An Expert Buying Guide on Paraffin Baths


A paraffin bath is the type of spa treatment you can get at home without having to visit an expensive beauty salon. Paraffin baths are usually expensive, but best paraffin bath reviews point out some products that are more reasonably priced. Get informed before purchasing one, as it may save you money and help you avoid a model that is not a good fit for your personal requirements.


Many people prefer using a slow cooker to heat up the paraffin needed to soothe the pain in their joints, but this is a less than ideal solution. A paraffin bath comes with its own tub that allows you to soak your hands, feet or elbows. Besides the therapeutic effect, paraffin has the ability to make your skin smoother, which is why it is used by many spas. Keep in mind to purchase a paraffin bath that comes with a decently sized tub, so you can have enough space to soak your aching joints.


Temperature settings

What a slow cooker does is to heat the paraffin constantly until it is melted and reaches a certain temperature. However, what a slow cooker does not have is the possibility to adjust this temperature. This is where a paraffin bath proves its utility once more. With multiple temperature setting, a paraffin bath allows more control and you never have to fear you are going to get burned.


Type of paraffin used

Odorless paraffin is much preferred by many users, as a lot of best paraffin bath reviews show. The thing with this type of paraffin is that it allows you to add different types of scented oils, as you prefer. Another advantage odorless paraffin has is that it does not heat as quickly as other oils and no accidents can occur.



If you are shopping on a budget, you most probably want to stay away from pricey items. Some paraffin baths can be really expensive, so it is up to you to shop around a bit, until you find one that suits your budget. Keep in mind that more expensive does not necessarily mean better, and finding a paraffin bath with a decent price tag is not impossible.


Top  Rated Paraffin Baths in 2019


We want to offer our help in finding the best paraffin bath 2019. The following products enjoy a lot of popularity among users, as they are convenient, efficient and they help people get rid of the nasty pains caused by arthritis, even if only temporary. Use this guide to make a better, more informed choice.


Therabath TB6 Professional Paraffin Bath


The Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath was designed with comfort in mind. The large tub allows deep immersion, and it can hold up to 9 pounds of wax, which is more than any other model sold on the market. The paraffin used is scent free, so anyone can use it and add their preferred scents afterwards. The product is made in USA and it enjoys an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users.

Therabath is a reputable company that has been around for decades. Customers’ satisfaction comes first for them, and this is easy to notice from how users comment on the great advantages offered by this professional paraffin bath.

Apparently, Therabath is not only in a competition with other manufacturers, but also with itself, as the tub for this particular model is 25% deeper than previous paraffin baths made by the company. This allows the user to truly immerse their joints in heated paraffin for the best health results. Best paraffin bath reviews mention this product from Therabath as one that is truly worth the investment. Although more expensive than other models, it comes with certain advantages that cannot be ignored. The handles make it easy to move around, and the aluminum tub is energy efficient.

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Dr. Scholl’s DRSP3752 Quick Heat Paraffin Spa Bath


Another product that can be considered the best paraffin bath 2019 is this model from Dr. Scholl. It is less expensive than the paraffin bath described above, but it has its own fair share of advantages. For starters, it is ideal for pain relief in the joints and for removing dry skin from elbows, feet and hands. Holding 3 pounds of wax, it also has multiple heat level settings, so you can adjust it according to your comfort.

The dial on the tub is easy to use and understand and it can be used to adjust the settings. A light indicator will stay on so that you know that the machine is operating.

You will definitely appreciate the extras this paraffin bath comes equipped with. Two thermal mitts and 30 liners for the gloves are available, to make manipulating the tub easier. A wide range of affections become easier to treat with the help of this product you will find mentioned by many best paraffin bath reviews.

Safety is not an issue with it, either. The tub will bring the wax to its melting temperature in 60 minutes and it will maintain it warm enough without being too hot.

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Revlon Moisturestay RVSP3501 Quick Heat Paraffin Bath


This product from Revlon is mainly a great addition to anyone’s personal spa collection of items, but it is useful for pain relief, as well. Similar to Dr. Scholl’s Quick Heat Paraffin Spa Bath, it is one of the top rated paraffin baths 2019 you can now purchase for a very convenient price. While some paraffin baths can be pretty expensive, this is not the case with the Revlon Moisturestay Quick Heat Paraffin Bath.

Everything you want and expect in a paraffin bath is met in this product. The tub hold 3 pounds of wax, and it takes just one hour to have the wax melted and warm enough to start producing positive effects. Extras are also provided, in the form of a pair of thermal mitts and 30 glove liners. You will find these handy when you want to grab the tub and place it someplace more comfortable for your use.

You can use this Revlon paraffin bath as a great way to make dry skin smoother. The tub is large enough for your hands and feet, and you can even soak your elbows in this bath. The therapeutic effect of paraffin is greatly appreciated because it greatly helps against the pains caused by arthritis.

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