Pasta makers price comparison


Indeed, there is nothing better than pasta dishes made with the use of freshly made pasta at home. By making your own homemade pasta, you can make it a lot tastier and, more importantly, healthier – perfect for the whole family. Of course, to be able to make good pasta, you will need the best pasta maker at your disposal.


Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine


Best pasta makers ratingsEfficient and affordable, that pretty much sums up the Marcato Atlas pasta maker. Given the best pasta makers ratings, the Marcato Atlas makes it very much possible for you to make with much ease authentic pasta that is tastier than those you can find on the supermarket shelves. With a body made out of chrome plated aluminum and cutters as well as rollers made of anodized aluminum – this product is durable and tough. Moreover, the 9-position, easily adjustable dial also allows you to create pasta in varying thicknesses, giving you the chance to prepare different kinds of pasta dishes.


Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Machine


 Spaghetti, fettuccine, tagliolini, flat double sheet – you can make all these different varieties of pasta with the help of this wonderful equipment. With a body made of solid chrome plated steel, and cutters and rollers made of durable anodized aluminum, and gears made of hardened tempered steel, the Marcato Atlas Wellness is truly a heavy duty cooking instrument. Moreover, since the materials used in the construction of this product are devoid of heavy metals like nickel and chromium, you get not only tastier, but healthier results as well.


CucinaPro 150 Imperia Pasta Machine


Another product given the best pasta makers ratings, the CucinaPro 150 Imperia can help you make fresh as well as tasty pasta right there in the comforts of your very own home. Made with tough and heavy duty chrome plated steel, this particular pasta maker, with its wide 6” roller with dual cutter head, enables you to make fettuccini, and even very thin spaghetti, fast and without encountering any problems whatsoever. It also has an easy-lock adjustment dial as well as a wood grip handle which makes for easy cranking of the dough.


Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster Pasta Maker


One of the most robust and efficient pasta making machines sold these days, according to many food experts and specialists, the Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster is a full cycle pasta machine that is more than capable of making 3lbs worth of pasta in just 20 minutes, without you having to worry about anything, which is simply remarkable! This product is powered by a 300 Watt motor and also has an anti-overheat automatic shut off switch. It is also capable of creating 8 different kinds of pasta and comes with a cookbook that offers 38 delectable recipes that you can try out.


Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine


This product is given the best pasta makers ratings, simply because it is the best! The Prime Pacific stainless steel pasta machine is a super efficient and super durable piece of equipment. It has adjustable rollers with 7 different thickness settings. Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna and fettuccini, you can make all of these with much ease using the Prime Pacific. Moreover, this product also has a detachable handle and counter clamp that enables you to store the equipment with ease.