Tips for Buying One of the Best Pet Kennels


Pet kennels are very useful for the times when you need to keep your pet contained for traveling or other purposes. For instance, dog crates are very useful for house training small puppies and it is not unusual for pets to prefer their kennels for sleeping and resting during the day. Regardless of the reason you need a pet kennel for, it is important to know what things to look for in such a product. It is advisable to read some of the best pet kennel reviews in order to see which models are the most appreciated by pet owners and their furry companions.

Best Pet Kennel


It is very important to purchase a pet kennel that is a good fit for your pet. Buy a crate that is too small, and your pet will feel cramped and miserable inside. Buy a crate that is too large, and any hope of properly house training your puppies will fail.



When you are shopping for a pet kennel, it is essential to search for a model that comes with certain safety features installed. Since you may use the kennel for transporting the pet to the vet, a good and reliable lock is a must, unless you want your four legged friend to start running amok when you least expect it. An overall sturdy construction is also a must, as your pet may tend to scratch the surface and try to get free if it doesn’t like being locked up for a short while.



A good pet kennel must make sure that your pet enjoys the best conditions possible. Search for a model that is truly comfortable for your beloved pet, since it will be spending some time in there, and the last thing you want is for it to feel miserable during that time. Some come with rounded corners in order to make sure that the pet cannot hurt itself. Others have nice extras, such as water cups, so that the pet can stay hydrated during a long ride by car.


Top Rated Pet Kennels in 2019


If you are after the best pet kennel 2019, the next list will help you get one as fast as possible. We selected the three most comfortable, safe and popular pet kennels that are now available on the market, in order to make your choice easier. Read ahead and see which one is a great fit for you and your pet.


Petmate 21231 Top Load Pet Kennel


1.Petmate Two Door Top LoadWhen you are shopping for a pet kennel, a few aspects, as the ones mentioned above, are the most important. The Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel is popular for many reasons, one of them being the fact that you can easily access the pet inside, through the top, or through the side door. Besides that, your pet will appreciate having enough air to breathe freely and also the ability to see the world outside. Placing a pet inside a hermetic cage is never advisable, since the pet can easily get scared, so the model reviewed here is a much recommended choice.

The construction of this kennel is very sturdy, as it is made of heavy duty plastic and steel wire. If you decide for this model, you will end up using it for years, so it is also a solid investment. The secure latch is easy to use and it cannot be opened from the inside by a clever pet.

One of the things that make many users say that this model is among the top rated pet kennels 2019, is the fact that the Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel complies with most requirements imposed by airlines. However, you should check with your carrier before your flight.

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Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Pet Home


2.Petnation Port-A-Crate E2A pet kennel can pretty much become your pet’s beloved home. A good example in this regard is offered by the Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Pet Home that can be successfully used both inside and outside. Accommodating pets weighing up to 70 pounds, this kennel is ideal for the times when you want to travel with your pet in tow or you need to ensure the comforts of a pet home to your little friend.

This model is very lightweight and portable, which makes it ideal for travels by car. When the pet doesn’t use it, you can fold it down within seconds without the need for special tools. The pet kennel is made of a super strong steel frame and heavy duty mesh that makes sure that your pet cannot scratch the surface and make it useless.

There are two doors of access, one on the top and one in the front. Both come with zippers and locks, so you can make sure the pet is constrained inside when the need arises. The corners are rounded in order to prevent any accidents and also to protect the furniture in your home. While the mesh is tightly weaved, the mesh panels provide enough ventilation for your pet.

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ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen


3.ESK COLLECTION Pet Puppy DogIf you are looking for a pet kennel ideal for house training puppies, you will surely love the ESK COLLECTION Pet Puppy Dog Playpen. Small puppies need a safe place where they can play and have fun without running amok all over the place. At the same time, the environment has to be limited enough, so they cannot make a mess out of it, without experiencing any discomfort.

The pet kennel reviewed here is very easy to assemble. Most of the best pet kennel reviews recommend it for house training puppies, as a very efficient tool. If you want to take the kennel down, you can do so within seconds and without the need for any tools. One great thing is that this model comes with its own travel tote that makes carrying it around a breeze. Basically, if you want to take your puppies along with you on vacation, you can easily make sure they have their playground with them, anywhere you go.

The kennel is made of durable mesh that is easy to clean and to maintain. The bottom can be removed and washed in your washing machine, in order to ensure a clean environment for your pets.

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