What to Consider When Buying a Top Pet Fountain


Pet fountains are gaining in popularity these days, as they are ideal for keeping pets hydrated by providing them with a more natural environment for drinking water. Veterinarians recommend the use of pet fountains in order to provide your beloved friends with healthy water every day. Stagnating water can easily catch debris and become unpalatable for your pet, which will cause the pet to refuse to drink enough water. Just like humans, pets need to drink plenty of water every day, so they can maintain in good health. If you are looking for a pet fountain, see the following buying guide that will tell you the most important aspects to keep in mind.

Best Pet Fountain


The idea of having a pet fountain is to ensure that your pet has plenty of water to drink all day long in the best conditions possible. The design of the fountain can play an important role in this regard. If you choose a model with a strange design, you pet may not want to get close to it, let alone drink water from it. Also, you should opt for a pet fountain that is easy to put together, and this is a matter depending on the design, as well. Go for the models that are most praised by the best pet fountain reviews, and you will not go wrong.


Noise level

Another aspect that may have pets stay away from a pet fountain is a model that is too noisy. Cats are especially suspicious of noises they do not recognize, and you will have a really tough time trying to get them to drink water from such a fountain. A small soothing sound is alright and it will not disturb the peace of your household, but noisy items should be overlooked, as they may just annoy you, as much as your pets.



Do not forget that pets should drink a certain amount of water every day. For this reason, you should opt for a model that you know it can hold enough liquid for one day. This way, your pet will never go thirsty and you will enjoy having a healthy pet by your side.


Top Rated Pet Fountains in 2019


The following three models are among the top rated pet fountains 2019 and they are all much appreciated by pet owners  everywhere. Scoring high in their preferences, these pet fountains are indeed worth the investment, as they will help you keep your pets hydrated and in perfect health.


PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain


PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain makes the top of our list, as it enjoys a lot of positive reviews from pet owners. The design of the fountain makes sure that enough oxygen is added to the water, in order to ensure its freshness. The free falling water is maintained in proper shape and it does not stagnate or start to stink, making it more appealing for pets.


The model comes with an activated carbon filter that ensures that the water drunken by your pet is completely free of nasty tastes or odors. The filter can be replaced, so, if you care about your pet drinking healthy water, the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is the model you should consider buying.

One issue pet owners have to deal with when caring after their pets is changing their water all the time. Stagnating water easily gathers bacteria, but this doesn’t happen when you are using a good quality pet fountain such as this.

The model is not noisy at all, and it is easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with rubber feet on the bottom, so your pet cannot move it with ease from its place.

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Pioneer Pet 6023 Raindrop Fountain


2.Pioneer Pet Raindrop FountainAnother great product that you will find mentioned by the best pet fountain reviews is the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain. Made of stainless steel, this pet fountain provides your furry companion with healthy water all day long. While stainless steel is used, especially due to the health advantages it offers, it also lends the pet fountain a great look, and you will discover that the item looks really great in your kitchen.

The continuous flow of water maintains the bowl clean all the time, so there will be no dangerous accumulations of bacteria. Also, the water will be maintained odorless and tasteless, as it is supposed to be, and your pet will absolutely love using this fountain.

The patented charcoal filter helps maintaining the water clean and safe for your pet. The electric pump is very quiet, so there will be no noise putting off your pet and causing disturbances in the peace of your household.

When you want to clean the fountain, you just need to place the parts in your dishwasher, and you will take it from there as good as new. Last but not least, the overall design of this pet fountain is very appealing and it makes it look great in any layout.

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Cat Mate 335 Pet Fountain


3.Cat Mate Pet FountainProper water consumption is necessary for humans and pets alike. The design of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain recommends it, especially for cats and small dogs. One of the models competing for the title of the best pet fountain 2019, this model offers great advantages and it is ideal for maintaining your pet well hydrated all the time.

First things first, you will love how quiet this pet fountain is. Noise can be a problem especially for pets with sensitive hearing, such as cats. The fact that this model is so quiet just adds to its appeal. The multi-height drinking levels make it not only interesting, but very functional for households with multiple pets, where each pet may have its own preferences.

The water flowing through the fountain is purified with the help of a polymer carbon filter. The manufacturer offers replacement cartridges, so you can purchase several of them when buying the pet fountain, in order to provide your pet with clean drinking water for a long time.

The 10 foot cord makes it easy for you to find a proper place for the pet fountain. The capacity of the fountain is 70 ounces, which is enough even for a home where there are more pets.

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