If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best paintball masks money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best paintball masks on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the JT Spectra Flex 8 is the best model for sale because it is designed to be comfortable and functional. The mask provides full coverage, while the goggles ensure that you have a clear 260 degree field of vision. The mask is also vented for continuous airflow and to make communication easier. If the JT Spectra Flex 8 is not available, you could consider the HK Army KLR as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


Your paintball mask is an important piece of gear, and it is often overlooked. Not only does it protect your face, but it also allows you to see your opponent or intended target. To ensure you find the best paintball mask for the money we have included the following tips in this helpful buying guide.


One of the first aspects to consider when you are looking for a paintball mask is the fit. If the mask doesn’t fit properly it will not only be uncomfortable to wear, it probably won’t be able to give you the protection that you need. Since trying on a paintball mask is difficult due to the way it is usually packaged, you will want to pay attention to its quality. Most well constructed paintball masks often come with adjustable straps and soft foam padding to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


Fog resistance

Unless you plan to always play paintball in an air conditioned building, you will want to choose a mask that doesn’t fog. Paintball masks that come with a thermal lens are fog resistant, but you can also find some that only have a single pane. If you do choose a single lens paintball mask you will want to carefully read the product description to make sure that it is fog proof. Anti fog masks are also recommended for glasses since you have to prevent both types of lenses from clouding over.


Field of view

If you want to survive a paintball match you need a mask with a good field of view. The quality of the mask will affect its field of view, and this is something to consider when you are deciding on a budget. A wider field of view will allow you to see more action on the side without turning your head, making it easier for you to keep an eye on the targets. This also allows you to see any side movements so you can avoid being bunkered.



Top Rated Paintball Masks in 2019


A good paintball mask is important if you want to be protected, and still see all of the action around you. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best paintball masks of 2019 showcased below.



JT Spectra Flex 8


1-jt-spectra-flex-8Since it comes with a thermal lens it is easy to see why the Spectra Flex 8 is considered the best anti fog paintball mask. It can be comfortably worn over glasses, and will also prevent these lenses from fogging over so you will always be able to clearly see your targets. Even though this paintball mask is designed to cover your entire head, you can still enjoy a wide 260 degree field of vision. This allows you to see side movements without having to turn your head and lose sight of targets in front of you. The soft pads on the side help to protect your ears from direct hits, along with ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. You will also appreciate the vented openings that not only allow a continual flow of fresh air, but also make it easier to communicate with your teammates.


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2-hk-army-paintball-klrWhether you need a paintball mask for beginners or experienced players you might want to consider the KLR by HK Army. It comes with a thermal lens that is resistant to fogging, and this mask can also be easily worn over glasses. To ensure a comfortable and secure fit the mask comes with 3D memory foam padding that will also protect your ears from hard side hits. The straps can also be easily adjusted to fit almost any size head. The face vents ensure that you have a continual airflow, and also make it easier to communicate. With a wide field of vision you can easily see targets in front and off to the side, and you also don’t have to worry about glare thanks to the UV/IR coating on the thermal lens.


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JT Spectra Proflex Empire


3-empire-paintball-jtIf you are looking for a paintball mask that is functional, comfortable and stands out from the others the Empire by JT might be perfect for you. Its sleek design will make even a beginner feel intimidating, and you will love being able to choose from several stylish colors. Since it comes with a thermal lens fogging is never a problem, even if you are also wearing prescription glasses. You will also appreciate how comfortable this mask feels when you are wearing it thanks to the soft rubber padding. The padding also helps to protect your ears from side hits, while also ensuring a comfortable fit. Adding to your comfort are the vented openings that allow air to flow freely. This also makes it easier to communicate with your teammates, which is always an advantage. The Empire even comes with a small sack in case you need to store extra lenses.


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