What to Consider When Buying a Top Pedestal Fan


When you want an appliance that can effortlessly move air around the room to cool you down, you have to know what distinguishes the really top notch models from the awfully lousy pedestal fans. Reading the best pedestal fan reviews is always good advice before heading out to the shops and making a purchase.

Best pedestal fan

Height and Angle Adjustability

Many of the products featured in the best pedestal fan reviews are designed with an adjustable height and head angle. This provides you with genuine options on how and where the pedestal fan can be utilized. You may want the fan breeze to blow higher than your knees so height adjustability is convenient. Most fans come with a collar that you loosen and tighten to get the cooling height you prefer.

The fan head should also be adjustable so you can obtain an indirect breeze when you want, especially if a direct breeze is too powerful for you.


Variable Speed Settings

Typically, the top rated pedestal fans 2019 are equipped with variable fan speed settings, so you can program the unit to run at a specific level that is comfortable for your needs. You can vary the fan speed from a gentle breeze to a full blast of air at your option. Cooler temperature can be obtained with higher speed settings that also offer control. You also need to ensure that the airflow is perfectly balanced with the power consumption, to get the most out of every hour of use.

The option for the fan to blow only in one direction instead of left and right should be assured.



The fan grate should have well-spaced grilles that can prevent fingers or paws from slipping through easily. The base should strongly support the unit and keep the fan stable. A grounded cord offers an extra factor of safety. An ETL Safety Listing is a bonus.


Noise Level and Controls

The best pedestal fan 2019 runs with minimal noise, if any. A whisper-quiet motor ensures undisturbed and restful rest or hassle-free use when you’re watching TV.

You should be able to choose the settings on the fan with an easy press of a button or switch. Some models are equipped with an automatic timer that allows you to program the fan to run from 30 minutes up to three hours.

Some models come with a remote control for effortless use.


Top Rated Pedestal Fans in 2019


Keeping yourself comfortably cool during extremely hot days can be easy with the right purchase of a pedestal fan. There are plenty of brands and models on the market, which can prove to be overwhelming especially for the first time buyer. To simplify the search, we have three great units here from which you can check out the features you want so you can make a suitable purchase.


Rowenta VU5551 Pedestal Fan


1.Rowenta VU5551 Pedestal FanTruly the most powerful yet most quiet stand fan by Rowenta, the VU5551 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan outshines all other products in the same category thanks to its impressive airflow. The five blades work together seamlessly to circulate air up to 2,436 cubic feet per minute, enabling you to enjoy an instant strong sensation of cool air. This fan can soothingly cool you during those hot summer days and nights when turning the air conditioner on the whole time will just burn a very large hole in your pocket. The propeller is outfitted with five uniquely configured yet super-powerful blades that slice the air and move it around.

The powerful blades are designed to move the air at a quiet level, so you can still do your work, sleep or enjoy TV without being distracted by noise. Awesomely, the pedestal fan can move air with a noise rating from 40 to 57 decibels, equivalent to the sound level you have in a library. This fan has a collar that can be loosened or tightened to adjust the height from 42 to 54 inches. The electronic remote lets you enjoy the fan features from any spot in the room. A knob on the fan head lets you keep the head steady in a single direction, for focused cooling. The base is engineered to provide stability.

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Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan


2.Lasko 1827 Pedestal FanThe Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan is equipped with wide oscillation capability that enables it to cover a large area easily. The pedestal fan has a uniquely patterned grill that keeps fingers or paws from slipping through too easily, effectively preventing injury to children and pets. With its simple, tool-less assembly, the Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan can be up and running in minutes. This appliance combines elegant looks and impressive performance to give you awesome air circulation that can easily complement an air conditioner, or that you can use on its own to distribute air in the room efficiently.

The height of the fan can be adjusted between 38 inches and 54.5 inches to suit your preference. Height adjustment is facilitated via the collar that you can simply tighten or loosen. The stable base supports the whole unit capably. The five leaf-like blades slice the air and generate a cool breeze to soothe you during the hot summer months. The ETL listed pedestal fan is equipped with a patented fused safety plug that protects against electrical shock. The fan’s tilt-back feature enables you to adjust the angle of the head so it doesn’t have to blow directly at you. This can prevent the drying effects on your skin of a full direct blast of air during fan operation and also facilitates focused delivery of air when needed.

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Keystone KSTFA125AG Pedestal Fan


3.Keystone KSTFA125AG Pedestal FanThe KSTFA125AG Pedestal Fan from Keystone is equipped with a strong 12-inch blade that moves air around so you can enjoy simple cooling without having to switch on the air conditioner. The pedestal fan is engineered with three push-button speed settings that enable you to choose the level of air circulation you want for a comfortable experience every time. The timer enables you to program the fan to run for up to three hours in thirty-minute increments, which helps you save on energy consumption. This is also a nice feature when using the fan to supplement an air conditioner.

The Keystone KSTFA125AG Pedestal Fan is height adjustable from 26 inches to 34 inches, so you can raise or lower it to cool at the setting you prefer, whether on the floor or on a tabletop. The vertical tilt adjustment allows you to modify the angle of the head so the fan can direct cooling air at a specific level. The oscillating option drives the fan head to move from side to side to circulate air evenly. This pedestal fan requires easy assembly so you can have it running in no time. This fan is a perfect summer companion to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink when you need it.

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