Expert Buying Guide on Penny Boards


Picking a good Penny board can be quite challenging especially if you’re a beginner. Just as an experienced guitar player should know what type of strings to use for his guitar, what type of material produces the best sound, and what shape allows better sound resonance among other things, a Penny boarder would typically need to know quite a lot about skateboards before making a decision. For beginners, though, this is rarely the case. With that in mind, this buying guide aims to help you find the best Penny board 2019 has in store for you by listing down the most important aspects you should look into. We want to avoid getting bogged down by too much technical jargon, so instead of getting anal over technical specs, we’ve chosen the best Penny board reviews from actual Penny boarders and have extracted the aspects they deemed most important in choosing one.

Best Penny Board

Build Quality

All skateboards are created based on a fundamental set of parts, which include wheels, bearings, decks, and trucks. Not all those parts, however, are equal in quality. If everything but the wheels, for example, is sturdily created, you may end up with a surfboard instead of a skateboard after a few months of rough usage. That being said, it’s important to invest in a Penny board with high quality parts, especially since Penny boarding involves a lot of moves that require accuracy and precision; a millisecond of instability could lead to a few months of immobility.



To date, there are two sizes of Penny Boards you can choose from: Penny boards that were 22” in length and Penny nickel boards that were 27” in length. The former is typically called the classic Penny board whereas the latter is typically called the Nickel board. The latter, of course, is much more stable and easier to control. The classic Penny board, on the other hand, is a lot lighter and more compact. For beginners, the 27” model is recommended. For intermediate to advanced Penny boarders, however, any of the two is fine.



In purchasing a Penny board, it’s important to look for one that doesn’t cause your feet to maintain awkward positions, or one that forces your body to accommodate an uncomfortable stature when riding it. Penny boards are known for being easy and comfortable to use even for beginners, but it’s important to keep this aspect in mind, as some models may introduce changes that can change how the model flips or runs.



What sets Penny boards apart lies hugely in their designs. Penny boards are known for having interesting and unique combinations of colors, from pastel to dark. Also, some Penny boards different design patterns whereas others have plain solid colors. This aspect is strongly hinged on aesthetic preferences, but knowing what series of Penny boards you’ll want to look into is a good idea.


Top Rated Penny Boards in 2019


With so many Penny boards in the market, it’s virtually impossible to pick a single best board for each Penny boarder. Fortunately, we were able to compile a list of the top rated Penny boards 2019 has raked in so far. This list, just like the buying guide, is strongly based on the best Penny board reviews from Penny boarders.


Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard


1.Penny Graphic Complete SkateboardThe Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard series have introduced a whole new set of graphic patterns based on current trends. It has a length of 22”, which makes it ideal for people who prefer portability over ease-of-control. What people love about this Penny board is the smoothness of the ride one gets even in bumpy streets. This makes it possible to use not only for a leisurely skate down a few streets, but also as a more enjoyable and faster way to move from place to place compared to taking the bus or the train. It’s easy to navigate even on carpets, which are terrains that are typically off-limits to skateboards due to the immense amount of friction they cause compared to concrete.

While it would seem that the only difference the Graphic series offers is pattern and coloration, it surprisingly offered a much smoother ride compared to a lot of older Penny board series. With the improved rubber and board flex, this series also provides optimum balance even when turning or pushing. In short, the Penny Graphic series continues the Penny board tradition of providing a better, safer, and more enjoyable skateboarding experience, all while staying at the top of popular trends. For fashion-forward Penny boarders out there, you’ll want to check this series out.

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Penny Fade Complete Skateboard


2.Penny Fade Complete SkateboardSurf’s up! The Penny Fade Complete series are the Penny boarders’ response to surf boards, offering just as smooth a ride in the streets as surfboards are with the waves, with the beach-appropriate designs to boot. With a length of 22”, a Penny Fade board could easily fit in one’s backpack or locker and provides almost all the quirks a regular skateboard offers without the bulk. If, however, you plan to do tricks like kick flips, you may find that this type of skateboard won’t be of much help compared to traditional skateboards. Since Penny boards are made to absorb quite a lot of vibrations (which is why they offer a much smoother ride than regular skateboards), they don’t easily spring up for tricks. If, however, you just want an enjoyable yet safe alternative to cars, buses, bicycles, or trains, you’ll love fighting the waves of concrete with this particular line of Penny boards.

What a lot of people love about this series is how beautiful and vibrant the designs are. Should the board end up getting scratched, some paint chips off as well, which surprisingly doesn’t make the board uglier like it would to gadgets and other items; in fact, scratches give the board a more personalized look that blends in with the designs in this series rather well.

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Penny Skateboards Standard Skateboards


3.Penny Skateboards Standard SkateboardsSometimes, one just needs to escape both the visual and aural noise of the urban world – from the ubiquitous hum of cars to the loud honking of buses; from the loud colors of billboard advertisements to the psychedelic fractals of street graffiti, one craves for something clean, something silent, and something simple. The Penny Skateboards Standard series comprises simple Penny boards that offer a breathtakingly fresh new mode of transportation.

With light weight and solid colors that are easy on the eyes, these skateboards take you back to a time of simplicity and whimsy while taking you to your destination smoothly and comfortably – almost as if you were riding a cloud. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely or a speedy skate, the classic Penny board is a worthy replacement of the busier, more crowded buses, trains, and other modes of transportation. Heavy use won’t break it down easily, which makes it a great travel companion no matter how far you plan to go. No matter how young or old you are, you will love the simplicity, sturdiness, and comfort that the Penny board standard series offers.

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