If you’re here just to find the best paintball marker and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information on the best products on the market by consulting the best paintball marker reviews and  comparing what they say with actual owner feedback, for a more objective evaluation. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Dye Proto Rail is undoubtedly the best because of its employment of fuse bolt technology that enables easy screwing and unscrewing for hassle-free cleaning. The O-rings are color coded for simplified maintenance, while consistent airflow is provided with the durable solenoid features. Aside from a non-slip grip, the paintball marker also features a small, lightweight Hyper3 regulator that delivers smooth velocity adjustment and high flow. If the Dye Proto Rail is unavailable, we strongly suggest getting the second best option, the US Army Project Salvo.



How to Choose a New Paintball Marker


It pays to own the best paintball marker of 2019 if you are to dominate the playing field. Good quality paintball guns come with a price but that doesn’t mean you can’t own a decent weapon without shelling out a sizable amount of money. All it takes is to know what is essential and what is not, and these elements are definitely worth looking into in a paintball marker.

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The type worth shooting with

Whether it’s the best electronic paintball marker you have in your hand or a mechanical one, bear in mind that both types serve basically the same purpose; to shoot paint but only using different systems. If you need reliability, go for a mechanical paintball marker, which comes with low maintenance factors. Mechanical paintball guns come with cheap replacement parts as well. If you like to take things apart and put them back together, a mechanical model will suit you fine.

If you don’t really care to simply own a mechanical gun, perhaps an electronic model will suit your needs more. You will want an electro-pneumatic type that runs on batteries and circuit. In terms of repair and maintenance, you may have to spend more but the supplied kit can somehow decrease that factor significantly. Some models even feature modes that enable setting of firing modes.


Feel is more important than looks

It’s a huge mistake to choose a gun just because you like its looks. Focus first on how the weapon feels and how heavy it is, and take that in relation to how you usually play You will want a light but sturdy marker if you’re the type who alternates between running in and staying back. A customizable weapon is also best for this purpose. If you’re into sniping, you want the gun to be equipped with a long barrel. Scenario and woodsball players need a durable gun that easily blends with the surrounding, nothing shiny and flashy. A smaller weapon is what speedball players need. The bottomline: choose a weapon that boasts good balance and feel.

In every playing situation, you want a portable and comfortable enough weapon that allows you to hold it easily when you have to run around or over obstacles. Most players prefer an average quality marker that is easily upgradeable via a new barrel to improve its accuracy level. Those who take part in extended scenario games will appreciate a more reliable, durable and accurate weapon.


Easy upgradeability

Some models are immensely popular because they come with bolt-on accessories. They use real sights and scopes as well as mock silencers and magazines to provide a real military look. You can choose from a selection of scopes and red dot sights to TAC lights and laser pointers. An essential add-on is a strap for easy carrying of the weapon around your shoulders. Some scopes boast night vision, but this is not necessary if you don’t really go paintballing at night. The barrel of markers can be replaced at option.



Top Rated Paintball Markers in 2019


There are plenty of paintball markers on the market, making the buying decision a difficult one to make. Hopefully, the buying guide above can help you make an informed decision. We have also showcased the best products below to make your buying journey less bumpy.




Dye Proto Rail


1.Dye Proto Rail Paintball GunOutfitted with the revolutionary Fuse Bolt Technology, the Dye Proto Rail makes it easy to maintain the weapon because the bolt unscrews and screws back easily. The color coded O-rings also simplify maintenance. Get consistent airflow with a very short dwell of just 40 milliseconds with the durable Rail solenoid features. The non-slip grip is complemented by the small, lightweight Hyper3 regulator, which provides high flow along with smooth velocity adjustment. Delivering the ultimate in ergonomic handling, this weapon ensures comfort and ease of use with its adjustable trigger.

The aluminum body, trigger and bolt are fused together solidly. Designed for authentic top level performance, this model is genuinely the best paintball marker under 300. It ships with all you need for out-of-the-box functionality including a parts kits, barrel sock, dye slick lube and 9-volt battery. It boasts a potential rate of fire from 1 to 34 balls per second. The battery is geared to deliver 40,000 shots in its lifetime.


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US Army Project Salvo


2.US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker GunDesigned to resemble a real military gun, the US Army Project Salvo comes with an aluminum receiver that ensures resilience against chipping and corrosion. It features the exclusive inline bolt system from Tippmann, which has demonstrated reliable performance in the field. The AR-15 look is supplemented with a 6-position folding or collapsible stock, allowing maximum flexibility an easy storage. The shroud comes with four picatinny rails to accommodate sights, handles and scopes plus a variety of other modifications. The AR-15 style magazine doubles as a helpful toolkit.

This paintball marker can easily be enhanced with an eGrip and other exceptional performance upgrades, including a Flatline Barrel, Response Trigger and Cyclone Feed System. It comes with a front sling mount for hassle-free attachment of a strap so you can easily carry the weapon around your shoulder. The front and rear sights the weapon comes with are adjustable and removable so you can enjoy greater flexibility.


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Tippmann Cronus


1.Tippmann-Cronus-Tactical-Paintball-MarkerThe Tippmann Cronus offers real value for money, as it comes with a super affordable price without scrimping on winning features. The proven inline bolt design ensures a solid build. The composite body is geared to withstand high impact. This is the perfect beginner’s weapon thanks to its easy feel and stress-free holding, with little recoil. It feels balanced in the hands, whether it carries a tank or not. The molded rubber grips ensure slip-free handling. This high quality marker shoots well. This cool-looking weapon is serviceable in all aspects. The internal gas line ensures comfort and makes the marker easy to maneuver during critical moments.

This model features both CO2 and HPA air capability, for versatility. Enabling hassle-free customization, it can be used for your unique playing style. The multiple rails allow problem-free modifications. You can even upgrade it to a Tactical Edition. This means you don’t get stuck with an unalterable plain design.


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