In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best pizza cutter? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have collected plenty of information about various products on the market by consulting the best Pizza cutter reviews and studying actual user feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the best one is the Savora Pizza because of its innovative design that fuses functionality and comfort in a single stylish package. The forward-oriented weight distribution centers the weight of the tool over the cutting axis, which promotes an easier and more natural hand alignment for smoother and safer cutting action every time. Along the sides of the polished cutting wheel are innovative kullens that create air pockets, helping the food easily fall off the blade. If the superbly ergonomic Savora Pizza is unavailable, we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option, the New Star Foodservice 50646.



How to Buy a New Pizza Cutter


You can’t cut pizza properly unless you wield one of the best Pizza cutters of 2019. This tool may be simple but buying one is far from easy. Much like you wouldn’t grab the first kitchen knife you run into at the store, buying a pizza cutter entails knowing what essential features to look at seriously to ensure years of of use. These are the elements to consider in this type of kitchen implement.

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Design you can cut with forever

The most popular cutter design is the rotating type. Providing wheel-like cutting, a rotating cutter does its work of breaking the pizza into pieces by rolling across the crust. You’ll need very little cutting skill and energy to work this kind of tool. A Mezzaluna or curved knife is simply a large knife bent into a half moon shape, with handles at both ends to keep your hands protected while cutting. You can cut across the pizza in a single stroke simply by rocking the cutter back and forth, moving like a seesaw.

Aside from those two popular types, pizza cutters come in different versions as well. Held in the palm of the hand, a palm held model is simply dragged across the pizza crust when cutting, eliminating the use of a handle. Traditional wheel cutters feature a round wheel and to ensure a good grip, a handle is added. Full knives that are rocked back and forth over the crust are rocking pizza cutters. Specialty cutters feature specifications such as sani-safe and stainless steel to increase durability and value. Some cutters carry character or replica designs to make pizza cutting more fun, delivering a cool pizza cutter experience.


Reliable cutting efficiency

You want the pizza cutter to be equipped with a nice grippy handle, for safety and ease of use. You would want it to stay securely in your hand, with a blade that is not going to become dull easily. With the kinds of ingredients atop the pizza crust, there’s going to be corrosion-causing food juices and acids, and the pizza cutter has to be able to handle all that by not becoming far too dull after several uses.

A dull cutter will have you rocking the tool repeatedly back and forth, which destroys the look of the slices by battering the cheese, sauce, various toppings and crust into an ugly messy pulp. Some models work well with thin crust pizzas but offer disappointing results on doughy crust and bulkier toppings. Make sure the blade of the cutter is of high quality and able to resist corrosion. You wouldn’t want it too short and gumming up easily.


Cutting visibility and problem-free cleanups

With a rolling pizza cutter, you use two actions: a downward force and a stroke across the pizza. To smoothly execute the stroke across the crust of the pizza, you’ll need to be able to see where you’re going. You don’t want the hand wheel blade to be hidden by the hood or by your hand while cutting. A fixed case on the wheels covering half of the blade can trap toppings, and the design doesn’t allow easy disassembly for cleaning, which can mean really gross buildups after several uses.

What you want is a sharp tool, with a high, visible wheel or cutting surface that can cruise through the crust and toppings effortlessly and create perfectly portioned slices. Added heft gives a good momentum to enable easy cutting. An open design won’t trap food. The cutter should be easily washed and look like new after every wash.



Top Rated Pizza Cutters in 2019


There are plenty of pizza cutters on the market, and it takes a single lousy product to ruin your pizza eating experience. Choose wisely by referring to the buying guide above. We have also showcased some of the top rated products below.



Savora Pizza


1.Savora Pizza WheelThe Savora Pizza wheel cutter features a forward-favoring weight distribution that centers the weight exactly over the cutting axis, encouraging more effortless and natural hand alignment for a smoother cutting stroke. Embossed along the sides of the polished cutting wheel are innovative kullens, scallops or recesses that create air pockets so food falls off the blade easily. The ergonomic handle carries an elegant design that can be easily handled both in large and small hands. To reduce the force needed to cut the pizza crust, this tool is equipped with a thin cutting edge that also ensures comfortable use. You’ll love how this implement blends functionality and comfort in a single elegant package. The product ships to you in an elegant gift box, making it perfect to give to others. The hood that holds the cutting wheel offers visibility so you can glide across the pizza crust without missing a beat. The open design enables easy cleaning after every use while not trapping food items that can build up easily.


Buy from Amazon for ($24.99)




New Star Foodservice 50646


2.New Star 50646Outfitted with a durable stainless steel blade, the New Star Foodservice 50646 rocking pizza cutter lets you easily position it on the crust and just rock away to apportion the pizza into nice slices. The food safe plastic handles offer a good grip while allowing you to firmly press down when executing the cutting stroke safely. This versatile cutting tool can be use to slice and chop not just pizzas but also other flat food items. Thick and with little flex, this pizza cutter has holes in the steel on both ends so you can hang it after cleaning.

The simple, flat design provides easy manual cleaning in just seconds. The blade slices around 20 inches across on a single rocking motion, so the slices are ready in moments only. It can cut through the crust, gooey cheese and selection of toppings swiftly, requiring little downward force. The beveled edge bites through the crust and toppings easily.


Buy from Amazon for ($29.95)




DOIY Bicycle


3.Pizza Cutter - Bicycle Pizza CutterThis fun-looking product is a bike pizza cutter. Its unique design makes pizza cutting more exciting every time. Measuring 7 inches x 3.75 inches, this tool provides a contemporary way of slicing your pizza. The double wheel cutter is made of durable stainless steel to ensure resilience against chipping and corrosion, so you can use the tool for years. The beveled edges of the two cutting wheels effortlessly dig through the crust and toppings to cut all the way down. The two-wheel bicycle design ensures that slices are cleanly made, with the first cutting pass followed by a second stroke to ensure through-and-through cutting.

The included stand provides a safe and effective means of storing the tool and holding it on the counter. Make pizza cutting easy and convenient every time while ensuring easy clean ups with the open design of the cutting wheel attachment.The DOIY Bicycle comes in a lovely gift box to make it a nice present.


Buy from Amazon for ($27.3)