If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best PDA money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best PDAs on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Dell Axim X51v proved to be the absolute best due to its outstanding features. Its good quality 3.7 inch TFT display will let you see all the information you need on the screen, so you can easily access it. Fast access to information is what PDAs are made for and this one excels in this field. The 16MB of video memory are enough for displaying information accurately, so you do not encounter any mishaps when you have to use the PDA at work, or otherwise. Integrated Bluetooth is another great feature of this already complete PDA model. If the Dell Axim X51v is unavailable, you could also consider the Dell Axim X30 as the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Memory Wi-Fi Our Rating Where to buy

Palm Z22

4 x 2 x 3 inch $$ 32 MB No A+ AMAZON

HP iPAQ 211

0.7 x 3 x 5.3 inch $$$$ 256 MB YES A AMAZON

HP iPAQ 111

0.6 x 2.6 x 4.5 inch $$$ 256 MB YES B+ AMAZON

Palm Tungsten E2

0.6 x 3.1 x 4.5 inch $$ 32 MB No B AMAZON

Palm TX

0.6 x 3.1 x 4.8 inch $$ 128 MB YES C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


PDAs truly deserve their names as personal digital assistants because this is what they do. They help you schedule appointments and keep track of your contacts, and they are your most loyal secretaries, since they never forget an important date nor do they need to take an extra day off just when you least expect it. In order to get a good and reliable PDA, you will need to find a model that is suitable for your needs. Certain professions require a PDA more than others, and there are even PDAs created with the specific needs of these professionals in mind. For instance, PDAs for real estate agents keep better track of appointments and they are easy to organize, since these professionals get in contact more often with unknown people than others. Read the following buying guide and find out what makes a great PDA, to begin with.


Decide on the operating system you need

Back in the days, there were very few options when it came to what kind of operating system you should have on your PDA. Palm OS and Pocket PC are still the leaders on this market, but there are new players who are trying to steal clients by offering more advanced features. T-Mobile Sidekick and RIM Blackberry are two such players, and, among the extras they offer, a comfortable keyboard ranks high. Palm OS units are very common, and you can find them in both color and monochrome screens. Usually, they need third party software for various tasks, so, if this is not the type of thing for you, you may want to opt for Pocket PC. Offering you a version of the popular Windows system, Pocket PC is considered the most reliable operating system for PDAs. Ready to be synched with all the Microsoft Office applications in existence, this operating system is handy and makes any PDA with it installed, a really convenient and great choice.


How much memory do you need?

Depending on what you want to use the PDA for, you may want to get one with more memory than others. For instance, if you just need a PDA unit for storing contact information and for scheduling a few important events, you will not need more than 16 MB. Usually, the models with the least amount of memory are also the cheapest, so this is something you may want to keep in mind. However, if you intend to run more complex software on your PDA, such as Microsoft Office applications, you will find that you will need at least 32 MB of memory. For medical professionals, a PDA with decent memory is a must, since they may need their units for more complex tasks. The 64 MB models are the best out there, and they can be used for playing audio files, as well as video files. Some people even prefer using their PDAs to listen to music, so, for them, a model with more memory is the indicated choice.


Some features to consider

If you want your PDA to be more than the run of the mill device anyone has, you may want to consider some extra features. Bluetooth compatibility is one such feature, in a world where synching various digital devices together is of the utmost importance. Some models can even be used as cell phones at the same time, which is not something to ignore, seeing that it can become pretty annoying to carry several digital devices with you everywhere you go. Audio and video features are also considered a necessity by many, and from all the models now available for sale, these people choose the ones that come equipped with the most features. A small built-in keyboard is a pretty cool extra you may want to have, since touching the screen in order to introduce information can become tiresome rather fast. Do keep in mind to see the list of extras provided, before purchasing a PDA, since it may tip the balance in favor of a model or another.



Top rated PDAs in 2019


Now that you know more about PDAs and how they can help you in your work, get ready to find out about the best models available, as they are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Dell Axim X51v 



If you are looking for a really dependable model that can act as your true digital assistant, you cannot go wrong with the Dell Axim X51v. The model sports a really nice and good quality display that will deliver information with superior clarity and one of its greatest features is its Bluetooth compatibility. It is also Wi-Fi compatible, so any kind of network you want to use, you will have it right at your fingertips. This model runs on Windows mobile, so it is up with the times and you will never feel like out of touch when using your PDA on the street or any other crowded places.


Buy from Amazon for ($249)




Dell Axim X30 



This Pocket PC PDA is a really nice item for all your scheduling needs. Its True Color display will render all the information you need in nice vibrant colors, and its networking capabilities will help you keep in touch with everyone you need. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible, this is the kind of PDA you should get if you want to get really great value for your money. The USB synch cradle is a pretty nice touch, since it will allow you to connect your PDA with USB ready devices. A slip case is provided with your purchase.


Buy from Amazon for ($175.9)




Palm Z22


Best PDA reviews

Considered by thousands of users as the best PDA in 2019, Palm Z22 handheld delivers high performance every time you use it. With a cool and modern design Palm Z22 is quite affordable and efficient with a solid 32 MB of flash memory and a bright color screen which displays the data consulted. As you can imagine the Palm Z22 is the perfect replacement to any messy paper organizer that takes more of your time. Palm Z22 weighs in only 3 ounces thus allowing you to use the device with ease and no restrictions at all.


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HP iPAQ 211


The majority of the latest top rated PDA reviews coming from technicians and specialists underline the efficiency of the HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise handheld device, a product very popular in the US and Canada alike. If you are working in IT or other electronic fields it is very important to have at your side a professional and high quality PDA. The HP iPAQ 211, through its unique features and solid functionality, allows you to maximize better your results and thus improve the general feedback. This model from HP is 2/3-inch thin and weighs in less than 7 ounces which makes it ideal to hold in your hand and use with confidence.


Buy from Amazon for ($424.99)




HP iPAQ 111 Classic


A growing number of the latest top rated PDA reviews underline the fluid functionality and efficiency of the iPAQ 111 classic handheld model from HP. This PDA from HP comes equipped with Windows Mobile 6 classic operating system and also a precise 3.5-inch touchscreen. Furthermore HP iPAQ allows the user to view and also edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files due to the presence of Microsoft Office Mobile. You should also know that HP iPAQ 111 can sync email and also check out your calendar.


Buy from Amazon for ($387.5)




Palm Tungsten E2


According to the latest top rated PDA reviews coming from technicians and satisfied users it seems that Palm Tungsten E2 handheld model is one of the best models from the man available on the market today. The E2 Tungsten has 320 x 320 transflective TFT color display with the highly acclaimed touchscreen feature that helps you to better control the device. Palm Tungsten E2 has the built-in Bluetooth technology that connects it with compatible wireless device that might include smartphones, laptops and even printers.


Buy from Amazon for ($136)




Palm TX


With a sleek, modern and advanced design, Palm TX handheld PDA, as one of the best PDA in 2019 regarding quality and efficiency, represents your chance to fully organize your life and thus obtain quality results in any of your projects. Palm TX PDA comes equipped with 128 MB of flash memory and a big 320 x 480 screen that delivers precision and reliability every time it is used. You should also know that the TX PDA has built-in wireless connectivity system of 802.11b and also a Bluetooth system which permits the user to connect it with other compatible devices.


Buy from Amazon for ($155.86)