What to Consider When Buying a New Pendant Light


People read the best pendant light reviews to be able to find a product that can enhance the modern home. Originally intended as a solo light fixture, a pendant light is frequently hung in a row or pattern with others to add an elegant and clean look to any area of the house or commercial establishment. Pendant lights have the same attractive appearance and illuminating functionality as chandeliers. These elements make a pendant light a premium purchase.

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Right Size and Style

When checking out the best pendant light reviews, remember to match the location and purpose of the unit with its size. Pendant lights can vary in size from 5 inches to 43 inches wide.

Typical hanging heights can range between 24 and 30 inches. An included adjustable chain or extension rod helps modify the hanging height. The purpose of the pendant light will determine the hanging height. A pendant light on an entryway should be seven foot above the floor. The light should suspend 30 inches above a table or 30 to 40 inches above a counter. The distance between the tallest person’s head bottom of the unit should at least be 20 to 25 inches.

Pendant lighting can be in delicate globe styles that are as tiny as teacups, or enormous balls of glass-encased lighting. Small lights are typically hung in a row for ample illumination or to add ambience or character to a usually drab area. Large ones are normally used by themselves.

Mini-globes are a great alternative to track lighting or task lighting especially in the kitchen.

The shape or type of shade used for the pendant light can facilitate up or down positioning. Inverted pendants channel light towards the ceiling, allowing mood or ambient lighting. Open-bottom pendants stream light downward, perfect for task lighting.


Material and Finish

Pendant lights use a range of materials including metal, glass, plastic and cloth. For natural diffusion of light in any direction, clear glass is a great choice. Metals equipped with shiny finishes such as brushed nickel or polished chrome can also help reflect light. A drum-shaped pendant light that uses cloth can collect dust easily, so it is best used in areas where quick dusting is all you need to do cleaning. Plastic is the most cost-effective material, but its tendency for discoloration necessitates placement in low-traffic areas to ensure lasting use.

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LED or Standard Bulbs

For task lighting, opt for the top rated pendant lights 2019 with LED bulbs, which are cost and energy efficient. Ultimately, it is the style of the pendant that determines the right kind of bulb that it should carry. Remember, though, that LED bulbs last longer than standard ones, which need frequent replacements.


Setup and Cord Length

The best pendant light 2019 may be a plug-in type that requires a longer cord but is less laborious to setup.

Hardwired models provide a more polished, cleaner look but can require installation skills. They’re a better long-term alternative, though.

The cord should be at least 4 to 6 inches long when the pendant light is hardwired, and at least 9 inches long for a plug-in unit.


Top Rated Pendant Lights in 2019


When buying pendant lights, you may have to do some reading in order to find out what best fits your needs. The search is never an easy one, considering the sheer number of models and manufacturers of this type of fixture. To ease the burden of having to search everywhere, we present five terrific products from which you can choose to enhance your living space.


Kichler Lighting 42878NI Brinley Mini-Pendant


1. Kichler Lighting 42878NI Brinley Mini-PendantMeasuring 4.75 inches in diameter and 7.75 inches tall, the Kichler Lighting 42878NI Brinley Mini-Pendant livens up your living space and gives it more character. The pendant lighting fixture needs just one 100-watt medium base incandescent bulb to illuminate the specific area it’s used in. The clear glass shade ensures that light diffuses all around, while the brushed nickel finish reflects light even more for distribution. UL listed for dry, indoor locations, the Kichler Lighting 42878NI Brinley Mini-Pendant is perfect for use in the living room or any area of the house that needs ambience. The multifaceted pendant light can give any room an updated look.

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Canarm Ltd. IPL359A01BPT Margo Mini Pendant Light


2.CANARM LTD. IPL359A01BPTThe Canarm Ltd. IPL359A01BPT Margo Mini Pendant Light is a contemporary lighting fixture that easily blends functionality and style. Providing great illumination in any area, the pendant light looks great alone and looks even lovelier when used in a group of similar models. The brushed pewter finish lends even more brilliance to the pendant light. The painted glass intensifies the pristine brightness of the light while ensuring a clean, neat appearance. The fixture utilizes a separately purchased 100-watt Type A bulb. The recommended hanging height is 58.25 inches. The 4.75-inch width offers just enough coverage for a small section of a room.

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Globe Electric 65114 Vintage Edison Pendant Light Fixture


3.Globe Electric 65114 VintageAdding a vintage industrial feel to any room, the Globe Electric 65114 Pendant Light Fixture carries a vintage Edison style. This plug-in model allows easy installation in traditional and contemporary homes, bars and restaurants. The hanging plug comes with a 15-foot cord and integrated power switch to simplify installation without the need for major electrical modifications or upgrades for customization to your preferred look. Inspired by factory lighting, the Globe Electric 65114 Pendant Light Fixture is fully dimmable so you can get the perfect ambience for any room and mood. It comes with all the needed mounting hardware and works nicely with a separately purchased 60-watt light bulb.

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Ecopower Industrial Edison Vintage Pendant Light


4.Ecopower IndustrialThe Ecopower Industrial Edison Vintage Pendant Light makes a sensible long-term investment that can enhance any area of the home. It is a UL-listed hanging light fixture outfitted with a clear glass enclosure that can effectively diffuse the brightness of the separately purchased bulb to provide larger area coverage. Measuring 280mm in diameter, the pendant shade is a uniquely attractive component on the lighting fixture. The 200mm hanging height ensures that the lighting fixture is kept away from everyone’s heads so as not to cause repeated ducking underneath it. Aside from the canopy, a black cord with a metal base cap provides problem-free hard-wired installation.

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Westinghouse 6100800 Mini Pendant


5.Westinghouse 6100800The Westinghouse 6100800 Mini Pendant is an industrial-inspired lighting fixture equipped with hand-blown clear-seeded glass to give it a uniquely elegant style. The oil-rubbed bronze finish ensures resistance to corrosion while lending a reflective quality to the lighting fixture. Measuring seven inches in diameter, the pendant light offers good coverage when used with a separately bought medium-base 60-watt light bulb. The maximum length of the cord is 50 inches for problem-free professional hardwired installation. The 60-inch high fixture offers enough room to move around under. The ETL/CETL listed pendant light comes with a five-year limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

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