronus Gun Player Package. The package is the most complete one any paintball enthusiast will love to get as it comes with the legendary basic edition Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun, which is exclusively designed to withstand the demands of tough outdoor environments. Best for beginners and intermediate players, the weapon is serviceable in all aspects, has a rigid composition built to last and a cool milsim-styled body that is pretty lightweight for easy handling by younger and smaller-framed players. The package comes with anti-fog goggles, a gravity feed loader hopper, an aluminum CO2 tank and a horizontal harness pack with 6 pods for out-of-the-box functionality. If the Tippmann Cronus  Tactical Gun Player Package is unavailable, we urge you to purchase only the second best option, the Tippmann Cronus Tactical.



Comparison Table


Product Tank Capacity Price Color Accessories Our Rating Where to buy

Tippmann 98

20 oz $$$ Black Tank,loader, harness, extra paint tubes, and goggles A+ AMAZON

US Army Alpha Black

20 oz $$$$ Black Mask, hopper, tank, harness and clear tubes A AMAZON

Tippmann Alpha Black

9 oz $$ Black No B+ AMAZON

Azodin Blitz

>5 oz $$$$ Black No B AMAZON

Tippmann Gryphon

> 5oz $$ Black No C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Nothing beats a paintball tournament with your buddies when enjoying a weekend out to de-stress after a long and tiring work week. However, even kids can have a heyday with their friends while enjoying paintball contests. Whether you’re buying a paintball gun for kids or for yourself, it pays to know what aspects to consider in this kind of gear.

1.Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

Suitable gun type for your needs

The different paintball markers on Amazon are of different types. The three most basic classification of paintball guns are: pump; mechanical; and electronic. The categorization depends on the mechanism for firing.

The oldest type of paintball market is the pump type. A pump paintball gun fires shots manually using a shotgun-like pump for cocking the marker and for positioning the next paintball for each shot in the chamber. A pump model is extremely reliable. It enables the player to stay focused on their accuracy and field skills rather than on firepower alone. This type of weapon offers the hardest means through which one gets initiated into the sport but the experience during use is quite rewarding most especially when you are up against semi-automatic weapons-wielding players.

A most common weapon in recreational playing fields is the mechanical paintball marker, a typically semi-automatic weapon that fires a single shot with every pull on the trigger. Often quite affordable and offering effortless maintenance, a mechanical weapon works a lot like an autofocus digital camera. Most guns of this type can operate on compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2). Refilling the tank/s is easy on a commercial field or at a well-stocked pro shop. CO2 is more readily available than compressed air but thankfully most mechanical markers offer versatile dual refuelling ability with both. Plenty of mechanical paintball markers come with a blowback design which features movement of a sear catch when the trigger is drawn. This system lets loose a hammer or striker under spring tension. The striker hits the valve, making way for a long enough opening through which the paintball is driven out the barrel. The resulting pressure also pushes the hammer back till it gets caught by the sear. The next paintball then falls into the space, ready for the next shot.

Electronic paintball guns have become more affordable than their former expensive stature back in the day. Utilizing an electronic solenoid to propel the marker, an electronic paintball gun typically employs a 9-volt battery or a rechargeable alternative to operate. The trigger trips a laser beam or clicks a microswitch when pulled, much like the mechanism of clicking a computer mouse, delivering extremely high firing rates. All the commands coursed to the solenoid are regulated and controlled by a circuit board. This enables an electronic marker to deliver a range of actions including ramping for extra shots when the trigger is pulled more than once, full auto, burst and other firing modes.

Electronic paintball guns are further subdivided into three basic types: electric sear tripper, spool valve and pneumatic poppet valve. An electric sear tipper is essentially a mechanical marker that employs an electronic solenoid for tripping the sear catch. A pneumatic poppet valve marker is similar to a blowback but utilizes a pressure-powered ram in place of a striker. A spool valve marker has no recoil and needs low maintenance because it only has a single moving part. It will not work with gas tanks of CO2. The spring return system is a hybrid of the three subtypes. It is a simplified system that leverages the forward driving of the bolt to propel the paintball while pushing the bolt back into position in readiness for the next shot using a string.


A feed system you can optimize

Majority of paintball markers are characterized by either an offset feed or a centerfeed. An offset feed is distinguished by the feedneck being oriented to the left or right (mostly) of the body, which enables you to carry out sighting straight down over the top of the marker’s barrel. This type of feed offers greater clearance and easy use with scopes and red dot sights that you can equip your marker with. This style of feedback is heavily preferred by those who are comfortable shooting traditional firearms.

On the other hand, a centerfeed or vertical feed marker comes with the feedneck mounted on the weapon’s top center. When aiming, you sight down the side of the gun and barrel. This results in an ambidextrous paintball marker that delivers greater balance while enabling slight tilting so the hopper is always situated behind cover. This may prove to be unnatural for some shooters, though.

2.Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

The best accessories to go with it

If you want genuine value for money, go for paintball markers that come in a complete package so you save time trying to figure out which accessories should go with the marker and then buying each one of those items separately. However, if the unit does not ship with its own set of accessories, these are the items you may want to get. Your paintball marker will come with an air tank. While most models employ carbon dioxide (CO2) tanks, some paintball guns use high pressure air (HPA). The primary difference between the two lies in the shot quantity. You get more shots from an HPA tank than a CO2 one of the same size. Moreover, don’t expect as much reliable performance from cheaper CO2 tank as you would from a more expensive HPA one.

The projectile is guided on a quick, straight path to the target thanks to the paintball barrel, which can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber or ceramic. You want low friction or a lower measure of resistance from the material to ensure higher speeds of travel for the projectile. You also want a longer barrel for good speed, more accuracy and a quieter shooting. The barrel should also provide fantastic venting to dampen the noise for stealth purposes.

Unlike guns that use magazines loaded with physical bullets, paintball markers come with paintballs contained in a tube-shaped plastic container called a pod. Pods are around 3 inches wide and from 10 to 14 inches long. Every pod can hold anywhere from 140 to 200 paintballs. Just open the pod lid and place the paintballs into a mechanical hopper or loader on the weapon. A lot of paintballs should be loadable into a pod, which should also offer an easy-to-open locking lid and low incidences of paintball breakage.

Attached to the weapon itself is the loader or hopper, into which you dump your ammunition and reload your gun. While some loaders deliver 10 to 12 balls per second (BPS), a gravity-fed hopper can be considerably slower at 8 BPS and can present higher probability of jamming.

To hold your paintball pods during the game, you will need a paintball harness. The harness should be easy to access when reloading and should allow quick pod extraction. It should also provide secure holding of the pods to prevent them from falling out during intense game activity. The harness can come with a pouch for the air tank if the weapon uses a remote air supply line, in which case the harness will be specified as ‘+1’ in the product description. Thus, a “5+1” harness means it can hold 5 pods and a single air tank. Some harnesses also offer storage capacity for a radio, maps and a hydration pack or water. Sometimes, there may be suspenders that help carry the weight of the supplies and other gear.

Some protective gear you may want to have in the package or get separately include a paintball mask, ideally with anti-fog technology in the form of a thermal lens or goggle fan, and a decent ventilation system. Some players purchase a chest protector, a neck protector, gloves, paintball pants, knee and elbow pads, and hardy paintball boots
There are plenty of paintball markers on the market, and this can make the shopping experience unduly complicated.



Top rated Paintball Guns in 2019


We recommend looking into the information provided in the above buying guide to help you become an educated consumer. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.


Our recommendations


Tippmann Cronus


1.Tippmann Cronus

Offering genuine value for money, the Tippmann Cronus Gun Player Package comes with everything you need in an exciting game of paintball. It ships with the upgradeable and customizable Tippmann Cronus gun, which boasts an impressive military simulation design to make beginner to intermediate players proud of their gear. You also get a brand new GXG XVSN Anti-Fog Paintball Mask for facial protection, a GXG Paintball 200-Round Gravity Feed Loader into which to dump your paintballs, a capacious 20-ounce aluminum CO2 tank and a GXG Paintball 6+1 Horizontal Harness Pack. The gun itself delivers superior reliability, performance, durability and accuracy. It is easy to handle thanks to its good balance and feel.


Buy from Amazon for ($149.95)




Tippmann Cronus Tactical 


2.Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is a fantastic entry-level marker engineered for easy handling and reliability in an affordable package. Solidly constructed, the gun can fire in all sorts of environmental conditions while ensuring enough simplicity to facilitate maintenance when needed. It features a ported A5-threaded barrel that enables a variety of aftermarket customizations. The mock suppressor is equipped with a front iron sight that ensures accurate shooting while being easy to detach for cleaning. The picatinny rails on the bottom, top and sides accommodate a variety of accessories such as optics, grips, flashlights and others. The optional collapsible stock can be replaced with the included end cap for covering the stock mounting point.


Buy from Amazon for ($109)




Dye Proto Rail 


3.Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Boasting a solid composite 4S frame, the Dye Proto Rail offers matchless toughness thanks to the durable nylon/fiberglass composite material. Get complete control thanks to the hourglass shape. The built-in heads up display LED offers status information on the marker to eliminate the guesswork. The Boomstick barrel undergoes multi-stage precision honing to deliver a 6-micron mirror finish for consistency and accuracy, with reduced air turbulence to eliminate unwanted ball spin. The eye pipe shields made of polycarbonate material protect the anti-chop eye system from chipped paint and dirt, ensuring a self-cleaning system to enable your eyes to monitor the breech and ball drop.


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Tippmann 98


One of the most reliable markers on the market for newbies is the Tippmann 98, which can also be used by the semi advanced level players. This product can last for a decade if properly maintained. It is easy to clean and replacement parts are available on the market but they are a little overpriced. A JT mask is included with anti fog film on inside the lens. If you are looking for a great marker at an affordable price, nothing can be better than Tippmann 98.


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US Army Alpha Black


The Alpha Black Marker is an amazing product for players of any level. From the beginners to advanced players, everyone loves the professional M16 like look. To make your maintenance easy, its many parts are kept the same as for Tippmann 98. This paintball also shots fairly fast and accurately, and you will be hated on the paintball battlefield by your opposition. It costs a reasonable price, even with all the available accessories. This sturdy marker runs many years if maintained properly. Get into the battle right now!


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Azodin Blitz


Top rated Paintball Guns in 2019This paintball marker can provide you the similar service of those high end markers like Timmy, Angel, and Shocker but the price is lower than those items. It has a electronic trigger with four programmable modes. Fast and accurate shooting will allow you to survive on the battlefield for longer periods. For a price as low as $170 and as high as $200, you can get this master gun for your next battle. This paintball marker is easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, it is not loud when you shoot.


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Tippmann Gryphon


You can get into the paintball game with this Tippmann Gryphon Marker. It is not heavy at all, it’s easy to clean and maintain, in addition, it shots quietly. The smooth trigger pull allows you to fire at ease. This thing is well constructed with solid materials. It is a cheap edition that demands a reduced price range. We made it easy for you to choose the best product from our best paintball guns reviews. Because of these, life becomes so easy while shopping in the internet.


Buy from Amazon for ($84.95)




Tippmann Alpha Black – Not Available


Best Paintball Guns Reviews The Alpha Black Markers feature a realistic military appearance, and incorporates several other popular features. This is a durable paintball gun on which you can depend during war time. It has an affordable price tag, which is not too much for this professional looking marker. All the receivers are made of aluminum thus making it lightweight so that you can easily participate in custom battles. You can rely on the best paintball guns reviews to give you reliable information about this model.